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Mario & Luigi VI
Developer(s) AlphaDream

Expansion Corporations, Inc.

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Singleplayer, multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series Mario & Luigi
Predecessor Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.

Mario & Luigi VI is the sixth game in the Mario & Luigi series. 

Differences from the other five games

  • The game reuses most graphics from Bowser's Inside Story.
  • There are three main stories to choose, and a Last Story.
  • The Koopalings now have dialogue.
  • Both the item styles from Partners in Time and the other games are used. Nuts and Mushroom Drops are both present, along with POW/SPEED/DEF beans. Also, some Bros. Attacks use SP while others are in a limited number (like PiT), and to use these attacks again they must be bought in shops. Badges have both functions they had in the games.
  • The Hand attack returns from Superstar Saga.
  • More TBA


Mario's Story

Mario is having a tea party with Peach when Bowser appears and interupts the scene. He points a ray gun on Peach and pulls the trigger, causing Peach to inflate like a balloon. Bowser grabs "Balloon Peach" and flies off with her. Mario & Luigi give chase. Upon arriving in Bowser's Castle, though, it's blocked by eight Ztars. Kamek explains that they only go away by finding Bowser's Koopalings (plus Bowser Jr.) and knocking them out. The Bros. then seek out the Koopalings in the entire kingdom.

More TBA

Bowser's Story

From Bowser's point of view, he arrives back at the castle after a failed attempt to re-capture Peach (the story takes place after Mario's). He notices the castle empty, though. Upon arriving into the Throne Room, he finds a video, recorded minutes before his arrival, in which the Koopalings explain that they have been abducted by Fawful, who also turned Bowser's entire army against him, and that he has the choice to either join forces with Fawful and reunite with his children, or get hunted down by his army. Bowser decides to break through Fawful's defences and put a halt to his schemes before he takes over the world.

Koopalings' Story

Peach is out to reuducate the Koopalings to set them against Bowser. The Koopalings must foil her plans before her troops arrest them.

Last Story

Short Summary: Fawful returns. He summons Sunnycide, a monster originally created by the Shroobs inside Yoob. Bowser, Mario & Luigi and the Koopalings all team up to defeat this threat. Though, it becomes worse when Sunnycide gets powered up.

Status Effects

Status Effects are what happens to characters when hit by specific attacks. Most of them can be cured with the Refreshing Herb (exceptions marked with *).

Name Info
Trip* Usually by ramming attacks. Mario, Luigi, Bowser or the Koopaling trips. 
  • Sick (Bowser, Koopalings, Enemies)
  • Intoxicated* (Mario, Luigi)
  • Sick: The victim turns blue and takes damage every turn. Sneezes when attempting to attack. Has a chance of temprarily causing swoon.
  • Intoxicated: Usually by virulent attacks. The brother turns purple and takes damage every turn. Ends after three turns.
Burn The victim (wether it be the player's character(s) or the enemy) cannot move for two turns, and takes damage every turn. Usually from fire-related attacks.
Dizzy The same as Burn, but no damage is taken. Usually from attacks that target the head. Both the player characters and enemies can get this.
Somnolence* Causes drowsiness. The character falls asleep and cannot move for three turns (very rarely, counter attacks will wake him/her up). Each turn, 20-45 HP is healed.
Stat Down/Up

Random stats (POW, DEF, SPEED, STACHE/HORN) decreases or increase. Both player characters and enemies can get this.

Special Attacks

Special Attacks are unusual attacks that cause more damage. Mario & Luigi's special attacks use BP, Bowser's use SP, and the Koopalings', like in Partners in Time, are items that can be bought in shops. 

Mario & Luigi

  • Red Shell: Must be kicked repeatedly at the enemies. The bro's button must be pressed to kick. The attack ends if the enemies/boss are/is defeated or if it fails. If there are still enemies in the fight, and one is defeated, it'll target another enemy.
  • 3D Green Shell: As in Dream Team. Like the good old Green Shell, but the bros. stand in front of the enemies and come closer with each hit. The final hit will be charged up. Unlike the Red Shell, it ends after 10 hits.
  • Fire Flower: Functions like the Fire Flower from Dream Team. Each bro. must in turn press their button to charge a fire ball and throw it.
  • Ice Flower: Functions like it did in Partners in Time. Each bro. gets to throw 12 ice balls, before it's the other one's turn. Like the Fire Flower in BiS, at the last moment, both bros. get to throw at the same time.
  • Cannonballers: The Bros. and a clone of each bro. all go in a cannon, which fires them up. When they land, the buttons must be pressed in the order the bros. are coming down.
  • Trampolines: The bros. jump on a trampoline, which stays in place. One bro. then comes down, and his button must be pressed, followed by either the same bro. (who ritochets off the trampoline after the hit) or the other, and this goes on and on until fail, or the defeat of all enemies.
  • Mix Flower: The bros. surround the enemies. Mario starts by throwing several fireballs in the air (A must be spammed), then it's Luigi's turn (B must be spammed), then it's Mario's turn, etc... When the huge fireball formed by the smaller falls down, it causes immense damage.
  • Knockback Bros.: Luigi squashes Mario to a ball with his hammer and knocks Mario at the enemy repeatedly.
  • More TBA


This section is under construction.

Mario's Story

Image Name HP Location Strategy
RunBlock Koopaelite Koopa Troopa Green: 10
Red: 15
Grass Land Green Koopa Troopas attack by spinning into their shell, attempting to hit Luigi. Red ones attempt to ram into Mario.
ShyGuyM&amp;LSR Shy Guy 18 Grass Land They attack by attempting to ram into the bros., but will trip. They'll apparoach the bro. they're going to hit.
1ScoutBloop Scoot Bloop 30 Grass Land They randomly skitter to Mario or Luigi.
WigglerM&amp;LVQ Wiggler 35 Dimble Wood Wiggler looks at the bro. he's going to skitter at. Hammer him !
BooM&amp;LRiA Boo 50 Dimble Wood Boos attack by going behind Mario or Luigi, then fly into them. Mario or Luigi must jump to avoid.
GoombaM&amp;LR Goomba 58 Dimble Wood, Grass Land Goombas are, in sharp contrast to other appearance, very strong. They attempt to dash at you at very high speed, and it can do up to 73 damage if you're not quick enough to jump. They might jump on you, too ! That must be countered with the hammer. The last attack, from Superstar Saga, is somersaulting to a bro. and biting. Jumping is the key.
PiranhaPlantM&amp;LSR Piranha Plant 65 Dimble Wood Piranha Plants attack by biting. A Lakitu will fly by and show either an M or L formation, which predicts what bro. is going to be attacked.
Chargin&#039;ChuckM&amp;LVQ Chargin' Chuck 100 Dimble Wood Chargin' Chucks attempt to... well, charge. If he looks at Luigi, he attacks Mario and vice versa.
ParagoombaM&amp;LR Paragoomba 99 Dimble Wood, Bowser Path Paragoombas attack by dropping Micro-Goombas on you. Hammer 'em back to where they belong and we'll be fine. Though, they can also fly into you. Use the hammer !
Galoomba Galoomba 102 Blubble Lake, Bowser's Keep Galoombas will attempt to roll into you, countered by jumping. If they blink before rolling, they'll jump and have to be hammered before they land on your noggin. If they lean forward before rolling, they'll attack Mario and vice versa.
Para-Goomba Mario Clash Clashing Para-Goomba 110 Bumpsy Plains, Bowser's Keep This Galoombas have spikes on their head, so jumping won't work. They'll attempt to crash land into you, use the hammer to deflect them. They can only be defeated by counterattacks, as they fly, thus the hammer cannot directly attack them aside from counterattacking.
Bob-Omb Bob-omb 107 Cavi Cape, Cavi Cape Cave, Bowser Path They'll selfdestruct when attacked, damaging other enemies. Haven't you attacked him ? Then he's pretty much blowing up himself in your face, unless you defeated him. He can also shoot fire. They always appear alongside other enemies.
Mecha-KoopaM&amp;LVQParamecha-KoopaM&amp;LRQ Mechakoopa 192 Bowser's Castle These guys attempt to run into you (green) or fire a rocket (red) ! The running attack must be evaded by jumping, the missile with the hammer.
ChuckyaM&amp;LVQ Chuckya 200 Bowser Path, Underground Tunnel Chuckyas will grab you and throw the bro. away. Hammer them !
Magifoofa BiS Magifoofa 124 Bowser Path Magifoofas attack by using their wands to inflict poison on a bro. Jump when his wand glows to avoid the attack.
31hammerbro Hammer Bro. 160 Bowser Path Hammer Bros. have only one attack, but it comes in two variations. They can throw hammers; if it bounces on the floor, you'll have to jump, and if it's thrown in the air, you'll have to counter using the hammer.
Elite Boom guy Boom Guy 180 Bowser's Castle One of the strongest enemies in Mario's Story, they attack by using their cannons to shoot Bullet Bills. It randomly goes slow or fast; there's no way to predict it's speed, making it very hard to avoid. It can be countered by jumping. Once their HP drops below 80, the cannon falls off, and it'll try to ram into a bro, which has to be jumped over. If not defeated in 5 turns, the cannon returns.
MLPUPFlySnifit Snifit 150 Bowser's Castle Snifits attack by rapidly shooting bullets, which have to be jumped over. Another attack is flying into a bro., and this cannot be countered with a jump due to the propellor; it can just be avoided with jumps. They have high POW, but low DEF. The worst is, if the bullets hit, they'll all cause tons of damage, making them super deadly.
MLPUPDryBones Dry Bones 190 Bowser's Keep Dry Bones have three attacks. The first is throwing bones, which have to be avoided by jumping. The second is throwing their head, and this can be countered with a hammer. The final attack is a "kamikaze" attack; it jumps into the air and collapses into several parts, which then proceed to all fall down. Counter with the hammer ! They're immune against every form of fire.
Elite Hammer Bro Elite Hammer Bro. 190 Bowser's Keep Elite Hammer Bros. attack solely by using the Knockback Bros. technique. They're always with two or more in a fight. If only one remains, he'll flee in a turn.
Goomba sprite Final Goomba 240 Bowser's Keep The final and strongest enemy in Mario's Story. They're immensely strong, as their attacks can deplete all HP in one attack. They attack by somersaulting and quickly biting/shooting fangs. Another attack is somersault, then landing on a Mario bro. After countering with a hammer, they quickly roll in the other bro. The third attack is summoning a Lakitu to grab him, then he drops down via a parachute, which has to be countered via the hammer. The final attack again involves dropping from Lakitu, but this time without a parachute; upon landing, near-invisible shockwaves appear. To avoid the shockwaves, one must count how much seconds it takes for the shockwaves to collide with the Mario Bros, as it's very hard to see. The parachute attack can inflict dizzyness, the shockwaves attack can inflict Trip, and the others can cause DEF/POW/SPEED/STACHE DOWN.


Mario's Story

Image Name HP Location Strategy
Bowserboss Bowser (first time) 30/50 (Hard Mode) Peach's Castle Bowser attacks only by throwing a single hammer, which must be avoided with a jump.
Waluigi-Idle Waluigi (first time) 90/117 (Hard Mode) Bowser Path Waluigi attacks by throwing Bob-ombs or hammers. Both must be countered with the hammer. Speaking about hammers, he might also try to steal one and keep pummeling you with it until you die. Quickly counter before he can grab it !
SMB4 3DS Boom-BoomPompomf Boom Boom and Pom Pom Boom Boom: 120/160 (Hard Mode)
Pom Pom: 90/115 (Hard Mode)
Total: 210/275 (Hard Mode)
Dimble Wood Boom Boom attacks by spinning to the bros, leaving a trail of fire behind. Knock him away with the hammer, then jump over the fire. Pom Pom throws Boomerangs, which must be evaded by jumping.
BroqueBossPic Broque Monsieur 185 Plack Beach Broque Monsieur has two attacks. In one, he turns giant and attempts to ram into you. Counter with the hammer. The second attack is throwing his head. If it rolls, jump, otherwise hit it with the hammer.
BowserjrPMSS Bowser Jr. (first time) 170/199 (Hard Mode) Plack Beach Bowser Jr. has three attacks. In the first, he throws a Koopa Shell at one of the Bros. (green for Luigi and red for Mario). Jump over it to evade it, jump on it to take damage. In the second, he will ram at Mario or Luigi, countered by jumping over or on him (the second option damaging him). He predicts who he's going to ram into by showing a cardbord cutout of either of the Bros.; if he shows Mario, he attacks Luigi and vice versa. In the final attack (only used when his HP is low), the Clown Car will fly around the bros, and soon self-destruct (defeating himself in the process) in their faces, resulting in a Game Over. Hammer him to send him flying slightly backwards; there, he will explode, and the fight ends.
Wendy Wendy O. Koopa 298 Plack Beach Wendy has four attacks. The first is a ring attack (the same as in Superstar Saga.). The second is a fireball attack, also the same as in SS. The third is another ring throwing attack, but sucks everything up like a black hole. Constantly press A and B to outrun it. The final attack is a ice skating attack, in which she tries to ram Mario or Luigi (not predictable, meaning it's better to make both Bros. jump), but they can counter her with the hammer, or by jumping.
SPP Beta - Lemmy Animation Lemmy Koopa 420/440 (Hard Mode) Bumpsy Plains Lemmy is mostly on feet, but can also be on his ball, which nullifies all damage he receives. To undo this effect, the ball must be hit by the hammer. He has four attacks (two on his ball and two on feet). When on his ball, he may either kick it to Mario or Luigi (jump or hammer, depending on the angle), or try to run over them, which must be hammered constantly. On feet, Lemmy can either spin around the bros. (the same as Iggy, Larry and Ludwig in SS), or spit fire (also the same as in SS). When his HP is low, he can throw bombs, like NSMBU.
SPP Beta - Larry Animation Larry Koopa 450 Blubble Lake Larry has a special ability, in that all attacks must be "Excellent"; all "Great", "Good" or "OK" attacks will heal 99 HP to him. He cannot exceed his maximum HP of 450, though. He has four attacks. The first is spitting a ball of fire. Hammer it back like all other Koopalings; though, he adds his own twist to it in that he will use a tennis racket to hit it back several times, just like SS. His second attack is spinning. His third attack is throwing orbs, which have to be hammered. His final attack is raging, and ramming the Bros. at high speed... from behind. You cannot stop him by jumping, as Larry will jump too; stop him with the hammer. Hold the hammer, but don't release it; eventually, Larry will bump into the hammer from behind, causing no damage to the bro. he was targeting.
SPP Beta - Iggy Animation Iggy Koopa 460 (Phase 1)
490 (Phase 2)
Underground Tunnel Iggy also has a twist; after being defeated, he's unconscious, but a Snow Spike (marking it's only appearance in the entire game) will appear and feed him a 1-up Deluxe; this not only revives Iggy, but also rises his maximum HP with 30. His first two attacks are the same as in SS (spinning and spitting fireballs). His new attacks include firing rockets at Luigi and lasers at Mario (countered by jumping), using his wand to shoot fire and green blasts (like NSMBU, also, the fire can give the Burn status effect), and spinning in his shell.
Ludwig1SPP Beta - Ludwig Animation Ludwig von Koopa 780
Clone: 60/111 (Hard Mode)
Tower of Yikk Ludwig is normally invincible; to undo this effect, his flutter jump attack must be countered with the hammer to give him the Trip status effect, rendering him immobile and defenseless for two turns. His second attack includes going in his shell (shooting homing blasts, and blasts in groups of four in the process). In his third, he breaths fire, and in the fourth, he clones himself, and the whole gang barrages the brothers with blasts. The real Ludwig shoots three, while the others shoot two. The attack must be countered with the hammer.
SPP Beta - Morton AnimationSPP Beta - Roy Animation Roy Koopa & Morton Koopa Jr. Morton: 550/650 (Hard Mode)
Roy: 850/883 (Hard Mode)
Cavi Cape The Koopas share one attack when both are left, and both have one attack when solo. Their team attack is like the Elite Hammer Bros. from Partners in Time; one knocks on the others one's head with a hammer, curling them up in their shell, then knocks the one knocked in the shell either to or over a bro. Morton's attack when Roy is defeated is a ground pound, like in SS, which must be avoided by jumping. Roy's attack when Morton is defeated is ramming, like in NSMB2. When their HP is halved/low, Morton will attack with his hammer from NSMB, while Roy will use his Bill Blaster. To make matters worse, they have a Time Bob-omb set on ten turns.
MLPUPBowserJr Bowser Jr. (second time) 970/990 (Hard Mode) Cavi Cape Cave Bowser Jr. has three attacks in this battle. All three of them are from Super Mario Maker. He can breathe fire (avoided by jumping), throw hammers (can be countered by both jumping and hammers), and a ground pound, which can stun the bros, giving him in the opportunity to spin in his shell and hit them. Both parts of the third attack are avoided by jumping. Bowser Jr. has an endless supply of Mushrooms to heal 60-100 HP to himself.
Waluigi-Idle Waluigi (second time) 998/1200 (Hard Mode) Bowser Path Waluigi has the same attacks as before, with two new attacks. The first is like in SSBB/SBB4, in which he stomps and hits with a tennis racket. Quick, jump to evade it ! His second new attack is the "Waluigi Launcher", in which he fires himself out of a cannon, attempting to land on Mario or Luigi, which has to be countered with the hammer. If it hits, it causes immense damage.
Kamekboss Kamek 601 Bowser's Castle Kamek has only one attack, but it lowers defense, speed and power. It consists of Kamek turning blocks into random enemies (ranging from Monty Moles to Paratroopas, from Bob-ombs to Snufits (not Snifits, but Snufits, from Metal Cap Cave, SM64)), which attack both bros. at once. After that, Kamek flies into the bros.
Theelitetrio Elite Trio Private Goomp: 717/1190 (Hard Mode)
Corporal Paraplonk: 1195/1707 (Hard Mode)
Sergeant Guy: 550/830 (Hard Mode)
Bowser's Keep Goomp and Paraplonk have the same attacks as in Dream Team, but Goomp can also roll into Mario, while Paraplonk can now crash land into Luigi. Sergeant Guy usually attempts to escape, and if he does, he will run into Mario or Luigi from behind. To prevent this attack, he must be hit before he's off-screen. Another attack Sergeant Guy can perform is using his wand to make a brick block appear above Mario, preventing him from jumping. Guy then proceeds to run into Mario. The Brick Block must be broken by constantly jumping against it; only then Guy's charge can be avoided. 
Bowserboss Bowser (second time) 516/600 (Hard Mode) Bowser's Keep The final boss of Mario's story. He has unusually low HP, but extremely high defense, and he can heal 300 HP by using TNT Drumsticks. He's fought by Luigi alone (as Mario is also turned into a balloon), and jumps and items can not be used. Doing so will result in Bowser using Bob-omb Blitz, which is unavoidable. In addition, if an item is used, Bowser will grab it and use it on himself. He can also use Koopa Corps and Magikoopa Mob. Later, he will start to throw hammers, too. Lastly, a one hit KO attack, he might pull out his raygun and try to turn Luigi in a balloon. Getting hit turns Luigi in a balloon and ends the game. The only way of damaging Bowser is the Hammer.

Battle Ring

Unlike the Battle Ring of other games, not even one enemy differs in colour scheme (except Elite Trio Z). Their name now ends with Z rather than X, to avoid confusion of the final boss of the last story.

Image Name HP Changes/Strategy
Waluigi-Idle Waluigi Z 1731/1907 (Hard Mode) Waluigi's attacks are faster. There are otherwise no changes aside from stats.
BowserjrPMSS Bowser Jr. Z 475/1000 (Hard Mode) Bowser Jr.'s attacks are faster.
Wendy Wendy Koopa Z 500/799 (Hard Mode) Wendy's ram attack has a chance of Wendy jumping over said bro., faking them out.
SPP Beta - Lemmy Animation Lemmy Koopa Z 907/1260 (Hard Mode) Lemmy has a higher chance of going on his ball, and he takes less damage from fire.
SPP Beta - Larry Animation Larry Koopa Z 920/1410 (Hard Mode) Larry will now always go tennissing with the bros. after spitting a fireball rather than sometimes.
SPP Beta - Iggy Animation Iggy Koopa Z 966/1795 (Hard Mode) Iggy's technical attack is swapped (the rockets target Mario and the lasers target Luigi).
Ludwig1SPP Beta - Ludwig Animation Ludwig von Koopa Z 1900/2300 (Hard Mode) Ludwig takes less damage from ice, and is immobilized for only one turn rather than two.
SPP Beta - Morton AnimationSPP Beta - Roy Animation Morton Koopa Jr. Z & Roy Koopa Z Roy: 5130/6300 (Hard Mode)
Morton: 1550/3000 (Hard Mode)
Attacks are overall faster; the Time-Bob omb is set on 8 turns, like SS, or on 6 turns if Hard Mode is turned on.
Elite Trio X Elite Trio Z Goomp: 1720/2096 (Hard Mode)
Paraplonk: 2420/2620 (Hard Mode)
Sergeant Guy: 1180/1500 (Hard Mode)
Sergeant Guy's block attack has a twist, in that Guy might also fake the attack and jump over the bro. instead, harming him if he happens to jump. Guy can also run in one turn instead of two.
Megasparkle Goomba Megasparkle Goomba 999 (Individual)
1200 (Individual Leader)
7200 (Combined Form)
90 (Final Form)
Megasparkle Goomba is a tricky type. He starts off as 16 Goombas, each with 999 HP. They all attack by shooting fangs from their mouths. The leader, the Goomba with the crown (who, in addition, has 1200 HP), can also make lightning strike. Both attacks must be countered with a jump. When the HP of a Goomba is depleted, he'll be giddy. Once all Goombas are giddy, they'll recover and merge to assume their true form; a giant version of the leader. This version has several attaks:

  • Rolling into a brother
  • Shooting lightning blasts
  • Using their crown to open a black hole, which must be run from by constantly spamming the buttons

After the HP of this form has been depleted, the leader appears while all other Goombas run off. This final form with 90 HP (but immensely high DEF and POW) attacks using somersaults, as well a ice ball from his crown which can freeze the bros. After the HP is depleted, the leader claims they might have bested him for now, but he'll return. The leader then runs off and the fight ends.

ShroobShroobShroob The Shroobs 1500 each /5500 each (Hard Mode) TBA

Bowser's Story

Image Name HP Location Strategy
Fawful Artwork - Superstar Saga Fawful (first time) 73 Bowser's Castle Fawful only attacks by rolling into you, which has to be countered with a punch.

More TBA


  • Mushroom: Heals 30 HP to Mario or Luigi.
  • Super Mushroom: Heals 100 HP to Mario or Luigi.
  • Ultra Mushroom: Heals 150 HP to Mario or Luigi.
  • Max Mushroom: Heals 240 HP to Mario or Luigi.
  • Ultimate Mushroom: Heals all HP to Mario or Luigi.
  • Nut: Heals 20 HP to both bros.
  • Super Nut: Heals 70 HP to both bros.
  • Ultra Nut: Heals 140 HP to both bros.
  • Max Nut: Heals 200 HP to both bros.
  • Mushroom Drops: Heals all HP to both bros.
  • Syrup Jar: Heals 25 SP to Mario or Luigi.
  • Supersyrup Jar: Heals 50 BP to Mario or Luigi.
  • Megasyrup Jar: Heals 75 BP to Mario or Luigi.
  • Ultrasyrup Jar: Heals 100 BP to Mario or Luigi.
  • Omegasyrup Jar: Heals 90% of the bros' BP.
  • Refereshing Herb: Heals status effects.
  • Drumstick: Heals 80 HP to Bowser.
  • Fiery Drumstick: Heals 150 HP to Bowser.
  • Hot Drumstick: Heals 190 HP to Bowser.
  • Tangy Drumstick: Heals 280 HP to Bowser.
  • TNT Drumstick: Heals all HP to Bowser.
  • Turkey: Heals 50 SP to Bowser.
  • Big Turkey: Heals 100 SP to Bowser.
  • Crispy Turkey: Heals 175 SP to Bowser.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey: Heals all SP to Bowser.
  • DUMMY: Only accesible if Mario & Luigi are in Bowser's body in the Last Story; flies in the air and explodes, healing 60 HP and SP to Bowser.
  • Cookie: Heals 40 HP to a Koopaling.
  • Crunchy Cookie: Heals 90 HP to a Koopaling.
  • Crusty Cookie: Heals 170 HP to a Koopaling.
  • Chocolate: Heals 90% HP to a Koopaling.
  • Star Candy: Heals all HP and SP/BP to anyone.
  • Taunt Ball: Defeats background enemies, or lures them into the foreground.
  • Mysterious Chest: TOP SECRET.
  • Bros. Item/Special Attacks: Special attacks that deal more damage. They have their own seperate battle command.
  • Gear: Has various effects.

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