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Super Mario Infinite Stars is a RPG Game with 9 Infinite Stars to save Star Road from The Shadow King

Section heading

Mario and Luigi Infinite Stars
Developer(s) NeoGodVegeta99=Minecraft
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS,Wii U
Genre(s) RPG Game
Release Date(s)
June 24, 2013
Solo Campagin, Co-op Campagin,Arcade & PVP
Age Rating(s)
Media Included 3DS Cartridge & DvD
Collecting 8 Stars will get you to World 9 and defeat The Shadow King.

Section heading

Playable Characters

Mario: Jump0FP Hammer0FP Super Jump2FP Fire Flower3FP

Luigi: Jump0FP  Green Shell2FP Poltergust 50005FP

Yoshi: Jump Smash0FP Tongue2FP Yoshi Egg3FP Disabled on Bosses

Mallow:Froggiestick0FP Whomp Gloves2FP Shocker5FP

Seahorse Prince: Water Spit0FP Squirt Gun2FP Overdrive4FP


Chapter1 Acorn Plains

Chapter2 Sewers

Chapter3 Eclipse Town & Eclipse Forest

Chapter4 Temple of Light

Chapter5 Croacus Castle

Chapter6 Blizzard Lake

Chapter7 Lava Lava Mountian

Chapter8 Jungle & Jungle Temple

Chapter9 Bowsers Castle

Enemies: Goomba,Paragoomba,Goombaspike,Koopa,Parakoopa,Koopaspike,Lakitu,Stick figure,Flying Silverware,Camos,Shyguys,Shygads,Planto,Crystals,Wigglers,Spinjammers,Ninji,Hammerbro Fire,Ice,Sumo.Cheap-cheap,Bomb-omb,Whomps,Thwomps,Dry bones,Goomba Jockey,Koopa Jockey,Shy Guy tribes,Thunder-Cloud,Mole,Bloopers,Shroobs.


Chapter1 Raphel 720HP

Chapter2 Petey Petey Piranha1300HP

Chapter3 Dooplon2000HP Shadow Star

Chapter4 Angry SunHP??? Fire Star

Chapter5 King Croacus IV5900HP Earth Star

Chapter6 Baron brrr6000HP Sapphire Star

Chapter7 Baron brrn6500HP Ruby Star

Chapter8 Chuffle Kong7500HP Mossy Star

Chapter9 Bowser9001HP Gold Star

Optional Bosses:




Princess Shroob6000HP

Shadow King 12000HP VERY STRONG!

After getting the 9 infinite stars take them to Starroad and place them on the Totem and all Stars and Balance will be restored to the World and Universe The Shadow King is optional or dies on his own We have a big thanks to Nintendo Fantendo and Lazer Studious Copyright C 2013.

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