Mario & Luigi Gangsters in Time
Mario & Luigi Gangsters in Time
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Age Rating(s)
Rated T (Only for 12 Years and older)
Genre(s) RPG
Series Mario & Luigi Series
Mario & Luigi Gangsters in Time is an RPG game of Mario & Luigi


Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Maffia King Bowser, so its up to Mario & Luigi to save the princess and become gangsters!


It's Princess Peach's Birthday! Everyone is having fun! A cake appears and it might be Bowser, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings! they take the princess, Toadsworth got crazy when princess peach was kidnapped,

Maffia Bowser trips the koopa family and takes the princess.

Mario & Luigi found the weapons and takes it, Toadsworth tells them to become Toad Town Gangsters!


Character Name Another Move Another Move 2 Another Move 3
Mariogangster Mario Hammer Whack Gun Shot Spin
Gangster Luigi Luigi Digging Placing Bombs



X and Y Characters

Character Name X Y X#2 X#3
Bowser - New Super Mario Bros 2 Bowser Punch Flame Whack Jump

Supporting Characters

Character Name Description
640px-BulletBillMK8 Big Bullet Bill He helps Mario & Luigi onto their Gangster Adventure, he also gives tips and advices, if you press START, then he will you look in his hole and look for some stuff.
Fig 20 kamek Kamek Along with Big Bullet Bill, he is an guide, but he guides Bowser only.
Princess Peach (Fortune Street) Princess Peach She got almost kidnapped by Bowser, but she got now kidnapped by Maffia Bowser, she needs to be saved by Mario & Luigi

Minor Characters

Character Name Description
Toadsworth by banjo2015-d8ns17u Toadsworth He seems be worrying about the princess if she got kidnapped, he don't want it and sends Mario & Luigi to go on their Gangster Adventure
ToadsBattleForTheRuins Toads There may be more of them, you can find them in the adventure, you can interact with them onto there/
250px-Midbus Artwork - Mario and Luigi BiS Midbus Midbus may work at the Bean Shop, if you find beans for Midbus, he will give you special Awards
Fawful Artwork - Superstar Saga
Fawful He is an shopkeeper, he sells you Weapons, Items, Wears and you can scratch a card in him
Toadbert You may find him at Koopi-Koop-Koop Beach, Yoshi's Island and Koopa Desert, he is an smart toad with some inventions, his catchphrase is "Boogity"
Sochi 2014 olympic wario 3d render by ratchetmario-d8j2g4e
Wario Wario found the piece of the weed star, you need to go to him to get the piece, you can't boss battle him, he only gives you it if you won the cup ball game
Waluigi Wario told the bros that Waluigi found the weed star piece, he won't approve you in the island, you need to battle some guards first, then he approves them and gives the piece
Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy
Rosalina She got the piece, but it was stolen by Goomboss, after you beat Goomboss the star piece will return to Rosalina, and she says The Bros can keep it to them
Shy Guy's

There is not only red of them, there is also











You can find them at Shy Guy Island, in attack by The Big Bob-Omb

Koopa Troopal.
Koopa He is an NPC you can find him everywhere including Bowser's Castle
Goomba He is an NPC, you can find him at Bowser's Castle
Dry Bones,
Dry Bones He is an NPC, you can find him at Desert and Bowser's Castle
Yoshi MP10
Yoshi Just like Shy Guy, there are different colors of them, you can find him at Yoshi's Island

NOTE: I don't have much time to put some enemies, if you know some, request it to me



  • This is an joke game
  • This page is uneditable
  • This is the fifth Mario & Luigi RPG game

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