Mario & Luigi 5 (tentative title, Mario & Luigi: A Fungi Tale) is a sequel to Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and it is going to be released for the same system as the previous one. Only a preview trailer has been released and that's all it is known about this game.

Trailer description

New additions

Playable Characters

Image Name Descriptions
ToadToadetteSprites Toad & Toadette N/A


Image Name HP EXP Coins Dropped Location
EvilCoinML5 Evil Coin N/A


Image Name HP EXP Coins Dropped Location

Bros./Duo Items

Image Name Descriptions Used By
CatBellML5 Cat Bell When used, the Cat Bell turns Mario and Luigi into their cat forms. They jump into the air and attack with the down swipe move from Super Mario 3D World. Each bro attacks two times and it only hits one enemy. Mario & Luigi
DoubleCherryML5 Double Cherry When used, the Double Cherry makes a clone of Mario and Luigi. They use their clones to attack multiple enemies multiple times. Mario & Luigi
BoomerangFlowerML Boomerang Flower N/A Toad & Toadette

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