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Mario & Luigi: Yoshi's Story (known as Mario & Luigi RPG 6! in Japan and Mario & Luigi: Yoshi's Quest in Europe), is a Nintendo 3DS game and Wii U game that is the upcoming 6th title in the Mario & Luigi series, developed by AlphaDream in partnership with Square Enix, Nixus and Intelligent Systems, is the first Mario & Luigi game to have chapters. In this game, Bowser gets overthrown by Kamek and Bowser asks the aid of Mario, Luigi and Yoshi, meanwhile Kamek takes over Peach's Castle and steals the super happy tree. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser must defeat Kamek using the Star Spirits, pure hearts and crystal stars, lucky for them it may be easier than it looks...



In the opening, Bowser is bossing his minions around, when Kamek walks into the throne

Bowser suprised that Kamek entered

room, Bowser orders him to get out, but instead he uses his scepter to throw Bowser out, then he uses his scepter to brainwash all of Bowser's minions. Meanwhile Mario, Luigi and Yoshi were at Peach's Castle when Bowser crashes through the roof, and thus begins the first battle. Mid-battle Toadsworth tells them how to use action commands and dodge attacks. Eventually Bowser is defeated. Bowser is unconscious when Yoshi tells Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toadsworth that someone has stolen the super happy tree. Bowser wakes up and tells the others that Kamek has taken over Bowser's Castle, and he asks for their help and tells them their his last resort. Mario and Luigi think for a moment and say yes, but no back-stabbing. Bowser tells them that Kamek has become too powerful to defeat alone with no power. Mario and Luigi think of the most powerful objects they can remember. They remember the star spirits, crystal stars and pure hearts, Though Mario and Bowser can think of more powerful objects, but can't remember their names. Peach still has the map and says that she can use it without the thousand year door. Peach tracks the first crystal star to Goomboss' Castle.

Chapter 1 - The Reign of Goomboss

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser travel through pleasant path and goomba village to get to Goomboss Castle. Inside the castle they find the L33T Hamm3r broz. They need to rescue them to get the hammers. In the castle, when they are looking for the key to the prison, they find a special attack, green shell. Soon the heroes see Red and Blue Goomba with the key and engage in battle. Once the quartet defeat the goomba duo, they retrieve the key and rescue the L33T Hamm3r broz, and in return, the give the brothers hammers. Mario hits the button with his hammer and opens up a door. They eventually get to the throne room where Goomboss is, and engage in battle. The four heroes win and get the first crystal star, the diamond star. On the way back to the castle, the heroes see Kamek flying through the sky. Bowser grabs a green shell and throws it at Kamek. Kamek drops the first star spirit and pure heart. Underneath Kamek, Jr. Troopa is seen catching the star spirit card. Kamek gets mad and zaps the brothers, but not Bowser and Yoshi. Bowser and Yoshi chase after Jr. Troopa and catch up to him. Jr. Troopa has no clue who they are and engages in battle. They win and retrieve the first star spirit, Eldstar, who gives them the power "refresh". Mario and Luigi wake up at Peach's Castle and are told that Yoshi and Bowser carried them there. Just then Toadsworth runs in with the first pure heart, and gives it to peach, who uses the power of the crystal stars to locate it, and the pure heart to open a door which leads close to the next crystal star.

Chapter 2 - Jungle Labyrinth

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser walk through the first door, unaware of where they might appear. When they arrive at their destination, they are surprised to arrive in the jungle. A mysterious figure on a broom spots them and flies down towards the four heroes. It turns out to be Kammy koopa, Bowser wants to engage in a battle, but Mario, Luigi and Yoshi restrain him. Kammy says she's there with a letter from Toadsworth. Mario asks why Parakarry didn't deliver it. She says that Parakarry was brainwashed by Kamek when he was delivering mail. Bowser asks why she wasn't brainwashed and she says that she escaped with three other minions: Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, and Sergeant Guy. She gives the message to Yoshi then flies away. Yoshi opens it and finds 5 mushrooms, 2 1-ups, 5 drumsticks, 5 Yoshi Berries, 5 syrups and 3 refreshing herbs. attached to the letter was a note which reads "This is for the road, don't eat all of them at once, and good luck on your adventure. P.S PLEASE RETURN!!!!!!!!!!". Once they get to the labyrinth, they see Fawful (revived and found by Popple) and Popple sneaking in. Fawful notices them and runs into the labyrinth with Popple. The quartet chases after them and has to solve some puzzles to get to them. Soon they find Fawful and Popple engage in battle. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser win and Popple and Fawful don't want to get any more hurt, so they decide to teach the bros "bros moves". The bros learn spin, In which they can spin over long distances. The heroes get past more traps and find the main room and battle King Wiggler for the crystal star and pure heart. The heroes win, but still haven't found the star spirit yet. When the heroes try to exit, the door closes and the labyrinth starts to fall apart. In the room, Yoshi finds a Blimp Fruit and flies them out. When they get out, they see Mecha-Troopa with the star spirit and battle him. The heroes win and return to the castle, but on the way, they run into Dimentio, who steals the crystal star and runs. The heroes chase him until they engage in battle. The heroes win and return to Peach's Castle. Peach reveals the next door, and the four heroes walk through.

Chapter 3 - Unexpected Flight

The heroes arrive in... Peach's Castle? The heroes look around for a bit until they find Dark Star Barricades guarding something. Mario, Luigi and Bowser remember how to get past, and explain to Yoshi about the three star sages. The heroes return upstairs to talk to Toadsworth and Peach. But when they come upstairs, Kamek is attacking the Castle. Kamek orders his minions to kidnap the princess. The minions try to take the crystal stars and pure hearts that Peach had, but she passes them to Yoshi. The minions put Peach in a bag, then run back to Bowser's Castle. Kamek engages in battle with the four heroes. The heroes win, but Kamek uses his scepter to separate the team. Mario and Luigi land in Bowser's Castle, Bowser lands in the Demented Ruins and Yoshi lands on Yoshi's Island. Bowser travels through the Demented Ruins, only to find Dimentio. Dimentio battles Bowser. Bowser wins, and gets the shell shock special move. Bowser continues into the ruins, and finds the first star sage, Wisdurm. Bowser and Wisdurm fight, until Bowser wins. Bowser gets the first Star Cure. Meanwhile, on Yoshi's Island, Yoshi returns to his home village and they have a big celebration. Yoshi asks the Yoshis if they have seen a star sage. They tell him that they know a retired koopa named Kuzzle keeps on talking about how he failed as a star sage. Yoshi travels to the top of Mt. Yo'ster to find Kuzzle, but Boshi gets in the way. Boshi and Yoshi fight until Yoshi wins, and Yoshi goes up to Kuzzle and asks about the star cure. Kuzzle says it's in the Yo'ster Sphinx. Yoshi travels back down the mountain, and heads towards the sphinx. Once Yoshi is in the sphinx, he travels through, and gets to the room of the cure. Chief Guy falls through the roof, claiming the star cure. Yoshi battles him until he gets the second star cure. In Bowser's Castle, Mario and Luigi awake in a machine. Mario sees someone hiding and asks him to come out. The figure walks out and reveals himself to be Private Goomp. Private Goomp explains how his associates were captured, and asks the bros for help. The bros agree to help him, and Private Goomp helps Mario and Luigi out of the machine. Private Goomp is now a playable character; control him using the x button. The trio wanders around the castle when, BANG, out of nowhere, comes Mr. L Clone, Shadow Mario Clone and Dark Bowser Clone. They engage in battle, and the heroes barely win. Soon they get to Bowser's throne room and they see Kamek on the throne, with the other two members of the elite trio tending to Kamek's every need. Kamek jumps up and brainwashes Private Goomp. Private Goomp is no longer a playable character. Kamek tells the elite trio to defeat the brothers, while he takes care of "business". The bros win and get the last star cure. But then Chakron the third star sage steals it from them and says that if they want it, they'd battle him for it. The bros win and get two new special attacks, Fire Flower and Smash Egg. Just then Kammy flies in and tells them that Yoshi and Bowser are waiting, and also hands them a note from Toadsworth. It reads "I escaped with my life from the castle, I ran to the only other safe place I knew about, Daisy's Castle. We are waiting for you heroes!!!! P.S PLEASE RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Kammy flies them to Daisy's Castle. When they arrive, Daisy explains that she has the same powers as Peach.

Chapter 4 - Return to the Creepy Steeple

Mario and Luigi Forget how to make the miracle cure, and they can only think of one person that knows how, Dr. Toadley. The four heroes go to Dr. Toadley's office, but when they arrive, the place is destroyed. Yoshi finds a note on the ground, it reads "If you want your doctor back, come to my Creepy Steeple. - Doopliss". Mario wonders how they will get to creepy steeple with no door. Dr. Toadley's assistant walks in. She says " I know how to make the Miracle "Toadley" Cure!". Mario and Luigi hand the star cures to her. Toadley's assistant puts the pieces together like a puzzle, then hands the Miracle Cure to Mario. "I will stay here as a doctor in case someone gets sick." Toadley's assistant says. Daisy summons the second door, and the heroes walk through. The barricades are still there, and Mario unleashes the miracle cure on the barricades, and they disappear. Mario and the others go through, in the basement, the heroes go through what seems like a maze. Then, out of the shadows, Dooplighast, struck and caught everyone off guard, and started battling the quartet. The heroes win, and get a special attack known as Doop sheet. They continue into the maze and battle Boshi. The heroes win and Yoshi gets the power "Egg toss". The four heroes venture further into the maze. When they are at the end of the maze, Popple and Fawful see the star spirit and nab it. The heroes see that, and attack Popple and Fawful. The heroes won and got the star spirit. They continue and go down a pipe. When they get back up they arrive in the Creepy Steeple. When they get to the top, the heroes confront Doopliss and Duplighast. The heroes win and get the third pure heart and crystal star, and rescue Dr. Toadley. Daisy teleports the heroes back to her castle and opens up the next door.

Chapter 5 - Volcanic Panic

Mario and the others arrive on a remote island, idiosyncratic isle. They wander around on the beach, until they get ambushed by Chief Guy, Skrill, and General Guy. The heroes win against the shy guys and continue into the lush forest. The heroes come across a peaceful shy guy village and talk to all the shy guys. When they talk to Sarah the shy guy, Petey Piranha flies in and eats her. The villager shy guys ask Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Yoshi to save her, and they agree to. They travel up Mt. Bob-omb, but on the way up, the heroes run into King Bob-omb. On his chest, he has what looks like a crystal star. In the battle, the star makes him overly powerful and gives him more attack moves. The heroes defeat him, but King Bob-omb has one more ace up his glove. King Bob-omb explodes and separates the star into 7 pieces. Along with that, seven unwanted black figures appear, and travel with the shards. One of the shards lands on top of Mt. Bob-omb, but when it touches the tip of the mountain, it erupts! The heroes rush quickly to the top, but get into a battle with King Blargg. The heroes win and get a star spirit. They continue up the mountain and eventually get to Petey Piranha's fortress. The four heroes get to Petey Piranha and battle him. This battle has two phases: Phase 1 is normal Petey Piranha, and Phase 2 is Petey Piranha x Lava Piranha. The heroes win and get the crystal star. They continue into the next room and see Sarah and one of the figures. It turned of it's shadow cover and reveals himself to be Shadow the Quick. Shadow the Quick imprints shadow power on Sarah, and she becomes Shadow Skrill. They battle them and the heroes win and get the first shard of the Shadow Star. Sarah is relieved of her shadow form, and reveals herself to be a keeper of the Pure Hearts. She gives the heroes a pure heart in thanks. The heroes get teleported back and enter the next door.

Chapter 6 - Joke's Beginning

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser arrive at Joke's Beginning, and Arojoj is flying around, and sees the heroes and attacks them. The heroes win, and Arojaj continues into the maze. Inside the maze, The heroes see Koopa the Quick, and he asks to race Mario. If Mario wins then Mario doesn't have to battle Koopa the Quick, but if he doesn't, then Mario must battle Koopa the Quick. After the race, they continue into the maze and fight Arojoj's Enemy. They win and continue into the maze. Popple and Fawful fall through the roof and fight the heroes. The heroes win and the bros learn a new bros move, a move where the bros curl up into a ball. They continue into the maze, inside the maze, the heroes come across a prison. Inside of one of the cells, the heroes see Jojora, she offers to help the brothers defeat the bros. If the heroes release release her, then she will battle you, but if the heroes don't then Jojora gets mad and cries in a corner. At the end of the maze, Arojoj fights the heroes. The heroes win, and Jojora flies into the room and starts fighting Arojoj. The heroes realize that they didn't get a crystal star, pure heart or star spirit. Yoshi notices that there's a crack in the wall. Bowser punches the wall, and it falls apart. In the next room, one of the figures turns off his shadow cover and reveals himself as Shadawful, and beside him lay Blizzard Metaboss. Shadawful imprints on Blizzard Metaboss and they battle the heroes. The heroes win and get the second shadow shard from Shadawful, and the pure heart, crystal star and star spirit from Blizzard Metaboss. They get teleported back and go through the next door.

Chapter 7 - Battle Royale

The heroes enter the door and appear at the glory pit, and when they arrive, Yoshi(PM: TTYD) greets them, calling Mario Gonzales. Mario asks YoshiPM If the crystal star on his belt is the real deal, and YoshiPM says it is. Mario signs up himself and Luigi for the glory pit fighting tournament as the "Masked Mashers of Mayhem". Meanwhile Yoshi signs up himself and Bowser up as the Super Dragons. The player can either choose to play as Mario and Luigi or Yoshi and Bowser. Either way, the duo must battle in the same way at the glitz pit. Soon after the first battle, Mr. Blubba asks Mario or Yoshi to come into his office. Mr. Blubba and Yoshi or Mario take a walk to the champion's room. Mr. Blubba shows Yoshi or Mario around, then does the same in the major league locker room. When they return to the minor league locker room, Yoshi/Mario sets up a match. After 7 more matches, either the Masked Mashers or the Super Dragons get to the first mid-boss, Rawk Hawk. The heroes easily win and get to the major league. After two more matches, Rawk Hawk gets mad and storms onto the stage and battles the heroes. They win and continue with their matches. In-between matches, they get a message from Z. Saying go to the storage room, they do that and find a door that requires a key. They return downstairs, and two security guards walk in with a key on their belt, the heroes hide. If the player chose the Masked Mashers, then Luigi grabs his hammer and KOs the two guards and grabs the key, but if the player chose Super Dragons, then Yoshi grabs the key with his tongue, and Bowser burns them and runs to the door that requires a key. They enter the door, and it turns out to be a giant air duct. The heroes listen through the vent how Mr. Blubba wants to get a lot of publicity and cash by making fighters disappear and having more fighters enter the ring. He says how, soon, The Super Dragons and Masked Mashers will disappear. Then he realizes he said his plot aloud, and how he hopes no one heard him. The duo returns to the major locker room and does 3 more matches before the second mid-boss, Popple and Fawful. The heroes beat the villains and continue with other matches. There are five matches left, then there's the title match. The first match is against Kronicle. The heroes win and get into the next match against the Hand-It-Overs. The heroes win and get into the next match, against the Elite Trio. The heroes win and get into the next match, against the Masked Mashers/Super Dragons (depending on what team the player chooses). The player's chosen team of heroes wins the match, and goes into the title match, against YoshiPM. The heroes win and get the crystal star from YoshiPM, who congratulates the heroes. After the heroes win, they meet up with the other duo of heroes, and they get re-united. Soon, the heroes get a message from Z, which says to enter the arena when nobody is around. They do so and see Mr. Blubba dealing with Chukyameow and a dark figure. Chuckyameow notices Bowser and tells Mr. Blubba and the dark figure to attack. Mr. Blubba transforms into Macho Tubba Blubba, and the dark figure reveals himself to be Lakishadow. The heroes battle them and win, and retrieve the third shadow shard, a pure heart and star spirit. The heroes teleport home and enter the next door.

Chapter 8 - Alpha's Zeta Point

(this chapter will be re-written)

The heroes arrive on a beach, with a lush forest and base behind them. When they enter the forest, Zander the Yoshi mercenary strikes with his Spinokoopa and Gigantokoopa. After they defeat Zander, Ursula attacks with her Tyrannoyoshi and Pteranogoonie. After the heroes defeat Ursula, Ed strikes with his saichanibeetle and Irritatoguy. After Ed is dealt with, the heroes go inside Zeta Point. There is a cross in the path, the heroes spit up to cover more ground. Soon, Yoshi and Bowser get ambushed by Rod's Ampelopokey and Tororenzor. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi fight Laura's Allokoopa and Stegospiny. After that, the heroes are re-united and get ambushed by a group of rogue Deinokoopas, Velocikoopas and Utahkoopas. They defeat the beasts, Seth sends out Saurophagokoopa and Cryolophokoopa. The heroes win, and get to the main room and Z confronts them with Tyrannoyoshi and Megalokoopa. The heroes win and then a space ship crashes through the roof and a space pirate named Gabbro attacks with his Gigas and Torvokoopa. After he's defeated, the heroes board the space ship, along with the alpha mercenaries. Zapper attacks the heroes with Armatus, Gojirayoshi and Majuangakoopa. Sheer launches at the heroes and attacks with Maximus and Mapuyoshi. She looses, and calls Spectre to attack, Spectre flies down and attacks with his apatopokey. The heroes win, and get the pure heart, crystal star and star spirit, but not shadow shard? Just then a corrupted Seth appears from the other room, with a dark figure beside him, it turns off it's shadow cloak and reveals itself to be huff'n shad'n. Seth summons Black Tyrannoyoshi, Saurophagokoopa and Cryolophokoopa. The heroes win and get the shadow shard. Before the heroes leave, Z says that he will be coming after the heroes. The heroes teleport back and enter the final door.

Chapter 9 - The Clash for the Shadow Shards

The heroes arrive at their final location, dusty dunes. They wander around the desert
Shadoshi battle

The heroes battling the Yoshi Bandits and Shadoshi

until a dark figure falls from the sky, on top of the Yoshi Bandits (who were currently robbing the pokey princess). The figure reveals himself to be Shadoshi, Shadoshi begins to imprint on the Yoshi Bandits, and begin to battle. The heroes win, and get the shadow shard. The Yoshi Bandits wake up, and flee. The heroes continue to wander the desert, until Dimentio stops them. He tells them to meet his new partner in his routine. A rounded character who kind of resembles Kirby, named Diments, flies to Dimentio's side. They Battle the heroes for the shadow shards. And the heroes win, but Dimentio and Diments have one more trick in their hats, they teleport every group member to a different dimension.

Part 1 - Release of the Beasts

Yoshi awakens in the "Y Dimension", where Yoshis and Rexs are living in harmony. In front of Yoshi was a Gigantic Sphinx, With the head of a Rex. There was a red carpet and multiple pillars with Yoshi Eggs on them, leading to the front of the sphinx. Yoshi asks the Rexs and Yoshis what is inside the sphinx, and how to get in. They tell Yoshi that a powerful black crystal is in there, and anyone who tries to get in, will die. They also tell Yoshi that there is no way in. Just then, an earthquake hits, and a Yoshi mechanically enhanced blows up a mountain. The Yoshis are all in a panic as well as the Rexs. Yoshi asks the other Yoshis why they are panicking. They tell Yoshi that centuries ago, the Yoshis and Rexs were working on a kind of mechanical enhancement on both of their kind, they finished the enhancement, but the wielders went mad and tried to enslave their own race, though they failed, and the ancients sealed them in the very mountain that blew up. The Yoshi's name who had the mechanical enhancement was Proto Boshi, and the Rex's was Mega Rex. Yoshi realizes that the Yoshi's name who had the enhancement was Boshi. Boshi, Croco and Rexy see that they released cyborg serial killers, and try to escape, but the cyborgs notice them and fly down to them. Proto Boshi gives Boshi, Rexy and Croco his thanks, and in return, Proto Boshi brainwashes them to attack Yoshi. Yoshi barely wins, and his power is drained. Mega Rex sees Yoshi in front of the sphinx and shoots him. Yoshi is saved by Boshi and instead of shooting Yoshi, Mega Rex shot an opening in the sphinx. Yoshi is surprised that Boshi saved him and asks why Boshi why he saved him. Boshi tells Yoshi that the cyborgs are too powerful and that they need to team up. Yoshi agrees. Boshi, Croco and Rexy are now playable, control Croco with the x button, Rexy with the b button , and Boshi with the a button. The new heroes enter the sphinx through the hole Mega Rex shot. Mega Rex saw that the new heroes escaped through the hole in the sphinx, and chased after them with Proto Boshi. Inside the sphinx, Yoshi, Boshi, Croco and Rexy arrive at a stair case going upwards. When they walk up the stairs, Rexisphinx and Yoshisphinx jump off the next floor to guard the shadow shard. The heroes engage in battle with the guardians. The new heroes win, but Rexy sees that Proto Boshi and Mega Rex are catching up to the new heroes, and advises the new heroes to go faster. The new heroes dart up the stairs, and get to the shadow shard. A dark figure appears from the shard and reveals himself to be Rexishadow. The two cyborgs catch up, and charge up a charge shot. The two charge shots merge and blow up the head of the Rexsphinx. Rexishadow and the shadow shard get thrown into the side of a mountain. The new heroes survive the blast an engage in battle with the cyborgs. The new heroes win, but the cyborgs say that they were going easy on the new heroes, then fly away so fast, a trans-dimensional portal appears, and the two cyborgs go through it. Yoshi tells the new heroes that Rexishadow still poses a threat, and that they must go after him. The new heroes find Rexishadow and defeat him, giving Yoshi the shadow shard. One yoshi holds the shadow shard, a portal back to the mushroom kingdom opens. The new heroes say goodbye to the towns-yoshis and rexs and go through the portal home.

Part 2 - Old Enemies, New Threat

Mario arrives in the Underwhere, where he sees a lot of defeated enemies and bosses. The enemies are peaceful towards Mario, because he let them hang out with their friends, but the defeated bosses are not. The bosses are about to start a riot, when Queen Jaydes comes and calms them down. Queen Jaydes tries to think of an amusing way for Mario to get out of the Underwhere. One of the defeated bosses comes up with the idea of a fighting tournament. They all agree, including Queen Jaydes, and majority rules. The first boss Mario fights is Anti Guy. The second bosses are the armored harriers. The third is Antasma. The fourth is Birdo. The fifth is Boom Boom. The sixth is Bonechill. The seventh is Bowletta. The eighth is Buzzar. The ninth is Chief Chilly. The tenth is Chief Bully. The eleventh is Chucklissa. The twelfth is Chuckolator. The thirteenth is Cloud N. Candy. The fourteenth is Crystal King. The fifteenth is Swiggler. Then, Queen Jaydes gets nabbed by someone, and Mario tries to rescue her, but all the bosses stop him. Mario must fight all the bosses to get through. In order, Mario must fight Big Lantern Ghost, Bowyer, Jinx, Dark Bones, Dino Piranha, Giga Lakitu, and Dry Bones Troopa. Mario wins the tournament, and runs after Queen Jaydes. Mario catches up to the captor, who is Nabbit. Just then, a portal opens up, and the Yoshi Bandits get tossed through the portal, and Mario sees Dimentio in the other side of the portal before it disappears. The Yoshi Bandits team up with Nabbit and battle Mario. Mario wins and rescues Queen Jaydes, and she returns Mario home. But when she was doing so, Big Lantern Ghost, Bowyer, Jinx, the Yoshi Bandits, and Nabbit jump on Mario, and get teleported back with him. When they arrive, a bob-omb goes off inside Nabbit's sack, and everyone was blown in different direction.

Part 3 - Revival of the Clones

Bowser awakens in the scenic "Clone Dimension". He sees cosmic clones everywhere, though, blending in with the crowd, the last Shadow Figure runs off towards Chilly Bully Mountain. Bowser asks some of the townsfolk if they've seen, heard or if they know anything about the last shadow shard. They all say "no" except for one. Clone Doopliss says that a jewel of great power lies at the top of Chilly Bully Mountain. Meanwhile, the Shadow Figure continues up the mountain, knocking out all Bullies, Chillies, White Clubbas and Magikoopas in his way. He grabbed the scepter of a Magikoopa, then shot at the mountainside. A door opened up and the Shadow Figure walked through. Inside the room, many Duplighosts and Bandits lunged at the Shadow Figure, but were thrown backwards and off the mountain. He continued into the room, until he came across another door. He opened it using the scepter, and only to see Doopliss and Dooplighast on two different thrones, and Frost Czar Dragon falls through the roof and ultimately freezes the Shadow Figure. Frost Czar Dragon carries the Shadow Figure to the dungeon and leaves him there. Meanwhile, Bowser befriends Clone Doopliss, Clone Dooplighast and Clone Duplighost. Control Clone Doopliss with the a button, control Clone Dooplighast with the b button and control Clone Duplighost with the y button. They trek up the mountain and run into King Bully. Bowser's heroes try to get King Bully out of the way, but instead, an army of bullies come running down the mountain and knock Bowser off the mountain, but Bowser's heroes are nowhere to be found. At the top of the mountain, King Bully leads his troops in to the rooms in the mountainside. Inside Doopliss' room, three of the bullies try to assassinate Doopliss and Dooplighast. They call upon the Frost Czar Dragon and it freezes all of the bully army, including King Bully. Inside the ice, the three bullies that attempted to assassinate Doopliss and Dooplighast turned out to be Bowser's heroes. The three heroes see a torch on the wall, and duplicate it, melting the ice. Then they duplicate Frost Czar Dragon, but Doopliss and Dooplighast also duplicate Frost Czar Dragon. They all battle, but the Shadow Figure breaks free of the ice, and prison, and comes after Frost Czar Dragon. Though he can't tell which one is the real Frost Czar Dragon, so he goes after the ones closest to him, the three heroes. They get thrown into the wall, and smash through it, making them fall down the mountain. The heroes revert to normal whee they hit the ground. Bowser wakes up and sees his heroes, and starts yelling at them. They wake up, and return up the mountain. Yet again, the King bully, and his army come down the mountain, but this time, they engage in battle. Bowser's heroes win, and yet one bully survives, and runs up the mountain to tell Doopliss. At the top of the mountain, Bowser's heroes enter the room, and walk into the next. Only to see the one surviving bully being jabbed in the stomach, and thrown off the mountain by the Shadow Figure. When the Shadow Figure sees Bowser's heroes, he retreats to the top of the mountain. Bowser and his heroes turn up the heat and melt the ice palace by burning it. Bowser melts the ice crystal, which is the source of Frost Czar Dragon's power. The Frost Czar Dragon falls off the mountain, and lands on the very injured bully. Bowser's heroes engage in battle with Doopliss and Dooplighast. Bowser's heroes win and continue to the crumbling roof of the palace, where the Shadow Figure reveals himself to be Shadow Guy. Bowser's heroes defeat Shadow Guy and get the last shadow shard. Right after that, the roof starts falling, and gets destroyed. Doopliss and Dooplighast are thrown up in the sky because of the explosives they put in the floor, while Bowser's heroes fall onto a nearby ledge, where a portal appears and the Yoshi Bandits are thrown through yet again. Bowser's heroes battle the bandits, win, and knock them off the ledge, to plummet to their doom with Doopliss and Dooplighast. Though Doopliss opens up a portal star and he along with Dooplighast and the Yoshi Bandits fall through. Meanwhile Clone Duplighost sees the portal star and duplicates it, and Bowser goes through.

Part 4 - Mr.L's Adventure

Luigi awakens in Dimension D, where Dimentio appears and brainwashes him, to turn him into Mr. L (you are now playing as Mr. L). Dimentio and Diments sic him on the heroes, who are together at last. Mr. L defeats the heroes and continues to Daisy's Castle. At Daisy's Castle, he plants bombs all around the castle without anyone noticing. Then he gets outside and snaps his fingers. The castle is blown sky-high, and all the inhabitants are blown all the way to Kamek's Castle. Mr. L continues to search the world for anyone who might get in Dimentio's way. He finds the Yoshi Bandits, who run away. Mr. L chases after them, though they split up, Mr. L chases after the leader and knocks him out. Mr. L then goes after the other two members, and knocks them out as well. Mr. L gives the Yoshi Bandits to Dimentio, who smites them. Dimentio then tells Mr. L to kill the heroes, but Mr. L refuses to, then smites Dimentio. Mr. L then finds Doopliss, who is stuck in the ground. Mr. L battles Doopliss and wins, then continues on to Baddie Beach. Mr. L finds a statue of the Elec Bleck Blooper. Mr. L tries to blow it up, though instead of exploding, it awakens and battles Mr. L. Mr. L wins, and then falls to the ground, unconscious. The Elite trio spots him, and brings him to Kamek's Castle. The heroes wake up and return to Daisy's Castle, though there is nothing left, but a note saying "Find Starlow, she is the key...", the rest of the note is burnt.

Chapter 10 - Trek to Kamek's Castle

Mario, Yoshi and Bowser go to find Starlow at Star Sprite Haven, but when they arrive, the star sprites tell the trio that Starlow was taken by Kammy Koopa. Just then, a Commander Shroob on a broom flies to the heroes. He hands them a letter, then flies away. The letter says "Bring here the Shadow Star, and Starlow will be released". The three heroes then trek to Kamek's Castle (formerly Bowser's Castle), though along the way, Jr. Troopa flies in and begins to attack the heroes. The heroes win, and arrive at Kamek's Castle. Inside, Kamek tells the Koopalings this is their time to shine. This is a lot like Superstar Saga, where defeating a Koopaling opens up a new area. The first Koopaling is Ludwig. The second is Roy. The third is Wendy. The fourth is Iggy. The fifth is Morton. The sixth is Larry. The seventh is Lemmy. The heroes defeat the Koopalings and then arrive at a plank, crossing over to Bowser Jr.'s airship. Mario and Yoshi carefully cross, but Bowser breaks the wooden plank, and falls. The two heroes travel through the dangerous airship, and arrives at Bowser Jr., who attacks the him. The heroes win, and Bowser Jr. falls unconscious, when he wakes up, Mario and Yoshi ask him why the Koopalings attacked Bowser and themselves. Bowser Jr. tells them that they were brainwashed by Kamek. Then Mario and Yoshi tell Bowser Jr. that Bowser fell crossing over to his ship. Bowser Jr. is shocked, and runs out and jumps off the part of the ship where Bowser fell. The heroes cross another plank into Kamek's room. Kamek asks the heroes to hand over the Shadow Star first. The heroes refuse. Kamek gets angry, and tries to take the star from them, but fails. Just then, Bowser and Bowser Jr. climb up, and join the duo. Control Bowser Jr. with the b button. Kamek get furious and begins to battle the four heroes. This battle has three phases. Kamek ultimately loses, and is taken to Kamella's Castle by Kammy. Starlow then fells something merging with her, and the Shadow Star flies up, and fuses with the power inside her. Though instead of her being merged entirely, something is drawn out of her, a Shadow Shard. It then merges with the Shadow Star, and is completed. When Yoshi is about to grab it, Mr. L comes out of the shadows and steals it. Mr. L becomes unimaginably powerful and becomes Shadoo. This battle has four phases. Shadoo is eventually defeated and falls to the ground. Since the Shadow Star was meant to be unstoppable, it shatters. Shadoo converts back into Mr. L, who wakes up and jumps away. Mario and Yoshi rescue everyone, while Bowser and Bowser Jr. rig the place with explosives (not knowing it's their castle). Everyone is rescued, including the Super Happy tree, except there's one problem: there was no sign of Peach. Everyone gets out of the castle, which then explodes. But Mario tells the heroes that they need to rescue Peach and Mr. L from Kamek, and the heroes agree to.

Chapter 11 - In the Final

On the way to Kamella's Castle (formerly Peach's Castle), the heroes fight many enemies, but are thrown off coarse when a Chukya throws them to the Cryptic Clouds. When they arrive, Popple and Fawful are seen robbing the puffs, but when they see the four heroes, they run. The puffs ask the four heroes for help, they agree to. Boshi's Gang starts harassing Fawful and Popple, the heroes see that, and battle Boshi's Gang. Boshi's Gang looses, and are each blown different ways. Popple and Fawful continue to run and the four heroes chase after them. They run into Puff'n's throne room and are attacked by many ruff puffs. Puff'n sees that the heroes barged in, and declares all-out war on them. Puff'n calls his most powerful minions to attack the four heroes. Bowser calls in his Koopalings to attack the minions, then, the heroes start a battle with Puff'n. Once he is defeated, Puff'n pushes a red button with a label which reads "destruct". The heroes along with Popple and Fawful are blown to Dinosaur Land.

Part 1 - Dinosaur Land

When the heroes wake up on the sandy beach of Dinosaur Land, they all notice footprints, and agree to follow them. The heroes arrive at a small village, and see Popple and Fawful robbing the Yoshis. The heroes go to battle Popple and Fawful, but a Yoshi named Thunderfoot beat them to the mischievous duo. Thunderfoot calls down lightning against Popple and Fawful, and are zapped away to Gloomba Tower. Thunderfoot also sees the three non-yoshi heroes, and is about to cast lightning down on them, but Yoshi stops him. Yoshi offers any help the Yoshi Clan may need, in return, they don't zap the heroes. Thunderfoot tells the heroes that The Gloombas have been tormenting and executing members of his tribe. The heroes set out to stop the Gloombas. They go through puzzles and eventually get to the top of the Gloomba tower, where Fawful and Popple are about to be killed. Chief Galoomba notices them, and engages in battle with the heroes. Chief Gloomba is defeated and falls off his 100 ft tall tower. Other Galoombas come up the stairs and ask the heroes why the killed their leader. Yoshi says that Gloombas have been killing yoshis of Thunderfoot's clan. The Gloombas tell Yoshi that it is the exact opposite. Thunderfoot enslaved his own clan, and kills the Gloombas. He wants to be ruler of Dinosaur Land. The gloombas show Yoshi proof of Thunderfoot's evil ways. Yoshi jumps off the tower, and lands unharmed, on Thunderfoot's hut. The other heroes run down the stairs. Yoshi begins to battle Thunderfoot, and wins. Thunderfoot runs to Rex mountain, and casts down lightning on it, the mountain then erupts, and engulfs Thunderfoot in lava. Yoshi gets an Idea of how to stop it and runs up to the top of the mountain. He than cries out a cry, and all the other Yoshis in the world hear the cry, and send tiny shards to Yoshi. Yoshi receives the shards, and they morph together to form the Yostar. Yoshi jumps on the Yostar, and flies into the volcano. Yoshi gets burnt and almost dies, but at the last moment, Yoshi throws the Yostar to the core of Rex mountain, and it explodes. Yoshi is killed, and the Yostar shatters. Mario, Bowser and Bowser Jr. are blown to Kamella's Castle. Popple and Fawful also are blown to Kamella's Castle.

Part 2 - Kamella's Castle Showdown

When they arrive, Dimentio and Diments spots the heroes and attacks them. Diments and Dimentio are defeated, and Diments is knocked into a pool of lava. At that moment Mr. L falls from the sky, and lands beside Dimentio. They merge, and form Super Dimentio. The heroes win using the power of the pure hearts. Since Dimentio fell into lava, Mr. L was converted back into Luigi. The heroes enter the castle, and are greeted with fire from Kamek. The heroes battle Kamek, but loose. Kamek blasts Bowser Jr. away to Daisy's Castle, currently being rebuilt. Just then, a gigantic ball of fire appears, and Yoshi with fire powers comes out of the ball. Kamek screams and asks how Yoshi is still alive. Yoshi tells Kamek that Queen Jaydes let himself out of the Underwhere. Yoshi then starts a battle with Kamek. Yoshi wins, and Kamek retreats further into the castle. Yoshi revives the heroes and they all follow Kamek. On the way up, the heroes are interuppted by Jr. Troopa, who battles the heroes, and loses. The Koopa Bros fall from the ceiling to attack the heroes. The Koopa Bros lose, and fall in a dungeon. Proto Boshi and Mega Rex crash through the wall and attack the heroes. Proto Boshi and Mega Rex lose, and say they need training, and teleport somewhere. There is a door which is optional to enter, going in the door triggers a boss battle with Nabbit, then Bowyer, the Big Lantern Ghost and finally, Jinx. While going up the castle, there is six doors, and the sixth requires five keys. The heroes enter the first door, where they time travel back and have to fight Bowletta and Cackletta's Soul (with only Mario and Luigi). The heroes defeat her and get the first key. The heroes return to the Castle, and enter the next door, which time travels them back to the battle with Princess Shroob and Elder Princess Shroob (with all heroes) . The heroes win, get the second key and return to the castle. The heroes enter the next door and time travel back to battle Dark Bowser and Dark Star Core (Bowser for Dark Bowser, Yoshi for Dark Star Core). The heroes win, get the third key, and return to the castle. When they return, Boshi's gang, reunited, is there waiting for the heroes to return. Boshi's Gang battles the heroes, but lose, and retreat into the fourth door. The heroes follow Boshi's Gang, and time travel back to battle Dreamy Bowser (with Mario and Luigi). Once Dreamy Bowser is defeated, Boshi's Gang returns to the castle, and the bros. get the fourth key. When they return, Croco and Rexy fall off the balcony of the stairs, while Boshi is nowhere to be found. The heroes enter the fifth door and time travel back to fight alternate Papercraft Bowser (with Yoshi and Bowser). The heroes win, and return to the castle. When they get back, the Yoshi Bandits are there, and battle the heroes. The heroes win, knocking Rosti, King, and Shadshi off the balcony. When they open the sixth door, using all the keys, a blue blur runs past them, and up the stairs. When the heroes walk up the stairs, King Yo'ster falls from the ceiling, as a cyborg. King Yo'ster battles the heroes, but loses, and breaks the wall, and flies away. The heroes reach eight doors. The heroes go through each door in order, and fight every Paper Mario 64 partner (because they're brainwashed). After every partner is un-brainwashed, a Staircase appears, and the heroes climb up it. Kammy Koopa is there, and attacks the heroes. Kammy is defeated and un-brainwashed by the heroes, she flies back to Bowser's Castle to repair it. Doopliss and Dooplighast teleport to the heroes to finish them once and for all. Doopliss and Dooplighast fail, and are kicked back to Creepy Steeple. Popple and Fawful run down the stairs, scared of something, but when they see the heroes, they get furious. Fawful transforms into Dark Fawful, and Popple transforms into Extreme Popple. They battle the heroes, but lose, and Popple and Fawful fall out of the castle, and fall in the lava pool. They continue up the stairs, where there is a bridge leading to Kamella's airship, and the heroes go to the airship to destroy Kamella. The heroes get to the center of the ship, where Kamella was waiting. She battles the heroes and loses. The heroes leave her there, and get to the other tower, where Kamek is. Bowser lights the airship on fire, with Kamella in it. The heroes arrive at the top of the tower, where Kamek has Peach. The heroes battle Kamek. Kamek has four phases, the final phase is Giant Kamek. The heroes win and rescue Peach. Bowser charges up a fire ball, the shoots it at Kamek. Kamek dies and goes to the Underwhere. Bowser then goes to kidnap Peach, and battles Mario, Luigi and Yoshi, but loses. Bowser calls upon his Koopa Clown Car to take him back to his castle.

Wii U Edition

If you are playing the Wii U edition, there is a bonus boss. After Bowser returned to his castle, a Yoshi teleports to the top of Peach's Castle. His name is Plasma, and he has come to the Mushroom Kingdom to destroy the Heroes. His boss battle is extremely hard, but can be defeated.


During the credits, pictures show Daisy's Castle being repaired by Mouser, Tryclyde, Fry Guy, many Beezos and Phantos. Peach's Castle being fixed by toads. Bowser's Castle being fixed by the Koopa Troop. Kamella, Kamek, Popple, Fawful, Dimentio, Diments, Thunderfoot, King Bully, all the Underwhere bosses, Macho Tubba Blubba, King Bob-omb, Blizzard Metaboss, Petey Pirahna, King Blargg, Arojoj, Jr. Troopa, King Wiggler, Skrill, Chief Guy, Pharohtroopa, Red and Blue Goomba and Goomboss being harassed by Queen Jaydes(in 5 separate panels). Bowyer and Geno fighting. The Master training Jinx, Chan, Lee, Proto Boshi and Mega Rex. Nabbit trying to take Toadsworth's cane. Big Lantern Ghost and Watt spelunking. Yoshi and all the other yoshis having a party. Puff'n meeting Huff'n Puff'n. Boshi's Gang Running around Pleasant Path. The Yoshi Bandits robbing the Wario bros. Z getting chased by a Tyrannoyoshi. Doopliss and Dooplighast in a play with Flurrie. Plasma trying to blast the Elite trio. Bowser with Bowser Jr. planning an attack on Peach's Castle. Mallow dubbing Puff'n a knight. Sarah and her village having a festival. The Galoombas jumping off the tower into a pool. The Koopa Bros trying to get out of the dungeon. General Guy leading his troops into battle. YoshiPM and the other glory pit battlers on the arena. At the end, Boshi's Gang, the clone heroes, the Elite trio, Bowser, Jr. Bowser, Daisy, Peach, Dr. Toadley's assistant, Yoshi, Toadsworth, Sarah, Mario and Luigi having a party at Peach's Castle, and above the castle, some fireworks saying The End.

Fawful's Backstory

Some of you may be wondering why Fawful is back after being killed in BIS. Well, here's why and how he's back. As shown in Super Paper Mario, all characters in Mario games who die go to the underwhere. After Fawful died, he went to the underwhere. Fawful was very popular with everyone there, even the D-men. Fawful then started a revolution against Queen Jaydes, forcing her to transport Fawful, and other selected characters back to the overworld. When he arrived, everyone he traveled with were scattered. Fawful was thrown into an oasis in Dusty Dunes. When he woke up, he couldn't remember anything, except that a mysterious power is buried under toad town. Fawful was found by Popple, who turned Fawful into his newest "Rookie". After 3 defeats, Fawful and Popple stole the Dark Star, and used it against the heroes. After that, Fawful and Popple were sent to the underwhere, where they are currently plotting their revenge. Also, Fawful is AWESOME!













Bowser MLYS
Bowser (1)
Prelude Peach's Castle (tutorial) 25 1 30 12 9 0
The notorious goomba brothers
Red and Blue Goomba
Chapter 1 Goomboss Castle 50 (each) 10 35 28 14 50
Goomboss MLYS
Chapter 1 Goomboss Castle 160 11 40 32 17 100
Jr.Troopa MLYS
Jr.Troopa (1)**
Chapter 1 Pleasant Path 146 9 45 37 20 123
Fawful and Popple MLYS
Fawful and Popple
Chapter 2 Wiggler Ruins 201 (Popple) 224 (Fawful) 10 (Popple) 11 (Fawful) 45 (Popple) 48 (Fawful) 38 (Popple) 36 (Fawful) 25 (Popple) 23 (Fawful) 150
Wiggler King MLYS
Wiggler King
Chapter 2 Wiggler Ruins 346 15 53 40 27 180
Mecha Troopa
Chapter 2 Wiggler Ruins (roof) 320 17 55 36 28 200
Dimentio MLYS
Chapter 2 Jungle Labyrinth 333 14 52 35 35 200
Kamek MLYS
Chapter 3 Peach's Castle 435 15 54 39 37 250
Wisdurm MLYS
Chapter 3 Demented Castle 402 4 55 33 36 240
Dimentio MLYS
Chapter 3 Demented Castle 456 20 58 39 39 250
Boshi MLYS
Chapter 3 Mt. Yo'ster 395 18 54 36 40 240
Chief Guy MLYS
Chief Guy
Chapter 3 Yo'ster Sphinx 433 24 56 37 38 250
Dark Trio MLYS
Dark Trio (Dark Bowser, Mr. L and Shadow Mario clone)
Chapter 3 Bowser's Castle 370 (Dark Bowser Clone) 350 (Mr. L Clone) 335 (Shadow Mario Clone) 20 (each) 59 (Dark Bowser Clone) 53 (Mr. L Clone) 59 (Shadow Mario Clone) 40 (Dark Bowser Clone) 37 (Mr. L Clone) 39 (Shadow Mario Clone) 26 (Dark Bowser Clone) 47 (Mr. L Clone) 36 (Shadow Mario Clone) 240
The Elite Trio MLYS
The Elite Trio
Chapter 3 Bowser's Castle 375 (each) 23 (each) 56 (Goomp) 59 (Paraplonk) 58 (Guy) 41 (Goomp) 39 (Paraplonk) 39 (Guy) 38 (Goomp) 43 (Paraplonk) 36 (Guy) 250
Chapter 4 Daisy's Castle (Basement) 540 16 60 42 42 275
Boshi MLYS
Chapter 4 Daisy's Castle (Basement) 620 22 61 40 46 290
Fawful and Popple MLYS
Fawful and Popple
Chapter 4 Daisy's Castle (Basement) 400 (each) 30 (Fawful) 29 (Popple) 62 (Fawful) 60 (Popple) 40 (Fawful) 42 (Popple) 46 (Fawful) 47 (Popple) 300
Doopliss and Dooplighast MLYS
Doopliss and Dooplighast
Chapter 4 Creepy Steeple 600 (Doopliss) 575 (Dooplighast) 18 (Doopliss) 20 (Dooplighast) 64 (Doopliss) 63 (Dooplighast) 43 (Doopliss) 45 (Dooplighast) 45 (Doopliss) 49 (Dooplighast) 340
General Guy, Skrill and Chief Guy MLYS
General Guy, Skrill and Chief Guy
Chapter 5 Idiosyncratic Island (Baddie Beach Border) 550 (each) 30 (each) 63 (General) 65 (Skrill) 65 (Chief) 47 (General) 43 (Skrill) 45 (Chief) 43 (General) 50 (Skrill) 41 (Chief) 350
King Bob-omb MLYS
King Bob-omb
Chapter 5 Mt. Bob-omb (Fortress) 1250 28 69 47 39 450
King Blaarg MLYS
King Blaarg
Chapter 5 Mt. Bob-omb 1400 31 72 44 42 500
Petey Piranha MLYS
Petey Piranha (phase 1)
Chapter 5 Mt. Bob-omb Summit 1000 33 71 43 41 0
Petey Pirahna x Lava Pirahna MLYS
Petey Piranha (phase 2)
Chapter 5 Mt. Bob-omb Summit 1100 35 75 46 44 1000
Shadow and Sarah MLYS
Shadow the Quick and Shadow Sarah
Chapter 5 Mt. Bob-omb Summit 600 (Shadow the Quick) 300 (Sarah) 30 (Shadow the Quick) 36 (Sarah) 73 (Shadow the Quick) 68 (Sarah) 43 (Shadow the Quick) 39 (Sarah) 47 (Shadow the Quick) 39 (Sarah) 500 (Shadow the Quick) 250 (Sarah)
Arojoj's Enemy MLYS
Arojoj's Enemy
Chapter 6 Joke's Beginning Maze 1111 33 77 44 44 555
Chapter 6 Joke's Beginning Main Room 1300 33 80 46 46 700

Special Attacks

Bros. Attacks

The Bros. attacks in this game are the same as in PiT, where you must buy Bros. Items instead of using SP.





Mario and luigi yoshi's story red shell
Red Shell*
One of the brothers kicks the red shell at an enemy. It rebounds off the enemy and the brother who didn't yet kick the shell kicks the shell back at the enemy and so on. The red shell can be kicked a total of 20 times before it breaks. If there is two enemies, and one is killed by a red shell that has not broken yet, the shell will move on to the next enemy. All shops and question blocks (Toadsworth gives you 4). 7 coins
Bros. Flower ML YS
Bros. Flower
Both brothers toss fireballs at multiple enemies. The player should press the button of the brother when the big fireball is on the brother's hand. This item can cause a burn status to enemies and can be used against aerial enemies. All shops and question blocks (after Chapter 1). 15 coins
Cannonballer MLYS
In this game, Cannonballer is altered to be more like trampolines. All brothers jump inside a cannon, which launches them into the top screen. A random order of the brothers can be seen as they land, and players should press the corresponding button in order to deal more damage to an enemy. All shops and question blocks (after Chapter 1). 30 coins
Bomb cherry MLYS
Bob-omb Blitz
A brother must throw all the bob-ombs at the other brother so he can hit them at the enemies. There is a total of 10 bombs, and if the brother does not throw the bombs fast enough, they will explode and hurt both brothers, resulting in failing the attack. This attack is risky, but is a powerhouse. All shops and question blocks (after chapter 2). 31 coins
Smash egg MLYS
Smash Eggs
A brother kicks the egg to an enemy. As it flies in the air, the player must hold the corresponding button to let a brother build up energy to kick the egg at the enemy. When released with correct timing, the brother kicks the egg at the enemy. The process repeats back and forth until either the egg cracks or when the enemy is defeated. When the egg cracks, a possible free item can result out of it. The brothers can also jump and hit the egg to make it fall faster to deal more damage to the enemy. All shops and question blocks (after chapter 3) 31 coins
Spin pipe MLYS
Spin Pipe
When using this attack, Mario and Luigi stand on top of each other, after which a giant pipe falls on them. The player has to remember where each brother is. After that, the pipe starts rotating and after a while it falls on selected enemy. The player has to press the corresponding brother button depending on which brother's side it falls. If successful, the attack continues; otherwise it will fail. If the selected enemy is defeated, the attack will then switch to the next enemy. As the brothers land more and more hits, the pipe will begin to spin more erratically, making it harder to keep track of which brother is at which end. All shops and question blocks (after chapter 4). 40 coins
Hammer Havoc MLYS
Hammer Havoc
Both brothers toss hammers at multiple enemies. The player should spam the button of the brother when the hammer is on that brother's hand. Both brothers toss hammers at the end of the attack. This item can cause a dizzy status to enemies. All shops and question blocks (after chapter 5). 41 coins
Chain Chomp Romp MLYS
Chain Chomp Romp
The brothers unleash a chain chomp, who chases after them. The brothers jump on the heads of the enemies before the chomp comes and hits the enemy. If the brothers manage to get up to "Great", the chomp will start poisoning enemies. If the brothers are caught by the chomp, the attack is failed. All shops and question blocks (after chapter 6). 51 coins
Ice flower MLYS
Ice Flower
Identical to the Bros. Flower, except the brothers toss iceballs instead of fireballs. The only difference is that this item can randomly lower the enemies' Attack, Defense, and/or Speed and it's attack is lower. All shops and question blocks (after chapter 7) 30 coins
Yoo Who MLYS
Yoo Who Cannon
When using this attack, Mario and Luigi will briefly appear in eight barrels on screen; the player has to remember where they are. After a barrel rises, the player has to press the A Button or B Button button, depending on which brother was sitting there but, the player has to press that button before the fuse reaches the barrel to damage the enemy. If the wrong button is pressed or if the player takes too long, the other barrels will be destroyed, and it will do less damage. All shops and question blocks (after chapter 8) 31 coins
Doop Sheet MLYS
Doop Sheet Slash
Duplicate the attacks of the opponents. The brother who did not select the Doop Sheet Slash must prepare the other brother for the attack. For ex. Luigi throws Mario in the air while duplicating a Lakitu. The player must push the specific button that appears on screen in order to complete this attack. Formed by collecting all 20 Doop Sheets (after formed, it is unlimited, so the brothers do not need to buy more). N/A
Mix Flower MLYS
Mix Flower
Similar to the Bros. Flower, the player should press the button of the corresponding brother to build a giant fireball and keep it up in order to deal more damage. The bigger the fireball, the more damage it causes. After some period of time, when the player cannot keep up with the speeding up process, the fireball falls and deals damage to all opponents. All shops and question blocks (after chapter 9) 51 coins
Magic Window MLYS
Magic Window
When using this special technique, Mario and Luigi jump into a window, which teleports them close to a random opponent. The windows will appear at different orientations depending on which enemy is the target. As Mario or Luigi jump out of the window, the player has to decide which button to press: A Button, B Button, or both of them. All shops and question blocks (after chapter 9) 51 coins
Mega Mushroom Mania
Mega Mushroom Mania
The specific brother who chose this attack will lay down on the ground with his mouth open. The other brother must feed the one laying down multiple Mega Mushrooms. The player must press the brother's corresponding button in order to feed the other brother. The player has five seconds to feed the brother the Mega Mushrooms. If fed over ten Mega Mushrooms, the brother who was fed will grow to and enormous size and crush all enemies, dosing out tons of damage. All shops and question blocks (after chapter 9) 51 coins

Yoshi and Bowser Attacks





Goomba missile
Goomba Missile
The player must tap the goombas on-screen with the stylus to light them on fire. Bowser then throws them in Yoshi's mouth. The player must then push the Y button to fire all goomba missiles at enemies. Goomboss Fortress 3
Koopa clobber
Koopa Clobber
Bowser and Yoshi hold a rope which extends when pulled back by the stylus. There are six koopas which are in their shells. They each go in front of the rope, and the player must pull the rope backwards to slingshot the Koopas at enemies. Wiggler Ruins 4
Shy Guy Supremacy
Shy Guy Supremacy
Shy guys and fly guys are summoned. Press the corresponding button to the button shown on screen. After all Shy/Fly guy's buttons are pushed, Yoshi and Bowser will light them on fire, and the shy/fly guys will run/fly into the enemies. This attack can cause the burn effect. half in the demented ruins, the other half in the Yo'ster Sphinx 7
Bashful Boos
Bashful Boos
The player must rub all the boos with the stylus until they turn white, Yoshi will then convert them into eggs and throw them at the enemies. The player must push the corresponding button that appears onscreen when the boos hit the enemies. Creepy Steeple 9
Mole Monty
Mole Monty
TBA Idiosyncratic Island 13
Yoshi MLYS
Yoshi Stampede
TBA Joke's Beginning 15
Spear Toss MLYS
Spear Toss
TBA Alpha Beach 17


Boss Battle theme Shadoo transformation theme Pleasant Path theme Yo'ster Sphinx theme

Mid-Boss Battle theme Shadoo battle theme Jungle Labyrinth theme Bowser/Kamek's Castle theme

Popple and Fawful theme Super Dimentio theme Demented Ruins theme Daisy's Castle theme

Final Popple and Fawful theme Kamella Battle theme Yoshi's island theme Creepy Steeple theme

Doopliss and Dooplighast theme Airship Theme Yo'ster Mountain theme Daisy's Castle Basement theme

Idiosyncratic Island theme Goomboss Castle theme Mt. Bob-omb theme Mt. Bob-omb Fortress theme

Mt. Bob-omb Summit themeJoke's Beginning themeShadow Figures (1-3) themeShadow Figures (3-6) theme

Shadow Figures (7) theme Dusty Dunes theme X Bosses theme Toad Town theme Kamek Battle theme

Plasma Battle theme


All credit for sprites Must go to the rightful creators/rippers/owners

-Morton Koopa sprite custom made by Ridge Troopa

-Larry Koopa sprite custom made by Ridge Troopa

-Lemmy Koopa sprite custom made by Ridge Troopa

-Iggy Koopa sprite custom made by Ridge Troopa

-Koopa Bros sprites made by Zakaraisan with help from Ridge Troopa, CyberWolfJV and A.J. Nitro

-Dry Bones sprites custom made by Ridge Troopa

-Kammy Koopa sprites made by Croshi, Mageker, megamario1234 and Ridge Troopa

-Bowser sprites ripped by Ninboy123 and BrawlFan1, and credit to Nintendo