This is a game for the next handheld Nintendo console. Because of this it does not have a set release date. The game is about three continents at war. It focuses on air travel.

Important Data

Playable: Mario, Luigi, Princess Daisy, Roy Koopa.

Supporting: Toadiko, Stuffwell, Marty Mole, Popple, Proprieters of the Countries of Kangaroo Continent (PCKC), Proprieters of the Countries of Mushroom Continent (PCMC).

Kidnapped: Princess Peach, Mario, Prince of Yoshis.

Villains: Bowletta, Prprieters of the Countries of Fungi Continent (PCFC).


Mushroom Continent

Mushroom Kingdom: Bowser's Castle, Hollijolli Village.

Beanbean Kingdom: Beanbean Castle & Town, Chucklehuck Woods.

Kangaroo Continent

Kangy Land: King Hoppin's Castle, Hazelnut Haze.

Riceland: Potato Castle, Roast Coast.

Fungi Continent

Fig Newland: Strawberry Palace, Watermelon Road.

Littlefungi Kingdom: Little Fungiplace, Woods Watching.

Looland: Beanplace Palace, Big Bean.

Triceton: Trice Temple, Pink Terror.


Islands (only mentioned, cannot go to these)

Dile Islands

The Drynands Items: Mushroom, 1-up Mushroom, Mushroom Drop, Pork Chop, 1-up Chop, Refresh Herb, Nut Shell, Toxic Drop, Mini Mr. Mini.

Attack Items: Red Shell, Fire Flower, Scoot Cannon, Grunt Can, Frost Flower, Poison Purse, Mix Flower, Crazy Clover, Rainbow Medley.Peanut Stuffers Co. (talk) 17:03, October 26, 2013 (UTC)Colin

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