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Developer(s) OuterInc.SmallLogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) 100px
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2012
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2012
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2012
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2012
1 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included VRWare

Mario & Luigi: Virtual Quest is an upcoming game by Outer Inc. for the VRWare.


Mario and Luigi got an invitation from Princess Peach to come to her castle for a party. When they arrive, Peach is nowhere to be seen. When Mario and Luigi go to the stairs, a girl in a red dress comes out, and all the guests become Koopa Troopas. The red figure introduces herself as Shamrock, and reveals she is in control of the Koopa Troop. The Koopas attack Mario and Luigi. After the battle, the Bros. chase Shamrock into the castle tower. Then, they fight her. Shamrock defeats them and gets two Fire Bros. to take them to the secret prison under the castle. Mario and Luigi wake up and se they are in a Jail Cell. They then see a crack in the wall. They near it and hear a noise. The Bros. thern use their hammers to break the wall and discover Bowser in the cell. Bowser reveals that Shamrock had defeated him with a strange flash. Then, he found himself here. Bowser then joins the Bros. to defeat Shamrock. Spine comes in to see what all the noise was. The Bros. and Bowser defeat Spine and escape through the open door. When they reach the doors to the castle, three Headbonk Goombas ambush them. Mario, Luigi, and Bowser reach the foyer, and escape through the palace doors. When they reach Toad Town, they bumb into Toad who is scared of Bowser. When the Bros. explain what is going on, Toad says he saw a something weird in Valahala. The Bros. and Bowser set off to Valahala. They have to go through Goomba Valley to get there. After going through Goomba Valley, they come across a road block, a Sledge Bro.. After defeating the Sledge Bro., they enter Valahala. They enter the Valahala Cave, ad find a weird red stone shaped like a crescent moon. They continue through the cave. Once they reach the end, they fall through a pit. They land in the dreaded part of Valahala, the Valahala Pits. The venture through the pits and reach the end, where they meet a Vampire Hammer Bro., called Vampyro. He flies out of the entrance way above. The Bros. and Bowser see an imprint in the wall shaped exactly like the stone they found. They place in the stone and stairs pop out of the rock, leading out of the Pits. They go up and find themselves and the base of the Valahala Volcano. They climb the Volcano and reach the top where Vampyro is standing with a strange machine. He says that the machine is controlling the volcano and can make it erupt whenever he wants. The Bros. fight Vampyro and win, and they shut the machine down. They head back to Toad Town. Toadsworth informs them that Virtual Mario is back and has snatched some of the Toad Town residents and has taken them into a virtual game. He brings them to his hut and hooks them up to a Virtual Reality machine. The machine takes them to Virtual Mario's hideout, Virtualand.



Image Name HP Coins Dropped EXP Fought
ShamrockM&LVQ Shamrock Infinite 0 0 Princess Peach's Castle
SpineM&LVQ Spine 100 0 50 Koopa Dungeons
Vampyro Vampyro 210 0 52 Valahala Volcano
VirtualMarioM&LVQ Virtual Mario 380 50 83 Virtualand
HelikingM&LVQ Heliking 450 0 150 Heli-Heli Mountain


Image Name HP Coins Dropped EXP First Fought
GoombaM&LR Goomba 10 2 1 Goomba Valley
GrandGoombaM&LVQ Grand Goomba 20 2 2 Goomba Valley
ParagoombaM&LR Paragoomba 10 3 1 Goomba Valley
SpikedGoombaM&LR Spiky Goomba 14 3 2 Goomba Valley
GloombaM&LVQ Gloomba 12 2 2 Goomba Valley Underground
GuGoombaM&LVQ GuGoomba 15 4 5 Mushroom Way
ChibiboM&LVQ Chibibo 6 1 0 Mushroom Way
HeadbonkGoombaM&LVQ Headbonk Goomba 30 5 8 Koopa Dungeons
Heligoomba Heligoomba 20 2 5 Heli-Heli Mountain
SplunkinM&LVQ Splunkin 20 4 4 Haunted Tower
FlurryM&LVQ Flurry 14 2 2 Mushroom Glacier
KoopaM&LVQ Koopa Troopa 12 2 1 Princess Peach's Castle
ParatroopaM&LVQ Paratroopa 12 2 2 Mushroom Way
DarkKoopaM&LVQ Dark Koopa 18 4 4 Koopa Dungeons
MadKoopaM&LVQ Mad Koopa 30 4 2 Haunted Tower
NokobonKoopaM&LVQ Booma Troopa 40 6 10 Brick-Break Meadow
KoopaStrikerM&LVQ Koopa Striker 17 1 5 Ospearow Beach
DryBonesM&LVQ Dry Bones 5 0 2 Dry Dry Desert
DullBonesM&LVQ Dull Bones 2 1 1 Dry Dry Ruins
RedBonesM&LVQ Red Bones 15 5 5 Bowser's Castle
PoisonBonesM&LVQ Poison Bones 20 6 8 Valahala Cave
HammerBro.M&LVQ Hammer Bro. 24 4 3 Valahala Cave
FireBro.M&LVQ Fire Bro. 24 4 4 Valahala Pits
BoomerangBro.M$LVQ Boomerang Bro. 25 4 6 Haunted Tower
IceBro.M&LVQ Ice Bro. 24 3 3 Mushroom Glacier
ThunderBro.M&LVQ Thunder Bro. 24 5 5 Mushroom Way
Sumo Sumo Bro. 40 6 10 Mushroom Way
KoopatrolM&LVQ Koopatrol 35 6 10 Haunted Tower
MagikoopaM&LVQ Magikoopa 18 3 2 Mount Ospera
ToadyM&LVQ Toady 11 1 4 Bowser's Castle
LakituM&LVQ Lakitu 10 2 2 Mushroom Way
PipeLakituM&LVQ Pipe Lakitu 10 3 4 Goomba Valley
ThunderLakituM&LVQ Thunder Lakitu 20 6 10 Valahala Pits
Fishin'BooM&LVQ Fishin' Boo 70 10 20 Wonder-less Island
SpinyM&LVQ Spiny 30 5 4 Goomba Valley
Pipe-SpinyM&LVQ Pipe-Spiny 60 10 8 Goomba Valley Underground
BuzzyBeetleM&LVQ Buzzy Beetle 20 4 5 Valahala Cave
ParabuzzyM&LVQ Parabuzzy 20 4 6 Valahala Cava
BusterBeetleM&LVQ Buster Beetle 30 4 8 Brick-Break Meadow
NokoBombetteM&LVQ Boom Beetle 15 2 2 Bowser's Castle
Chargin'ChuckM&LVQ Chargin' Chuck 30 2 5 Valahala Cave
Mecha-KoopaM&LVQ Mecha-Koopa 18 3 7 Airship
BooM&LVQ Boo 9 2 2 Yoshi's Island
DarkBooM&LVQ Dark Boo 18 5 6 Haunted Tower
PinkBooM&LVQ Pink Boo 15 3 4 Airship
EerieM&LVQ Eerie 14 2 3 Haunted Tower
Bob-OmbM&LVQ Bob-Omb 15 3 4 Bowser's Castle
ChuckyaM&LVQ Chuckya 80 15 17 Wonder-less Island
PiranhaPlantM&LVQ Piranha Plant 28 2 2 Wonder-less Island
NipperM&LVQ Nipper 20 2 3 Valahala Volcano
ShyGuyM&LVQ Shy Guy 16 4 3 Yoshi's Island
SpearGuyM&LVQ Spear Guy 18 4 4 Yoshi's Island
FlyGuyM&LVQ Fly Guy 16 4 4 Yoshi's Island
BeezoM&LVQ Beezo 20 5 4 Mushroom Way
HammerGuyM&LVQ Hammer Guy 30 7 8 Airship
SnifitM&LVQ Snifit 22 4 6 Dry Dry Desert
SniflyM&LVQ Snifly 22 3 7 Wonder-less Island
PhantoM&LVQ Phanto 42 7 2 Wonder-less Island
Cheep-CheepM&LVQ Cheep-Cheep 10 2 3 Ospearow Ocean
Deep-CheepM&LVQ Deep-Cheep 18 4 6 Ospearow Ocean
Cheep-Cheep School Cheep-Cheep School 5 (each) 4 4 Ospearow Ocean
BlooperM&LVQ Blooper 12 3 2 Ospearow Ocean
BlooP-OWM&LVQ BlooP-OW 30 8 8 Wonder-less Island
CooliganM&LVQ Cooligan 10 4 5 Mushroom Glacier
Mr.BlizzardM&LVQ Mr. Blizzard 45 6 10 Mushroom Glacier
Mr.IM&LVQ Mr. I 15 2 3 Haunted Tower
PokeyM&LVQ Pokey 15 4 2 Dry Dry Desert
PokeySproutM&LVQ Pokey Sprout 4 0 0 Dry Dry Desert
PoisonPokeyM&LVQ Poison Pokey 20 4 4 Dry Dry Ruins
ChainChompM&LVQ Chain Chomp 30 6 10 Valahala Cave
MontyMoleM&LVQ Monty Mole 13 3 2 Heli-Heli Mountain
Fang Fang 8 3 2 Mount Ospera
SwooperM&LVQ Swooper 12 2 2 Haunted Tower
FwooshM&LVQ Fwoosh 10 10 9 Gust-Dust Swamp
UnknownEnemieM&LVQ Squiddy 30 6 5 Titania's Galaxy
ThwompM&LVQ Thwomp 130 0 80 Bowser's Castle
WigglerM&LVQ Wiggler 40 5 5 Mount Ospera



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