Mario & Luigi: Two Worlds Collide or M&L: TWC, is the next installment in the Mario & Luigi series for the 3DS.


There are three stories to play in the game. A Mario story and Sonic story, each with a unique story and bosses. The third story is the final story that connects the two other stories together.

Mario & Luigi story:

The story starts out with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi going out for a walk. It then cuts, to Dr. Eggman finishing up a bomb that will send sonic to another universe. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles break in, Eggman tosses the bomb at sonic, thinking it would only suck sonic in. It rather sucks everyone inside. While, the mario crew is going for a walk, Sonic and Tails land infront of them. Peach shreks and asks mario and luigi to get rid of it. Mario brings out his hammer ready to crush sonic, but tails stops him. Yoshi then sucks tails and into his mouth and spits him out. Sonic and Tails are furious and a boss battle starts againist the two furries. It is the same as bowser battles from previous games, teaching the player the basics. After the two are defeated, sonic picks up tails and runs off. Mario and Luigi hop on yoshi and chase after them. A mini-game then starts were the player must dodge rocks, trees, bushes, and other objects on the road. more info soon.


Sonic and Tails

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