The heroes see Headflower flying to the prison. They remember that with headflower, the shadow guardians con transform into Blafadoomakaigex AKA The Shadow Guardian. The heroes run to the prison to stop it, but they are too late. The Shadow Guardian gathered all the guards up and then shot them all. Warden Wiggler runs to stop him, but is knocked aside. The heroes run in to stop the Shadow Guardian, but he jumps back over to Toad Town and starts causing havoc. The heroes travel to Toad Town, but Mario and Luigi are knocked into Peach's Castle, leaving Yoshi to deal with The Shadow Guardian. Yoshi goes to fight him but Starlit, one of Twilit's minions offers to battle Yoshi. Yoshi battles and defeats Starlit and then goes to attack The Shadow Guardian, but is knocked aside by Sagaz. Sagaz teleports The Shadow Guardian away, the teleports himself away. Yoshi meets back up with the brothers and tells them that The Shadow Guardian got away.

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