The heroes are hearing vague reports of a figure in a scarf attempting to break the Shadow Guardians out of jail. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi think it is either Sagaz or Proto Boshi. The heroes start investigating at Wiggler State Penitentiary and find out from Fawful that Sagaz was trying to break them out. Fawful tells the heroes that Sagaz most likely went back to the Shadow Castle. The heroes start investigating there and find Sagaz's Journal. They read it and find out that at night, Sagaz is going to strike Cyprus Town. When night falls, the heroes stake out Cyprus Town and find Sagaz stealing the Shadow Star from the Cyprian Museum. The heroes confront him, but Sagaz says he has better things to do and calls in one of his minions, Starlight. The heroes battle and defeat Starlight, but Sagaz got away with the Shadow Star.

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