Mario, Luigi and Yoshi go to the prison and talk to Warden Wiggler. Warden Wiggler tells the heroes that Gloomax has escaped. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are asked to find him. The heroes ask around the Mushroom Kingdom and find evidence that Gloomax went into Shayde Thicket. The heroes arrive at the deepest part of the thicket and find multiple trees blocking the path. Mario tunnels Luigi underground and Luigi pops out of the ground and hits a button with his hammer. The trees catch fire and the heroes continue into the thicket. The heroes find Gloomax tied to a tree. Mario goes to untie him, but a figure runs in front and guards Gloomax. The Figure Introduces himself as a minion of Twilit, named Darkus. The heroes battle and defeat Darkus and untie Gloomax. Gloomax is about to fight the Mario Bros., but Yoshi eats him and converts him into an egg. The heroes return Gloomax and are rewarded with 10000 coins.

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