Mario, Luigi and Yoshi have tracked down Twilit and have found out where his lair is. The heroes travel past the Cauldron Creek border and enter Twilight Town. The heroes ask around town and and find a hidden passage under a dresser. Under the dresser is Twilit's Lair. The heroes look around and find many pictures of the constellations. The heroes find Twilit, but he reveals that he has captured Shrooz and uses his Technomagic on Shrooz. Shrooz can't control his body and he shoots the lair ceiling, making it cave in on the heroes. The heroes use thier hammers and break the rocks that caved them in. Twilit sees the heroes come in and tells them he has a meeting with destiny and is about to fly away but is knocked on the head by Yoshi's hammer. Shrooz then battles the heroes. Shrooz loses and has control of his body again. Shrooz then hands Yoshi a mirror and tells Yoshi to use it on Twilit. Twilit wakes up and tries to attack the heroes, but Yoshi uses the mirror on Twilit and Twilit is captured in the mirror. Shrooz then punches the mirror and it is fractured. Shrooz tells the heroes that Twilit is captures there for eternity and they decide to bring the mirror to the Cyprian Museum.

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