Mario, Luigi and Yoshi go to the prison to talk to Fawful. Fawful says he craves food and that he wants falafels. Fawful tells the heroes that if they help him, he'd give them sweet stuff. The heroes agree to and ask around Cyprus Town about Falafels. A Cyprian agrees to give the heroes some Falafels if he gets a model train. The heroes find a doctor who agrees to give the heroes a model train if he gets a new stethoscope. The heroes go to a variety store and one of the employees there has a stethoscope, but he wants a new sword. The heroes go down a back alley and find a character with a sword, but the Mario, Luigi and Yoshi realize that the character is Sagaz and he battles the heroes. Sagaz loses and drops the sword. The heroes give all the stuff to everybody and get the Falafels. The heroes give Fawful some Falafels and in return, Fawful gives Yoshi Petal Boots and gives Mario and Luigi Flower POW Gloves.

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