The heroes are hearing rumors of a mysterious cloaked figure stealing priceless artifacts. The heroes know where Spectre was dropped off; in Cauldron Creek. The heroes start looking there and find Gavro and Seth laying on the ground. The heroes later find Zapper and Sheer hanging from a tree, but yet no Spectre. The heroes then find Spectre, but his cloak is missing. The heroes continue deeper, but then are confronted by Zapper, Gavro, Seth and Sheer. They are all knocked aside, however, by Spectre with his cloak. Just then, a character named Scourge flies in and gets mad that his new "mercenaries" were defeated. Scourge says that it won't matter though and instead hypnotizes Spectre and Spectre attacks the heroes. The heroes defeat Spectre and Scourge gets mad, but cuts his losses short and teleports away. The heroes capture the Spectral Assassins and take them to jail. In their pockets, the heroes found 1000 coins.

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