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Mario & Luigi: The Shadow Saga
Developer(s) AlphaDream
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
Fall 2017
Single Player
Genre(s) RPG, Action, Adventure
Series Mario & Luigi series
Predecessor Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Mario & Luigi: The Shadow Saga (Mario and Luigi RPG 6!!! Alternate Route in Japan, and Mario and Luigi: The Shadow Legends in Australia and Europe) is a upcoming role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch and Wii U, this game is an parallel to Mario & Luigi: Yoshi's Story, like how LoZ: TP is parallel to LoZ: WW. This game will be developed by Intelligent Systems and Alphadream, Square Enix and Nixus.


First Screenshot MLTSS

Bowser attacking Toad Town

The Story starts off with Toad Town being attacked by Bowser and his minions. Mario is nowhere to be seen, so Luigi and Yoshi must substitute for him. Luigi and Yoshi start a battle with Bowser, but lose to his immense strength. Luigi and Yoshi are thrown to the ground by Bowser. Bowser charges up a spiky ball, aiming for Luigi and Yoshi, but Toadsworth distracts him. Instead of shooting Luigi and Yoshi, he shoots Toadsworth. When he looks back to shoot Luigi and Yoshi, they're gone. Bowser then advances to Peach's Castle, and blasts a gigantic hole in the wall, then flies inside the castle. Bowser shoots all the toad guards, and kidnaps Peach. After Bowser is over-top of his castle, he is knocked unconscious and his Koopa Clown Car plummets into his castle.

Meanwhile, back at Toad Town, Luigi and Yoshi come out of hiding and see all the damage Bowser caused. They're both tired, and go to Mario and Luigi's house to rest. When they wake up, they see Mario return from events in the Beanbean Kingdom. Mario asks Luigi why Toad Town is in ruins, and Luigi tells him that they were no match for Bowser, and Bowser destroyed the town and kidnapped the princess.
Treeckle battle MLTSS

Treeckle battling the heroes.

Mario is furious, and asks Luigi and Yoshi if they will accompany him on his quest. Yoshi and Luigi tell him that they will and they set off on their adventure. Luckily, for the trio, Bowser's Castle isn't too far away. The heroes trek through the Forgotten Forest. The heroes arrive at a tree with three slots. The sign next to it says "Bring the tree fruits, and you will be rewarded." But, in the heart of the forest, after getting all three tree fruits, Treeckle, the tree who they took the fruit from, comes to life, and attacks the heroes. The heroes beat Treeckle, who explodes. The heroes insert the three tree fruits into the slots, and open up a new path. The heroes arrive at an abandoned fortress, which blocks the path towards Bowser's Castle. They decide to enter the fortress.
Bros. Spin MLTSS+

The Koopas teaching the brothers the Bros. Spin move

Inside the fortress, there is a lot of puzzles for the heroes to solve, but they manage to get past all of them and get to the end of the fortress. But there's no back door, the heroes try to get out, whilst doing so, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi find hammers. The heroes then find a button, which Mario hits with his hammer. The button sounds an alert, and a large Bombrick, named Bombrixie, falls from the ceiling and attacks the heroes. The heroes defeat her and she runs into the back wall and explodes, creating a back door. The heroes exit the fortress and get to Koopa's Road. The heroes find Popple and Fawful trying to get across an abyss. The heroes startle them, making them jump into the abyss. The heroes find another route and go through it. There are some koopas who are practicing bros. moves. Mario asks the koopas if they will teach himself and Luigi that bros. move. The koopas agree to teach Mario and Luigi. The bros. learn the spin bros. move and now have the ability to spin over holes. The heroes go back to the abyss where Fawful and Popple have just finished climbing up the abyss. Popple gets really mad and he and Fawful attack the heroes. Fawful and Popple lose and fall back down the abyss again.

Magex battle MLTSS

The trio battling Magex

The bros. continue down Koopa's road, until Magex stops the heroes to fight. Magex is defeated and gets mad, so he casts a barrier around Bowser's Castle, and says "You're never getting in there, the reason? Because you'll never find the Shadow Star, that's why!". Magex then flies off into the distance. Mario wonders what the shadow star is, and wishes that he'd know what it is. Just then, Twink flies down and says that he'd heard Mario's wish, and that the shadow star is like the cobalt star, except filled with evil. The only way to find the Shadow Star, is to rip it from the owner's body. Yoshi asks twink where the Shadow Star currently is. Twink tells Yoshi that it's currently in Gloomax's possession. Gloomax is currently at Wiggler State Penitentiary, serving time for armed robbery. The heroes thank twink, and send him back to star haven. The heroes then go into gusty ravine. Bowser Jr. jumps out of hiding and attacks the heroes. He loses, and runs away, crying. The heroes continue up the road and see Boshi and the Wario Bros. robbing some beanish people. When the heroes are seen by the Wario Bros. and Boshi, they run in seperate directions. The heroes chase after the anti-heroes, but Boshi, Waluigi and Wario escape into an un-accessible area.

The heroes finally arrive at Wiggler State Penitentiary, there are no guards, so the heroes waltz right in. Many criminals try to grab the heroes to get them out. To access the next area, the heroes hit a switch with their hammers, which sounds an alarm and sets all the criminals free. Warden Wiggler crashes through the ceiling, and sees Mario's hammer stuck in the switch. Mario runs back and grabs his hammer, which makes Warden Wiggler attack the heroes. Warden Wiggler is defeated, but before he runs away, he tells the heroes that they've doomed the Mushroom Kingdom. The heroes travel through the jail, to find three corridors. One leads to the gym, the second leads to the cafeteria and the third leads to the showers. The three heroes split up and search each room. In the shower room, Yoshi finds Gloomax, who is embarrassed, and chases after Yoshi. The other heroes return with no luck, when Yoshi darts out of the showers, and meets up with Mario & Luigi. Gloomax comes, and starts a battle with the heroes. He is defeated, and Yoshi rips the Shadow Star off Gloomax's chest. Gloomax is furious, and hits the shadow star with his axe. The shadow star gets mad, and flies up into the sky, with the heroes and Gloomax clinging on to it. Gloomax says that if he can't have the star, then Yoshi can't either and Gloomax knocks Yoshi off. Gloomax's grip then slips, and only has the choice of hanging on to the Mario Bros.. Gloomax grabs Mario and Luigi, they attempt to get Gloomax off of each other, but end up making each other fall off. Gloomax jumps on their heads, and grabs the shadow star once again. The star now gets higher than the clouds, and explodes into 14 pieces, blowing Gloomax far away. Yoshi lands in the dim caverns, and Mario and Luigi land on the Koopa Cruiser.

Mario and Luigi awaken on the Koopa Cruiser, the intercom in the storage docs say that the Koopa Cruiser has just taken off by order of Kamek. Luigi looks out the window to see how high they are above ground, and passes out. Luigi wakes up and joins Mario. Mario and Luigi travel out of the storage docs, and they see a crate moving. They look inside and find Kyana Koopa, Kylie Koopa's daughter. Kyana screams, but then realizes that they are the Mario Bros. from Kylie's photos. Kyana introduces herself, and tells the brothers that she's Kylie Koopa's daughter. Kyana tells the brothers that she's out on a mission for her mom, saying that she has to do it while her mom is out looking for another scoop for "the boss". Kyana asks if she can tag along with the brothers until she finds the perfect scoop. Mario and Luigi agree to it, and continue through the Koopa Cruiser with Kyana tagging along. After traveling through a few rooms, Kyana is kidnapped by Enforcer Hammer Bro, who then sics Petey Piranha on the brothers. Petey is defeated, letting the brothers continue on. After traveling through the next half of the Koopa Cruiser, Mario and Luigi finally get to the control room, where Enforcer Hammer Bro has Kyana. Enforcer Hammer Bro leaves Kyana with two other hammer bros, but Kyana steals one of the Hammer Bros' hammers and knocks them both out with it. She then breaks the emergency case on the left and grabs the ray pistol. Kyana then shoots Enforcer Hammer Bro, grabs a parachute and jumps off the Koopa Cruiser, wishing the best of luck to Mario and Luigi. When Enforcer Hammer Bro was shot, he fell onto the controls and broke them, making the Koopa Cruiser start falling. Enforcer Hammer Bro gets back up, and starts a battle with Mario and Luigi. Enforcer Hammer Bro loses, and gives the brothers the first Shadow Shard. But right after the brothers defeated him, the Koopa Cruiser crashed into the side of Mt. Blaarg.

Meanwhile Yoshi awakens in the Dim Caverns, where he sees a cloak vanish into the darkness. Yoshi chases after it, but during the chase, Yoshi hears cries for help and follows the cries. Yoshi comes across the Toad Brigade, where Captain Toad, Toadbert, Toadiko, Toadette and Shrooz (a reformed shroob that freed Toadiko from the vim-sucking trees, along with multiple other toads) are trapped on a web. Yoshi eats the web and saves the Toad Brigade. Captain Toad thanks Yoshi, and in return, gives Yoshi the Wario Colosseum guard schedules (will be useful later in the game). The Toad Brigade then continues into the cave, thanking Yoshi once again. Further inside the cave, Yoshi catches up to the cloaked figure, who reveals himself to be Fawful. Yoshi remembers fighting him and Popple, and asks Fawful where Popple is. Fawful tells Yoshi that Popple fell on a ledge in the abyss, and that himself, Fawful, fell to the bottom of the abyss and landed in a river, unconcious. Fawful hoped that Popple would come for him, but no, when Fawful washed ashore, he climbed up Mt. Blaarg, thinking to make a base there, but then, a character threw him into the caves, where, currently, Fawful was thinking of opening up a bean and badge shop. Yoshi doesn't believe Fawful, and attacks him. Yoshi defeats Fawful, and right when Fawful was going to run, web strings wrapped around him, and pulled Fawful into the darkness. Yoshi is startled, and follows Fawful. Yoshi travels through many areas, until he catches up to Fawful. Yoshi is led to a cave opening, where the villain who captured Fawful introduces himself as Black Arachnia. Just then, the Toad Brigade runs in, but sees Black Arachnia, and hides behind a rock. Black Arachnia destroys the rock and knocks Toadbert away so hard, that Toadbert breaks a hole in the barrier around Bowser's Castle (which regenerates of course). Toadiko hides behind Shrooz, and Toadette behind Captain Toad. Shrooz pulls out his arm cannon, and starts shooting at Black Arachnia, who reflects the shots back at Captain Toad and Toadette, blowing them into the Koopaseam. Shrooz holds off against Black Arachnia as long as he could, but then he and Toadiko are knocked out of the cave openings as well. Yoshi then starts a battle with Black Arachnia, and wins, getting the second Shadow Shard. Black Arachnia has one last surprise though, and wraps himself in the web string. He then explodes, throwing Fawful and Yoshi far away, as well as starting a rock slide which blocks off the cave opening.

Mario and Luigi wake up on the crash site of the Koopa Cruiser. Some mysterious figures are attacking the remaining Koopa Troop. The introduce themselves as the Spectral Assassins. Spectre (leader) Gavro (strength) Zapper (madman) Sheer (intelligence) Seth (power). The Spectral Assassins then move on to attack Mario & Luigi, but a Dragon interrupts them, and the Spectral Assassins move on to fighting the beast. Mario and Luigi escape up Mt. Blaarg. On the way up Mt. Blaarg, it blows it's top off, and lava floods the area. Many Blaargs and Lava Bubbles appear. When traveling around the lava, Mario and Luigi are confronted by King Blaarg. Mario and Luigi defeat King Blaarg, and continue trekking up the mountain. On the way up, Mario and Luigi see the spectral assassins fly to the summit. At the summit, there is a castle and Luigi sees Gavro enter it. Mario and Luigi walk into the castle, and go into the first room, where Gavro attacks the brothers. Gavro loses, and starts up the spectral ship. Zapper sees Mario and Luigi, and flees to tell Spectre. Spectre is furious and sends his favorite assassin, Sheer, to attack the Mario Bros.. Sheer loses, and runs to the spectral ship, along with Spectre, Zapper and Seth. Mario and Luigi explore the castle, and find a crack in the wall, Mario and Luigi hit it with their hammers, and open up a secret area. In the secret area, there is the third shadow shard, and a portal to Crystal Cay.

Yoshi lands at the Goomba Grasslands. Yoshi travels the grasslands, to find one of the headquarters of the Koopa Kronicle. Yoshi walks in and sees Kyana reporting in to Kylie Koopa. Kylie says that the article was good, and that Kyana should now interview Mewshi. Kyana walks out the Koopa Kronicle HQ, without noticing that Yoshi is there. Yoshi then walks out of the Koopa Kronicle HQ, and catches up to Kyana. Kyana runs away from Yoshi, running across the bridge to Yoshi's Island. Yoshi follows her, but Popple and his latest "Rookie", Snook, break the bridge, and Yoshi falls into the Cheep Cheep Ocean. Yoshi travels through the vast Ocean, and finds a ladder, leading up to Yoshi's Island. When Yoshi gets there, he wanders to the bridge and attacks Popple and Snook. Popple and Snook lose, and they fall into the Cheep Cheep Ocean. Yoshi knows where Mewshi lives, and goes to find Kyana. On the way up, Yoshi catches up to Kyana, and asks her why she is going to interview Mewshi. Kyana refuses to tell, and continues on into the forest. When Kyana is still looking, Yoshi sneaks off to see Mewshi. Yoshi find and starts talking to Mewshi. But then, Kyana finds Mewshi and Mewshi goes hostile. Kyana tries shooting Mewshi, but he reflects the shots and knocks Kyana away. Yoshi and Mewshi start a battle, and Yoshi wins. Mewshi mellows back down and apologizes to Kyana and Yoshi. Off in the distance, the Spectral Ship is aiming their cannons at Yoshi's Island. Just then, the Spectral Ship fires at Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island plummets into the Cheep Cheep Ocean.

At Crystal Cay, Mario and Luigi find Fire and Lightning palaces. Mario enters the Fire palace and is re-taught firebrand. Luigi enters the Lightning palace and is re-taught thunderhand. Mario and Luigi arrive at the beach and see the beautiful Cheep Cheep Ocean, but then notice the Spectral Ship that had fired at Yoshi's Island. When Yoshi's Island touches the water, everything around it explodes and it sends a huge tsunami towards the brothers. Mario and Luigi are hit by the tsunami and are pulled out to sea. In the Cheep Cheep Ocean, Mario and Luigi find Shrooz and Toadiko on a nearby island. Toadiko introduces Shrooz to Mario and Luigi. Then, a giant water monster comes out of the water and eats 5 islands. The water monster then goes in front of Shrooz, Toadiko, Mario and Luigi. The brothers, Shrooz and Toadiko are eaten by the water monster. Inside the water monster, Mario, Luigi, Shrooz and Toadiko find themselves on an island, surrounded by stomach acid and other islands. Just then, the island the heroes are on crumbles, and Shrooz falls into the stomach acid. Luigi pulls Shrooz out and Shrooz and Toadiko decide to split up from Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi find a large organ, which they suspect to be the monster's heart. The heart senses impurity, and transforms into Monstah. Mario and Luigi defeat Monstah, which kills the Water Monster. Mario and Luigi get past some puzzles and arrive at the throat. Mario and Luigi traverse the Water Monster's throat and arrive at his mouth. Just then, a Dooplighost, named Shadoop kidnaps Shrooz and Toadiko and throws them at the Water Monster's uvula. The uvula has a bad reaction and hits Shrooz and Toadiko to the wall of the Water Monster's mouth. Mario and Luigi battle Shadoop and win, getting the fourth Shadow Shard. Mario and Luigi hit the uvula with their hammers, Mario and Luigi then grab Shrooz and Toadiko and get hit out of the Water Monster and land on the highest hill of the Kingdom of Cyprus.

Yoshi finds himself still above water, because Yoshi's Island was so tall, the bottom of Yoshi's Island touches the seabed. Yoshi finds Mewshi, who just woke up. Mewshi tells Yoshi that Yoshi should have the shadow shard he kept and gives Yoshi the fifth shadow shard. Kyana wakes up and asks Mewshi if she could interview him and he agrees to it. The Spectral Ship sees Yoshi and blasts the ground beside him, knocking Yoshi off and knocking Mewshi and Kyana into a tree. Kyana gets mad and shoots the Spectral Ship's Propeller, making it crash on top of Peach's Castle. At the bottom of the ocean, Yoshi lands inside of the Sunken Shroob Mothership. Yoshi wakes up and finds that there's air inside. Yoshi sees many dead Shroobs around and sees that the Shroids and Guardian Shroobs are trying to revive the other Shroobs. Yoshi travels through the mothership and finds the Master Shroid trying to revive Princess Shroob. Master Shroid sees Yoshi and tells the Guardian Shroobs to take Princess Shroob to the control room while he deals with the intruder. Yoshi defeats the Master Shroid and continues into the mothership. One of the Guardian Shroobs locks down the control room so Yoshi can't enter. Yoshi finds a Blue Shell and shoots it at the door blocking the Control Room. Yoshi enters the control room and the Guardian Shroobs plug themselves into Princess Shroob to revive her. Princess Shroob is revived and battles Yoshi. Princess Shroob dies again, when the Shroids and Guardian Shroobs see that, they also die. Yoshi finds that the power source of the mothership is a Shadow Shard. Yoshi starts up the mothership and flies it above water. The Spectral Assassins have gotten their ship flying again and see the mothership. Yoshi starts shooting the Spectral Ship and the Spectral Ship fires back. The shooting is like Partners in Time where the head of the statue must shoot the mothership. Yoshi destroys the Spectral Ship and it crashes somewhere... Yoshi lands the Shroob Mothership on Cyprus Fields. Yoshi then takes the shadow shard and exits the Shroob Mothership.

Shrooz and Toadiko see Cyprus Town and tell Mario and Luigi that the kingdom of Cyprus holds the palace of shadow, where the shadow shards can be joined. The Wario Bros. and Boshi are seen at the bottom of the hill. Mario and Luigi travel down the mountain, but are stopped by a rock slide. Mario and Luigi find an alternate route and continue down the hill. Mario and Luigi finally arrive at the bottom of the hill. Wario and Waluigi confront Mario and Luigi while Boshi gets away. Mario and Luigi defeat Wario and Waluigi and follow after Boshi. Boshi runs away, out of sight. Mario and Luigi travel into Cyprus Town. Inside Cyprus Town, Mario and Luigi find a suspicious shop that the owner says is closed. Mario and Luigi enter the back of the shop and find the shop owner telling Magex and Gloomax the he'll find the Shadow Star. Mario and Luigi jump out of hiding and battle Gloomax and Magex. Gloomax and Magex lose and run out of the shop, accidentally leaving behind a Shadow Shard.

Meanwhile, Yoshi finds Kyana defeating Fawful. Fawful calls for his headgear, but it does not come. Fawful has fury and runs away. Yoshi asks why Kyana is here, and she tells Yoshi that after she interviewed Mewshi, she handed in her interview to Kylie, and that Kylie sent her out to now get the scoop about the palace under Cyprus Town. Kyana wishes luck to Yoshi and departs off to Cyprus Town. Yoshi also decides to go to Cyprus Town. On the way to Cyprus town, Yoshi finds Fawful and battles Fawful with his headgear. Yoshi defeats Fawful and Fawful then is swallowed by a Shadow Phlower. Yoshi finally arrives at Cyprus Town and finds a mysterious pit with a ladder. Inside the pit is a mine. Yoshi travels through the mine and sees many spider webs. Yoshi finds Captain Toad webbed to a wall and Toadette trying to break him free with a sword. Yoshi eats the web and sets Captain Toad free. Toadette warns Yoshi about what he's about to face. Yoshi enters the next area of the mine and finds Darkai mining with explosions. Yoshi battles Darkai and defeats him. Darkai teleports away and sets off a last explosion and is throws Yoshi away. Yoshi wakes up in Cyprus Town, right beside a fruit shop. Yoshi walks in the fruit shop and buys the mega fruit deluxe. When Yoshi exits the shop, the ground shakes. Yoshi sees that Cyprus Castle has been transformed into a giant robot. Inside the Castle was Shadoop, Magex, Darkai and Gloomax operating the castle. Yoshi sees the four villains and runs to attack the castle. Before Yoshi attacks the castle, the shop owner of the fruit shop tells Yoshi to eat one of the fruits. Yoshi eats one of the fruits and becomes a giant. Yoshi begins a battle with Cyprus Castle. Yoshi defeats Cyprus Castle and the villains inside crash through the stained glass window and fall out of the castle. The Castle then transforms back into it's original form. Yoshi is converted back to his normal size and notices that there is a large hole where the castle once was. Mario and Luigi then come running to Yoshi and the heroes re-unite.

In the background, Boshi, Magex, Shadoop, Gloomax and Darkai carrying something into the hole. Yoshi, Mario and Luigi also go into the hole. Inside, the heroes see a sign saying "Under here lays the Shadow Vaults". Once they finish reading, Kyana, Shrooz and Toadiko run past the heroes, going into the Shadow Vaults. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi enter the Shadow Vaults and see that there is one main door with five key holes. Kyana, Toadiko and Shrooz just manage to run through the doorway before it closed. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi go through each room and get all five keys. When the heroes unlock the door, one of their shadow shards are stolen by Boshi. In the next room, there are seven other rooms and Shadoop, Magex, Darkai and Gloomax each go into one of the rooms. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi split up, and go in the remaining rooms and retrieve the remaining shadow shards. When they re-unite again, Mario sees that Darkai has Starlow, which he describes as the final piece of the puzzle. Darkai then tries to pull something out of Starlow, but Darkai instead transforms Starlow into Shadow Starlow. Shadow Starlow knocks Darkai into the other Shadow Guardians (Shadoop, Magex and Gloomax) and then battles Mario, Yoshi and Luigi. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi defeat Shadow Starlow, who drops a Shadow Shard. Darkai screams happily and tries to grab the Shadow Shard, but it is teleported away by an unknown force. Gloomax gets mad, and stomps the ground, but the ground cracks, then opens up into a pit. The villains fall into the pit and land in the Shadow Palace dungeons.

Shrooz, Kyana and Toadiko come running in with the shadow shard that Starlow dropped. Shrooz explains that he teleported it away. Mario is still confused that Starlow had a shadow shard. Starlow explains that she was born and fused with a shadow shard to keep unstoppable power out of the wrong hands. Starlow tells the heroes that if the shadow star was to become fully whole again, whoever has it would have unstoppable power. Starlow tells Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Kyana, Shrooz and Toadiko that the Shadow Palace is the final gathering place of the shadow shards. The seven heroes hop down the pit, into the Shadow Palace. Kyana, Shrooz, Starlow and Toadiko go off somewhere in the palace. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi find the almost whole shadow star on a pedestal and give the shards that they have to the shadow star. The heroes are ambushed by Darkai, Gloomax, Shadoop and Magex. They steal the shadow star for themselves, but don't realize that Shrooz has the second-final piece. The Shadow Guardians attempt to escape the Shadow Palace, but they are thwarted by Boshi, who eats his shadow shard and becomes Proto Boshi. Yoshi recognizes Proto Boshi and tells Mario and Luigi Proto Boshi's story. Proto Boshi was an experiment done by Yoshi's ancestors. They attempted to make a Yoshi cyberneticly enhanced. The experiment went well except for one flaw; Proto Boshi turned on his kind and tried to destroy the Yoshis. Yoshi's ancestor, Thunderhawk, sealed Proto Boshi away, hoping he would never return. The current Proto Boshi may not be the original, but is just as powerful. Proto Boshi tosses the Shadow Guardians away, and takes the almost-complete Shadow Star. He uses it's power and combines it with his own. Proto Boshi sees no worth in battling the heroes and flies deeper into the palace. Proto Boshi arrives in the center of the palace and attempts to return above ground, but does so too slow and battles Mario, Luigi and Yoshi, who just got to the center. Proto Boshi loses and gives up the Shadow Star to the heroes. Proto Boshi returns to his normal state and runs away. Yoshi receives the Shadow Star and remembers that Shrooz has the final piece. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi find Shrooz, but when they find him, Shrooz is kidnapped by Kamek and is brought to Bowser's Castle. Starlow, however, is hiding in Shrooz's arm cannon. Kyana and Toadiko find the heroes, who tell them that Shrooz was kidnapped by Kamek. Kyana decides to go find Kylie and Toadiko follows her. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi exit the Shadow Palace by the teleporter and are returned to Cyprus Town.

Mario and Luigi decide to go to Bowser's Castle and rescue Peach, while Yoshi decides to go after the Shadow Guardians. Mario and Luigi travel through Final Fields and are stopped by Bowser Jr. who fires a beam of magic at the flowers, causing Final Fields to engulf in flames. Bowser Jr. files away in his Koopa Clown Car Jr., laughing. Mario and Luigi put out the flames, and catch up to Bowser Jr. and battle him. Mario and Luigi win and Bowser Jr. flies away, into the repaired Koopa Cruiser. The Koopa Cruiser fires a Spiky Ball at the Mario Bros. and it breaks the ground below them, making them fall into the Mecha Mines. Inside the Mecha Mines, Mario and Luigi solve puzzles and move around the mines VIA mine cart. Mario and Luigi arrive at the end of the mine and reach gusty ravine, which isn't looking normal. Mario and Luigi look around gusty ravine and see Kamek re-naming it Kamek Town. Mario and Luigi battle Kamek and defeat him. Kamek flies into the Koopa Cruiser on his broom and pilots it back to Bowser's Castle. Mario and Luigi shoot it's propellers with their firebrand and thunderhand. When the barrier around Bowser's Castle opens up for the Koopa Cruiser, the Koopa Cruiser's outer layer is cut off and the interior crashes into Bowser's Castle.

Meanwhile, Yoshi sees the Shadow Guardians cut across the Cheep Cheep ocean and Yoshi decides to follow them. Since Yoshi can't fly, he eats one of his mega fruits and is able to touch the seabed, with his waist and up above water. Yoshi runs into the Water Monster, but finds that he's dead. Just then, the Water Monster's Mom appears and initiates a giant battle with Yoshi. Yoshi defeats the Water Monster's mom and reaches the other side of the Cheep Cheep ocean. When he arrives on the beach, the effects of the mega berry wear off. Yoshi sees the Shadow Guardians and chases them into the Shayde Thicket. Yoshi gets to the heart of the Shayde Thicket and finds that there's a mountain in front of him and sees the Shadow Guardians climb up it. Yoshi is about to climb up the mountain, when a Shadow Phlower drops from the sky. It says it cannot contain the life inside it and then explodes. When the smoke clears, Yoshi sees Fawful mixed with a flower. Fawful calls himself "Shadow Fawful Bloom" and Shadow Fawful Bloom tells Yoshi right before that his mind shatters, to free him of this insanity. Shadow Fawful Bloom's mind shatters, and he battles Yoshi. Yoshi defeats Shadow Fawful Bloom and his Headgear (Headflower) sucks Fawful up and flies him to the Shadow Guardians. Yoshi climbs up the mountain halfway and the mountain is overcome with storm clouds and lightning. Yoshi climbs to the top of the mountain and find the Shadow Guardians and Headflower opening up a path in the clouds to the Shadow Castle. The Shadow Guardians and Headflower+Fawful then merge into Blafadoomakaigex, or as Yoshi calls "The Shadow Guardian". The Shadow Guardian then battles Yoshi and loses. The Shadow Guardian jumps up into the Shadow Castle and Yoshi follows.

Mario and Luigi use the power of the Shadow Star to break the barrier (They don't need the extra piece, because when the Shadow Star was made, a shard was taken out and put into Starlow. When Magex started the barrier, it didn't have starlow's shard, therefor, to destroy the barrier it wouldn't need starlow's shard). When Mario and Luigi enter the castle, they find out that it has become way more hazardous since the last time they were there. Mario and Luigi reach the halfway point at the castle, when the spectral ship fires at the castle and the upper half of the castle explodes. The Spectral Ship lands on the remains of the castle and the Spectral Assassins run out and throw Bowser to the ground in front of the Mario Bros.. Bowser stands up and notices Mario and Luigi. Bowser doesn't pay any attention to the Spectral Assassins and attacks the brothers. Mario and Luigi defeat Bowser and try to find Peach. Mario sees that Peach is getting carried on to the Spectral Ship and Mario and Luigi sneak on-board. Mario and Luigi sneak past all the guards and arrive at the first room, where the Bros. fight Gavro. Mario and Luigi defeat Gavro and move on to the next room where Mario and Luigi fight Zapper. Mario and Luigi defeat Zapper and move on to the next room where they fight Sheer. The brothers defeat Sheer and move on to the next room where the heroes fight Seth. Seth is defeated and the Bros. enter the control room. There, Mario and Luigi find Peach tied to the wall and Spectre piloting the ship towards the Shadow Castle. Mario and Luigi battle and defeat Spectre and he, along with his other assassins fall off the ship and land in a place called Cauldron Creek. Right when Mario and Luigi untie the princess, the ship crashes into the Shadow Castle.

Mario and Luigi find Yoshi in the castle, but the Shadow Guardian kidnaps Peach for his scheme. Before the three heroes set off, a survivor comes from the rubble of the Spectral Ship. Toadbert comes out of the crash site and tells Mario, Luigi and Yoshi that the Shadow Guardian needs Peach in order to awaken his master. Mario and Luigi travel through the castle and find the Shadow Guardian. The Shadow Guardian says it's too late and that he has already persuaded Peach to call his master. All of a sudden, lightning strikes and the Shadow Guardian's master appears. The Shadow Guardian's master, Sagaz, thanks Magex, Gloomax, Darkai, Fawful and Shadoop for bringing him there, but then tells him that they are no longer of use to him and Sagaz breaks the floor underneath them (making the Shadow Guardians fall to their doom..?). Sagaz grabs Peach and runs off further into the castle. Sagaz summons a giant and supercharges it with lightning. Yoshi uses a mega fruit and battles the giant. Yoshi defeats it and the heroes continue through the shadow castle. Eventually, Sagaz is stuck at a dead end and Mario, Luigi and Yoshi catch up. Sagaz is too powerful, though. Just then the Toad Brigade, Shrooz, Kyana and Kylie fly in VIA Lakitu Express. They help the heroes up and start wishing that Sagaz would power down. Peach uses her wish power and Sagaz powers down, then Mario, Luigi and Yoshi battle him. Sagaz is defeated, but then makes Peach use her wish power to summon Sagaz's brother. Sagaz's brother, Eclipse, is teleported there and sees his brother, defeated. Eclipse gets mad and stomps the floor, making a platform fly up and Eclipse and the heroes arrive at the clouds. Eclipse makes lightning strike from the clouds and then Eclipse battles Mario and Luigi, knocking Yoshi off. Mario and Luigi defeat Eclipse. Meanwhile, Yoshi falls on the roof of the Shadow Castle and sees Eclipse falling off the platform and landing right beside him. Eclipse explodes, but Eclipse's Shadow stays. Eclipse's Shadow battles Yoshi (Yoshi starts off with 1 hp and Eclipse's Shadow attacks first). Yoshi defeats Eclipse's Shadow and it disappears. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi go back inside the Shadow Castle and rescue Peach, but Sagaz escaped. The heroes and Peach walk down to the ground and then walk back to Peach's Castle.



Sidequests marked with * means that they can only be completed after the main story is beaten

After-After Story

After the Starcrashers' plans were thwarted, and Eclipse was sealed away, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi walk to Peach's Castle. When they arrive, Peach says she has a surprise for the trio, and takes them inside. But when they enter, the Koopalings nab Peach. Ludwig calls for their leader, and Lemmy walks on to the scene and battles the Trio. Lemmy is defeated, but he grabs his wristband and calls his boss, who tells Lemmy this is all part of the plan. He then tells Lemmy to do the thing, and Lemmy does it. Then, there are two flashes of light, and Peach's Castle suddenly teleports out of existance for twenty-five years, but to the people in the castle, it is a mere millisecond. The story is to be continued in Mushroom Kingdom: 25 Years Later

Boss Arena







Treeckle X MLTSS Treeckle X 7000 1000 1 Boss Arena
TBA Fawful & Popple X


2000 2 Boss Arena
Bowser Jr. X MLTSS Bowser Jr. X 10000 2000 2 Boss Arena
TBA Gloomax X 11500 3000 3 Boss Arena
TBA Enforcer Hammer Bro. X 13000 4000 4 Boss Arena
TBA Black Arachnia X 14500 5000 5 Boss Arena
TBA Sheer X 16000 6000 6 Boss Arena
TBA Mewshi X 17500 7000 7 Boss Arena
TBA Shadoop X 19000 8000 8 Boss Arena
TBA Princess Shroob X 20500 9000 9 Boss Arena
TBA Magex X 22000 10000 10 Boss Arena
TBA Darkai X 23500 11000 11 Boss Arena
TBA Shadow Starlow X 30000 12000 12 Boss Arena
TBA Proto Boshi X 35000 13000 13 Boss Arena
TBA Kamek X 36500 14000 14 Boss Arena
TBA The Shadow Guardian X 40000 15000 15 Boss Arena
TBA Spectre X 41500 16000 16 Boss Arena
TBA Sagaz X 50000 17000 17 Boss Arena
TBA Talon the Yoshi (Special Round) 55000 20000 18 Boss Arena
TBA Toxin the Yoshi (Special Round) 60000 20000 19 Boss Arena
TBA Cryo the Yoshi (Special Round) 65000 20000 20 Boss Arena
TBA Plasma the Yoshi (Special Round) 100000 51250 21 Boss Arena



Battle System



Image Name Description
Mairio Mario Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is back. He can squash enemies with his jumps, break crates with his hammer and burn enemies with his firebrand. Combined with Luigi, he can send Luigi underground to reach previously un-accessible areas and do a Bros. Spin. Mario, alongside Luigi and Yoshi are looking for the shards of the Shadow Star.
Luifi Luigi Green Stache' -- err, Luigi, Mario's brother and sidekick is yet off on another adventure. Luigi can jump higher than Mario and squash enemies with his jumps. Luigi also can break crates with his hammer and electrocute enemies with his thunderhand. Combined with Mario, Luigi can squash Mario with his hammer to reach previously un-accessible areas, as well as do a Bros. Glide. Luigi, alongside Mario and Yoshi are looking for the Shards of the Shadow Star.
Yooshi Yoshi Yoshi, Mario and Luigi's best friend is off again on an adventure. Yoshi can flutter-jump higher than Luigi, squash enemies with his ground-pounds, break crates with his hammer and eat enemies. Considering that Yoshi is not Mario and Luigi's partner for long, Yoshi must learn how to do moves on his own. Some of those moves are Tongue Rope, Sprint and Yoshi Bomb. Yoshi, alongside Mario and Luigi are looking for the Shards of the Shadow Star.




Image Name HP Coins EXP Location Who Fights
Bowser MLYS Bowser #1 1000 (Unbeatable) 0 0 Toad Town Luigi & Yoshi
Treeckle Treeckle 50 50 50 Forgotten Forest Mario, Luigi & Yoshi
TBA Bombrixie 135 75 100 BomBrick Fortress Mario, Luigi & Yoshi
Fawful and Popple MLYS Fawful (1)& Popple (1)

Fawful: 150
Popple: 125

90 125 Koopa's Road Mario, Luigi & Yoshi
TBA Magex (1) 245 110 150 Bowser's Castle Entrance Mario, Luigi & Yoshi
TBA Bowser Jr. (1) 300 140 200 Gusty Ravine Mario, Luigi & Yoshi
TBA Warden Wiggler 400 190 270 Wiggler State Penitentiary (Front Desk)
TBA Gloomax (1) 600 250 400 Wiggler State Penitentiary (Main Corridor)
TBA Petey Piranha 500 225 350 Koopa Cruiser Mario & Luigi
TBA Enforcer Hammer Bro. 590 269 325 Koopa Cruiser (Control Room) Mario & Luigi
TBA Fawful (2) 610 275 340 Dim Caverns Yoshi
TBA Black Arachnia 669 305 400 Dim Caverns (Cave Opening) Yoshi
King Blaarg MLYS King Blaarg

Left Hand:75
Right Hand:75
Left Foot:75
Right Foot:75

400 460 Mt. Blaarg Mario & Luigi
TBA Gavro (1) 690 350 400 Spectral Castle Mario & Luigi
TBA Sheer (1) 790 440 600 Spectral Castle Mario & Luigi
TBA Popple (2) & Snook (Bowser Jr. (2))


500 650 Yoshi's Island (Bridge) Yoshi
Mewshi MLTSS Mewshi 1250 600 700 Yoshi's Island (Mewshi's Hideaway) Yoshi
TBA Monstah 1500 625 750 Water Monster Mario & Luigi
TBA Shadoop 1600 700 810 Water Monster (Mouth) Mario & Luigi
TBA Master Shroid 1750 830 900 Sunken Shroob Mothership Yoshi
TBA Princess Shroob 1900 895 990 Sunken Shroob Mothership Yoshi
TBA Wario Bros.

Wario: 850
Waluigi: 875

940 900 Mt. Celestial (Bottom) Mario & Luigi
TBA Gloomax (2) & Magex (2)


1050 1200 Cyprus Town (Abandoned Shop) Mario & Luigi
TBA Fawful (3) 2100 1090 1260 Cyprus Fields Yoshi
TBA Darkai 2345 1180 1400 Cyprus Caves Yoshi
TBA Shadow Starlow 2999 1315 1630 Shadow Vaults Mario, Luigi & Yoshi
TBA Proto Boshi 3450 2535 2750 Shadow Palace Mario, Luigi & Yoshi
TBA Bowser Jr. (3)

Clown Car:900
Bowser Jr.:1250
Shadow Mario:1500

1,800 3456 Final Fields Mario & Luigi
TBA Kamek


2345 4000 Gusty Ravine (Kamek Town) Mario & Luigi
TBA Shadow Fawful Bloom

Shadow Fawful Bloom:2150

2999 4500 Shayde Thicket Yoshi
TBA The Shadow Guardian


5000 5999 Mt. Shayde Yoshi
TBA Bowser 7200 4500 5000 Bowser's Castle Mario & Luigi
TBA Gavro (2) 1300 1000 1000 Spectral Ship Mario & Luigi
TBA Zapper 1150 1000 1000 Spectral Ship Mario & Luigi
TBA Sheer (2) 1500 1000 1000 Spectral Ship Mario & Luigi
TBA Seth 1450 1000 1000 Spectral Ship Mario & Luigi
TBA Spectre 1600 1000 1000 Spectral Ship Mario & Luigi
TBA Sagaz 9000 7000 8000 Shadow Castle Mario, Luigi & Yoshi
TBA Eclipse 10000 9999 9999 Shadow Castle (Sky) Mario & Luigi
TBA Eclipse's Shadow 11000 9999 9999 Shadow Castle (Roof) Yoshi


Special Attacks

Mario & Luigi's Special Attacks





Green Shell One of the brothers kicks this item towards an enemy. It rebounds off the enemy, while the enemy takes damage, and back towards the other brother. The other brother must kick the shell back to the enemy to repeat the process, while the Green Shell increases its speed more times it is kicked. The Green Shell disappears when the enemy is defeated, sixteen successful hits are dealt, or if a brother misses it. Forgotten Forest 3
Rebound Squash One of the brothers get a spring, and one bro. gets on and jumps in the air, and then the next bro.. The brothers go in the air, then come back down and squash the enemy. The process repeats four more times, then the spring disappears. If the bro. misses the spring of doesn't jump off the spring, the attack has been failed. BomBrick Fortress 5
Spiny Shot Mario hammers this item towards Luigi, who hops on. Luigi then rides high up into the air, then dives down right into the enemy. The player must tap B repeatedly as quickly as they can. The attack ends if Luigi misses the enemy, or he hits the enemy. Bowser's Castle Entrance 7
Airborne Assault Mario and Luigi hop on Para-Beetles and then blast off into the sky. Mario and Luigi repeatedly jump off the Para-Beetles into enemies and then dive straight towards the enemies in one final shot. The attack ends if either of the brothers miss the Para-Bettle, miss the enemy, or they complete the attack. Wiggler State Penitentiary 9
Hammer Harassment The brothers create clones of their hammers, then throw them at the enemies. They then charge up one massive attack, then unleash it. The attack ends if one of the bros. drop a hammer, or the attack is completed. Koopa Cruiser 11
Bob-omb Barrage Mario and Luigi grab Bob-ombs and start throwing them at the enemies. They then grab one large bomb and throw it together. The attack ends if one of the bros. drop a bomb, or the attack is completed. Mt. Blaarg 13
Lightning Inferno Mario tosses many fireballs at enemies, then Luigi charges up electrical blasts and they unleash them on enemies. Mario can toss many fireballs during his turn, while Luigi can only charge up three blasts, at most. However, Luigi's blasts are far more powerful than Mario's. The attack ends once 15 seconds are up. Crystal Cay 13
Flower Power Mario pulls out a random flower power-up, and powers himself and Luigi up with said flower. They then shoot many blasts of whatever power they have, then charge up a massive blast, and unleashe it on the enemies. The attack ends once the attack is completed. The flower power-ups are Ice Flower, Superball Flower, Plasma Flower, Laser Flower, or Wind Flower. Cyprus Fields 15
Red Shell Identical to the Green Shell, except the shell is capable of hitting more than one enemy and lasts until a brother misses the shell or if all enemies are defeated. Shadow Vaults 15
Shadow Meld Mario and Luigi shadow meld, and randomly appear out of the shadows to jump on enemies. This attack builds up speed and doesn't end until all enemies on screen are defeated, or a bro. misses a jump. Shadow Palace 16
Tanooki Crush Mario turns into Tanooki Mario, and Luigi repeatedly throws Mario into the air. Mario then turns into Tanooki Statue Mario and falls on enemies. This attack then repeats five more times until it ends. Mecha Mines 17
Bowser Shell Panache Mario throw a Bowser Shell onto the screen and hammers it into the enemies. Luigi is on the other side of the enemies and hammers it back and forth. This attack continues until all enemies are defeated, or a bro. misses a shot and gets hit by it. If the bros. defeat all enemies with it, they are rewarded with a rare item. Bowser's Castle 19
Spectral Transformation Mario and Luigi eat Boo Mushooms and become boos. They then repeatedly scare and slap the enemies. If a bro. misses a haunting, the attack fails and Mario and Luigi are reverted back to their normal selves. Cyprus Shop (Post Game) 19
Moo Moo Rodeo Mario and Luigi hop on Moo Moos and ride around on them. The Moo Moos trample enemies, and the player must repeatedly tap A and B in order to keep riding. The attack fails if both bros. fall off. If one brother falls off, but not the other, the bro. who fell off will get trampled like the enemies. Moo Moo Ranch (Post Game) 20

Yoshi's Special Attacks



Consumable Items

Image Name Price (coins) Description
MushMLTSS Mushroom 7 Restores 30 HP to one of the bros..
MushMLTSS Super Mushroom 25 Restores 60 HP to one of the bros..
MushMLTSS Ultra Mushroom 65 Restores 120 HP to one of the bros..
MushMLTSS Supreme Mushroom 150 Restores 200 HP to one of the bros..
MushMLTSS Max Mushroom 199 Restores all HP to one of the bros..
DropMLTSS Mushroom Drop 15 Recovers 15 HP to all bros. and/or Yoshi.
DropMLTSS Super Mushroom Drop 60 Recovers 50 HP to all bros. and/or Yoshi.
DropMLTSS Ultra Mushroom Drop 140 Recovers 100 HP to all bros. and/or Yoshi.
DropMLTSS Max Mushroom Drop 200 Recovers all HP to all bros. and/or Yoshi.
UpMLTSS 1-Up Mushroom 21 Revives 1/3 HP to one of the bros. or Yoshi when they fainted.
UpMLTSS 1-Up Super 70 Revives 1/2 HP to one of the bros. or Yoshi when they fainted.
UpMLTSS Max 1-Up 210 Revives all HP to one of the bros. or Yoshi when they fainted.
UpMLTSS 1-Up Mushroom Double 40 Revives 1/3 HP to both of the bros. or Yoshi and one of the bros. when they fainted.
UpMLTSS 1-Up Super Double 100 Revives 1/2 HP to both of the bros. or Yoshi and one of the bros. when they fainted.
UpMLTSS Max 1-Up Double 240 Revives all HP to both of the bros. or Yoshi and one of the bros. when they fainted.
HerbMLTSS Refreshing Herb 7 Used to get rid of the status ailments of one of the bros. or Yoshi.
BerryMLTSS Yoshi Berry 7 Restores 50 hp to Yoshi.
BerryMLTSS Super Yoshi Berry 25 Restores 100 hp to Yoshi.
BerryMLTSS Ultra Yoshi Berry 65 Restores 160 hp to Yoshi.
BerryMLTSS Supreme Yoshi Berry 150 Restores 240 hp to Yoshi.
BerryMLTSS Max Yoshi Berry 199 Restores all hp to Yoshi.
RedMLTSS Red Pepper 25 Boosts the POW of all bros. for a certain period of time.
BlueMLTSS Blue Pepper 25 Boosts the DEF of all bros. for a certain period of time.
GreenMLTSS Green Pepper 25 Boosts the SPEED of all bros. for a certain period of time.
HotMLTSS Spicy Yoshi Cookie 25 Boosts the POW of Yoshi for a certain period of time.
BlandMLTSS Bland Yoshi Cookie 25 Boosts the DEF of Yoshi for a certain period of time.
MintyMLTSS Minty Yoshi Cookie 25 Boosts the SPEED of Yoshi for a certain period of time.
CandyMLTSS Star Candy 300 Restores all HP & SP and cures status ailments.
RetryMLTSS Retry Clock 70 Allows the player to restart a battle if defeated.


Hey Green Stache, listen up! You too green donkey! Mario isn't here to protect Peach (but he never really does), so I'm capturing her and no one's stopping me! Gwahahaha!
Bowser confronting Luigi and Yoshi before they receive a beat-down

Guh? Did you guys steal the fruit I was going to eat? You little punks! I'll beat you all!
Treekle before getting beat-up by the heroes

Ha!! You fools won't be going in there any time soon! Andd you thought this game would be a quick one!
Magex breaking the fourth wall after receiving a beat-down

If I can't have this gem then nobody can!
Gloomax before kicking Yoshi off the Shadow Star

Hiya Mario Bros.. I'm Kyana Koopa, Kylie Koopa's daughter. You may have heard of her.
Kyana introducing herself

Hey, it's a Yoshi. I hope you'll forgive my race and me for enslaving and threatening you and your kind.
Shrooz apologizing to Yoshi.

Prepare to meet your end, Tanooki Faces! Spectral Assasins! Destroy these -- erm, destroy that dragon first!
Spectre threatening..? Mario and Luigi

*Roar!* Get away from my territory Shell Head!
Mewshi yelling at Kyana

Freedom!!! Sweet Freedom!!! I've been in there so long, that I've forgotten what fresh air is. I wonder if it smells like butter.
Shadoop at the mouth of the Water Monster

Blakeusaikjrewdskhfsdrlfdessdzfkwjesrqsah!!!!! (Yoshies..? I must end them! Time to get my battle gear!)
Princess Shroob before battling Yoshi

Hey, it's those Fur Faces!! Hey, you know them? Yes! They beat me! Same here! Well then, it's time for some revenge!!!!!
Gloomax and Magex talking to each other about their losses before battling Mario and Luigi

Let's crush 'em all with this big robo! Sweet Chaos!!!!
The Shadow Guardians before attempting to destroy Yoshi and the Cyprians with the Cyprus Castle.

Help!! Mario!! Luigi!! You... green dino... thing. Help!!
Starlow crying for help from Darkai's hand

Heh. You mortals don't stand a chance against one such as me. You Stache Plungers can get out safely. Yoshi and I have some unfinished business to take care of.
Proto Boshi speaking to Mario, Luigi and Yoshi

Heingh!! You little dorks?? You might as well leave, or I can furnish you up a house here in Kamek Town. It'll only be a lowly 9999999999999 coins. You want in?
Kamek before battling the bros.

Hey!! Why are you in my castle? Haven't you ever heard of knocking? And why did you destroy half of it? Do you know how much these things cost?? Next time you destroy some of my things, I'm suing!
Bowser confronting the bros.

Hmmm... Thank you for unleashing me, my little minions. Here's your reward: Haa!
Sagaz making the ground crumble beneath The Shadow Guardians

It seems you three have gotten this far, and who am I to disappoint? Have at thee!
Sagaz confronting the heroes

Why did you do this to my brother? What did he ever do to you... Wait, bad example. Anyways, since you did this to him, I must end you. SOGETREADYTODIEYOUFOOLS!!!!!
Eclipse before battling the heroes




Title Theme File Select Trouble!!! Flee!!! Battle with Bowser Jr. Boss Battle (together) Boss Battle (Mario & Luigi) Boss Battle (Yoshi) Battle (together) Battle (Mario & Luigi) Battle (Yoshi) Destroyed Toad Town Toad Town Forgotten Forest Heart of the Forgotten Forest BomBrick Fortress Koopa's Road Gusty Ravine Wiggle State Penitentiary Wiggler State Penitentiary Showers Dim Caverns Koopa Cruiser Mt. Blaarg Spectral Castle The Shadow Star Battle with the Shadow Guardians Bowser's Castle Crystal Cay Goomba Grasslands Yoshi's Island Deep in Yoshi's Island Cheep Cheep Ocean Inside the Water Monster Sunken Shroob Mothership UFO Attack!! Cyprus Fields Cyprus Heights Cyprus Town The Giant 2.0 Wario Colosseum Unpleasent Path The Shadow Vaults Palace of Shadow Proto Boshi Shadow Starlow Shadow Vaults (Final Room) Chase in the Palace!! Bowser's Convoluted Castle Bowser's Best Mecha Mines Final Fields Shayde Thicket Mt. ShaydeBlafadoomakaigex's Debut Spectral Assassins Aboard the Spectral Ship Battle with the Lightning Lord The Shadow Castle Total Eclipse Shadow Eclipse Sparring with the Starcrashers Lemmy's Grander Finale The Lightning Lord's Encore The Koopalings' not-so-classy entrance Cauldron Creek Twilight Town Cyprus Town (Inside)



Mario & Luigi: The Shadow Saga was announced at E3 2008 as Mario & Luigi: Criminal Hunt, however, the name was changed, due to the original developers abandoning the project. When the project was brought up again, the current developers changed a lot of ideas, including the title.

  • The original ideas can still be found very deep into the code
  • Furthermore, the current developers showed off Mario & Luigi: The Shadow Saga at E3 2016 as a new project.
  • The original developers were planning to make Mario & Luigi: Criminal Hunt a Mystery game, revolving around Mario & Luigi trying to find Peach's stolen necklace. Wario and Waluigi were to have had a much larger role in the game