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Mario & Luigi: The Mushroom Wars is a Mario & Luigi game for the Nintendo 3DS.


Gameplay is just like Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.


Part 1

The king of the Brickblock Kingdom, King Brickedy, sends an invite to the Mushroom Kingdom. A Toad reads it, then gives it to Peach. It says, "Dear Mushroom Kingdom, I'm inviting you to come stay in my castle for a few days. You'll all have so much fun! From, King Brickedy." Peach calls Mario and Luigi, and they get on the plane. As they fly over to the Brickblock Kingdom, Kamek comes onboard, and starts a battle. Toadsworth comes and teaches them how to fight during battles. Mario/Luigi wins, and Kamek flies away. Then, not to long later, they land safely at The Brickblock Airport. King Brickedy meets them, and brings them to the Brick Castle. On the way there, he teaches them how to jump, move, and save. Once at the castle, King  Brickedy exclaims that they are aloud to explore the castle, and the kingdom. But once your leaving the castle, Bowser and Kamek come in, and talk with King Brickedy about their deal of items. Mario & Luigi, confused, comes over and asks King Brickedy what he's talking about. King Brickedy says that he is not going to help him get items, and he can win the war he's enttering without them. Bowser then says that he will have to steal the items, and win the Mushroom Wars against the Mushroom Kingdom! Bowser runs out with Kamek at his side. Then, someone asks what happened. Next, out comes Starlow!


Brickblock Kingdom

  • Brick Castle
  • Brickblock Airport
  • Brickblock Docks
  • Power-Up Park
  • Tanooki Desert
  • Mt. Coin
  • Flower Forest
  • Mushroom Lake
  • Item City


  • Brick Base
    • Location: East of Power-Up Park
  • Block Base
    • Location: West of Power-Up Park
  • Sweaty Arena
    • Location: At the back of Tanooki Desert
  • Coin Hideout
    • Location: Mt. Coin
  • Flower Fort
    • Location: West of Mushroom Lake
  • Sandy Battlefield
    • Location: Yoshi Isles

More Coming Soon!

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