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This is a Icey Inc. fan-game being made by Mariofan45 (tbc). To rate it or disguss it, go here.

1. No editing without my permission, unless your a sysop or patrooler. 2. No spamming on my games. 3. No cursing the article. 4. Leave your username on the talk page so I know who you are! 5. No flaming on the game's talk page.

Mario & Luigi: The Lost Toads On The Mushrooms is a game being mady by Mariofan45 and an upcoming game for the Nintendo WII.


Mario & Luigi went to Peach's castle for a fun breakfast, but Bowser, Tatanga, Wario and Waluigi kidnapped Peach. King Boo stealed the Toads. Mario & Luigi will have to chase after all of them to save the princess.



  • Mario - This red plumber, he turns on his quest to save the princess.
  • Luigi - The brother of Mario, and a helper of him, Mario & Luigi turn on the quest to save Peach


  • Tatanga - He usually kidnaps Daisy alot rather than Peach. He planned to kidnap Peach instead.
  • Bowser - He kidnaps Peach alot. Though, he's the main villain.
  • Wario - He's fat, and loves to eat garlic. He becomes Wario-Man after that.
  • Waluigi - He's Wario's brother, and he loves Wario so much.
  • Princess Peach - The damsel in distress who gets kidnapped by Bowser. Mario ends up saving her whenever in happens. She's also the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.







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