Developer(s) Omegadream
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Nintendo DS:


Mario & Luigi: The Cosmic Duo is a role-playing video game developed by AlphaDream and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS in 2011. It is the fourth entry in the Mario & Luigi series of Mario role-playing games.



Overworld event is almost the same as the other three. Mario and Luigi are the main heros.


In battle, most of the time Mario and Luigi have the same stats. They do not differ a lot but the partners do. Like Monty Mole king does more damage but is slower.

Out-of-Battle Techniques

Technique Button Set Number
Jump AButton (Mario) BbuttonWiiU (Luigi) 1
Hammer AButton (Mario) BbuttonWiiU (Luigi) 2
Spin Jump AButton 3
Luigi Dunk BbuttonWiiU 3
Moon Jump (Space) AButton (Mario) BbuttonWiiU (Luigi) 1

Battle Options


Mario, Luigi and their partners have their own HP, POW, DEF, SPEED, and STACHE points. When the the heroes win a battle, they all gain EXP points. With enough EXP Points, a brother can level-up and increase each of his respective statistic.


The heroes have HPs. If their HP reaches zero or below they are out. If everybody's HP is below 0, the game's over. Each character can be recovered with 1-up Mushrooms. They can increase their HP by eating some types of items like mushrooms.

During a battle, the  heroes have four/five choices when attacking:

1. A normal attack.

Mario and Luigi will jump. Pianta will give a stomp to the enemy. Everyone has a different attack.

  • Mario = Jump
  • Luigi = Jump
  • Pianta = Stomp
  • Monty Mole King = Heavy Bounce
  • Queen Bee = Stick (May give the enemy a poison effect)
  • Starshade Bros. = Double Jump
  • Fluzzard = Claw
  • Gearmo = Poison drive
  • Star Rabbit = Jump
  • Beanish Handyman = Jump
  • Yoshi Island Tourist = Double Jump

2. Hammer attack

Only Mario and Luigi can use the hammer. They can use it in battle most of the time but can also use outside.

3. Skills

Skill are items that you can use in a battle. All do damage against the enemy. You can learn a new skill once you've found a skill orb.

Helpful Items

Picture Description Name XP
Feuille The magic leaf is the finest item collected though the adventure,with that Mario and (or) Luigi can fly when jumping  Magic Leaf 2
Kuribobotte The kuribo shoe increase the power of Mario and (or) Luigi by 5 Kuribo Shoe 3
Peingouin With the Penguin Suit, Mario and (or) Luigi can slide to the enemies after a normal attack      Penguin Suit
FleurB With the Boomerang Flower, Mario and (or)  Luigi can throws Boomerangs to the enemies Boomerang Flower 4
Coeurs The Vibes Hearts have are not chosen by the player, the result is random,The mad heart increases the power, the glad heart increases the defend, the sad heart increases the speed and the happy heart increases the stache. Vibes Hearts 5
FleurG The ice flower has the same usage of other games of the Mario and Luigi series. Ice Flower 4
Étoile With the star, Mario and (or) Luigi can beat an enemy with one hit (exclude bosses), this item is very rare. Star

The Chocolate Chip Flower can make Mario (or Luigi) Shoot Chocolate Chip Cookies that can reach up to 20 ft that can restore a Bro's health, if the player misses, it will heal an enemy instead.

Chocolate Chip Flower 4


  • Palm Grow
  • Pianta Assault
  • Giant Mushrooms



There where two toads walking in the dark woods. There where rumors that an evil spirit lies sleeping in the woods, but the toads didn't believe in it at last until a dark figure stood behind them, the two toads scream and asked for help. One of the toads throwed a rock but it didn't give a effect. The dark figure ate the toad who threw a rock. The other toads scream and run away but then another figure appears in front of him. When the toad saw it right, he understood. It was the spirit of the evil Cackletta, the Bean Witch. She then possesses the toad.


Mario, Luigi and the rest of the important citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom where at a meeting, strangely there where some strange attacks on the toads of the Mushroom Kingdom. A mass of dark power seen in the forest appeared soon after. When the meeting was done, the Koopa Troop attacked again. High from the sky, the Koopa Troop lands on the Mushroom Kingdom. They entered the Koopa Kingdom, and the guard toads where too afraid to defend. Then Bowser came and attacked most of the Toads and took Peach away.

Mario and Luigi followed Bowser, but then Bowser tries to enter a space ship, Bowser was assaulted by Shroobs who silently took Peach away. The Bros. then chase after them.


On Earth

  • Peach Castle (Beginning stage)
  • Toad Town
  • Tinky Forest

In Space

  • Sky Palace
  • Shroob Stronghold
  • Comet Observatory
  • Bowser's Spatial Castle
  • Comet Observatory (attacked)
  • Roseleta Galaxy Destroyer




Non Playable

​Friendly Characters

Picture Description Name
Toadbrigadeles The Toad Brigade is back to help Mario & Luigi during their training for special moves. As in Super Mario Galaxy, Mail Toad is present (not on the picture)  Toad Brigade
Lumale This Luma is the only one who understands that Rosalina is possessed by Cackletta. Luma
107px-MLPJ Artwork - Princess Peach
The princess was kidnapped by Shroobs. Fortunately, Mario & Luigi save her. After that she stands on the Starship, and sometimes she gives you a  Mushroom or two. Princess Peach Toadstool
Yoshisles Decidedly, they never let you down. Yoshis
Linkle The young Link makes a cameo at the beginning of the game Young Link
Linkmini Link makes a cameo at the end of the game. Link
Zeldala Zelda makes a cameo with Link at the end of the game. Zelda
Olimarile Captain Olimar makes a cameo in the game. Captain Olimar
Ikminss Pikmins make a cameo in the game. Pikmins
Wariote Wario makes a cameo in the game. Wario
Walouigi Waluigi makes a cameo in the game. Waluigi
Starbites Obviously they're not friends but you can redeem them for money. Star Bits
Bee Bees are the minions of Queen Bee. Bees
Pingouin Penguins are simple friends of Mario & Luigi. They are everywhere, in the world, in  space. Penguins
The coach The coach gives you money for missions. Coach
Penourou Penguru trains you with Battle Attacks. Penguru
MAMI RICO Lady Lima appears as a seller of beans in the game Lady Lima


Picture Description Name HP
 Bowser JN. Bowser Jr. is Bowser's son and is the tutorial boss this time, in plans to kidnap Peach again. Bowser Jr. 12
JN. Koopa

J.N. Koopa is the first boss of the game, guarding Boom Boom's Fortress.

JR. Koopa 80
Boom Boom is the second boss of the game, he blocks the way to Bowser's Castle. Boom Boom 120
Kamylakoopa Kammy Koopa is the third boss of the game. She wants to keep you away from Bowser. Kammy Koopa 230
Madamet Tatanga the alien is the fourth boss of the game, trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Tatanga 500
Pirana This huge piranha plant is the fifth boss of the game, who was planted by Kammy to repel intruders.

Petey Piranha

Minismarioevil Kammy Koopa bewitched  these Mini Marios to make them evil, 10 of them must be fought, and they are the bosses of Mushroom World. Evil Mini Marios 75
Shrooboss Once the king of the Goombas, Shrooboss is mutated by Shroob infuence. There is no way he will let the heroes win, fought when first visiting Planet Shroob. Shrooboss 1,230
Shruba A small Luma who is mutated by Shroob's influence, fought when entering the Shroob Mothership. Shruba 800
Vampire Shroob Vampire Shroob is the Shroob who captured Peach and took Bowser away. Mario and Luigi have to defeat him to save Peach, located at the end of the Mothership. Vampire Shroob 1,000
Shroomy A strange type of shroob. No one knows why he has spikes. But he is not afraid to use them, and the boss of Planet Shroob. Shroomy 1,700
Lemmyle Lemmy Koopa is the first Koopaling boss. Lemmy Koopa 900
Ludwigle Ludwig Von Koopa is the second Koopaling boss. Ludwig von Koopa 850
Wendyla Wendy O. Koopa is the third Koopaling boss. Wendy O. Koopa 800
Larrykoopale Larry Koopa is the fourth Koopaling boss. Larry Koopa 1,000
Mortonle Morton Koopa Jr. is the fifth Koopaling boss. Morton Koopa Jr. 1,000
Iggyle Iggy Koopa is the sixth Koopaling boss. Iggy Koopa 800
Royle Roy Koopa is the seventh Koopaling Boss. Roy Koopa 400
Bowser JN. The second time to face this little prince. Bowser Jr. 1,200
Bowserle The first Bowser Battle, king of the Koopas. Bowser built a giant space base where he could watch the entire universe. He tried to enslave them but failed when Mario, Luigi, and co. stopped him. Bowser 2,800
Kamylakoopa The second Kammy Koopa Battle, and the boss of Bowser's Castle. Kammy Koopa 1,750
Birdole Birdo found her charming Popple, standing at Popple's side again. Birdo 2,300
Popplele Popple is back with Birdo again, they won't lose like the first time. Popple 1,800
Dryle Bowser was not done yet as he returns as Dry Bowser. His last stand against Mario, Luigi, and co. will not be easy. Dry Bowser 6,780
Dinole Dino Piranha is a strange creature which is possibly a space counterpart of Petey.

 Dino Piranha 

Bubbles (M&L) When the Chucklator was ruined, Roseleta offered him a chance to join him. He now works for Roseleta, and the first boss in Rosaletta's galaxy destroyer. Bubbles 3,900
Polarile Polari, the advisor of Rosalina still thinks the that Roseleta is Rosalina. He will not be easy done. Polari 7.800


Rosalleta phase 2

Rosalina was once the leader of the Comet observation. But Cackletta's Soul has no mercy and has chosen Rosalina as her body, forming Roseleta as the last boss of the game.


Phase 1: 7,000

Phase 2: 12,000

BOSS Stadium

Topmaniac ml style wip Topmaniac, the leader of the Topmen is a special boss in the game (in the boss stadium). Topmaniac 600
Megahammer ml style wip Megahammer, the robot of Bowser Jr. is a special boss in the game (in the boss stadium league). Megahammer 800
King-Bob-omb-Idle King Bob-omb or Big Bob-omb (the name in the game) is a special boss in the game (in the boss stadium league). King Bob-omb\Big Bob omb 1,100
King monty mole The King Monty Mole is not just a partner, he's also a boss (in the boss stadium league), he is actually a clone created by the Luma managing the Stadium. King Monty Mole 1,800


Picture Description Name
Biailailop As in Super Mario Bros., Bloopers fly. Blooper
Deviantbeetle Buzzy Beetle is present in all underground maps Buzzy Beetle
Deviantboo Boo is present in Roseleta's castle Boo
Deviantboo2 Dark Boo is present in Roseleta's castle Dark Boo
Deviantspiny Spiny is present in all underground maps


FRmarto Hammer Brothers are present in  Astral Spaceport Hammer Brothers
Ftomc Peepa is present in Roseleta's castle Peepa
Goombachelou Tashrooba is present in all maps where Shroobs are present Tashrooba
RetroW Retro Twhomp is present in some battle tutorials Retro Twhomp
Roiwhomp In this game, King Whomp is present not as a boss, but as a rare enemy. King Whomp
Rouleau Grrrol is present in Roseleta's castle Grrrol


 Whimp is present in Roseleta's castle Whimp
Smorgs Smorg is present in Astral Spaceport Smorg
Twon Thwomp is present everywhere in the game as in other Mario RPG's Games Thwomp
WOmPI Whomp is often present with Thwomp Whomp

X Bosses

Picture Description Name HP
Kammy X Attacks are faster and stronger. Kammy X 700
Petey X Appears to use the Ground Pound attack more. Petey X 1,200
Shroomy X Does have a lot more new attacks and can clone himself. Shroomy X 2,800
Bowserle Charges up the Flame attack faster. Bowser X 4,800
Birdo X Eggs are bigger and are harder to dodge. Birdo X 3,800
Popplele Appears to steal items much more frequently. Popple X 3,200
Dry Bowser x Charges up the Dark Flame attack faster. Dry Bowser X 8,000
Polari x Attacks are faster, and can now seal Special Attacks in a Star Cage for 5 turns. Zombie Luma X 16,800


All partners present in the game. But they can be only used in battle.

Picture Description Name
PIPI The palm tree from Delfino Island is now a partner of Mario & Luigi. Pianta
King monty mole Bowser has dismissed him, so the Monty Moles do not obey him now. After that, he joined Mario & Luigi's team. King Monty Mole
QUENE Caused by Bowser, her monarchy collapsed. She has now joined Mario & Luigi's team. Queen Bee
Bross These brothers are prisoners of war by Bowser. After being released, they join Mario & Luigi's team Starshade Bros
Bonuss The wooden friend of Mario & Luigi has joined the team. Whittles
Bird This friendly bird has joined Mario & Luigi's team. Fluzzard
Germo This odd robot has joined the Mario Bros. Gearmo
Bitttt The special Rabbit will not leak when seeing you this time. Star Rabbit
Beanish A simple beanish, but also a plumber, carpenter and more. He can do everything. Beanish Handyman
Touriste These tourists have their holiday unsuitable because of the previous event. They joined the Mario Bros.

Yoshi Island's Tourists

The Bosses Arena

Standard Bosses

The Bosses Arena or Boss Stadium is a contest where the Mario, Luigi and their parters must beat all participants counting 

  • 100 opponents
  • The boss league: 4 bosses: Topmaniac, Megahammer, Big Bob-omb and King Monty Mole
  • The Master of the league: in the scenario, the player will never have the opportunity to meet him (in the scenario Bowser arrived when the player is on the way of Maser's room

During the contest, the player win some presents

  • 25 opponents beated: 10 mushrooms
  • 50 opponents beated: 5 green mushrooms
  • 75 opponents beated: 3000 coins
  • 100 opponents beated: 250 beans
  • Boss league beated: 500 beans
  • Bowser (master appointed): 10 items of each items and attack of all partners +5

​X Bosses

After you have completed a boss, new X bosses will be unlocked.  ​After beating Zombie Luma X (AKA Polari X) boss, the player win the "X Master Wear", this gear allows to Mario or Luigi to have all stats increased by 50.



Name in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning

マリオ&ルイージRPG 5

Mario & Ruīji RPG Kūkan o tōshite

Mario & Luigi RPG 5
French 'Mario & Luigi: Le duo du Cosmos' Mario & Luigi: The duo of the Cosmos
Italian Mario & Luigi: Sulla Terra e nello spazio Mario & Luigi: On earth and in Space


  • It's possible that the game takes place in the same era as "Zelda : Ocarina of Time" because at the beginning of the game, young Link makes a cameo appearance and at the end of the game, Link and princess Zelda make one too.

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