Mario & Luigi: The Cartoon Madness
Producer(s) See "Created By" section
Distributor(s) See "Created By" section
Broadcaster(s) Cartoon Network

Nick Toons

Genre(s) Comedy


Age Rating(s)
Country of Origin U.S.A, Japan, Belgium, UK, Australia, Uruguay, South Korea, Singapore, Katar
Original Language Dutch, English, Japanese, Spanish (in Uguguay)
Status Active

Mario & Luigi: The Cartoon Madness is a anime (no, not a cartoon!) produced by LegendaryStar Co.

It's about the Mario & Luigi games. Two elements from Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Megasparkle Goomba and Tower Power Pokey) also make appearances.




  • Mario Bros.: Yes, here they are, the MARIO BROS. ! They often have to fight Bowser, Fawful, RC-Control Shroober and... Dark Sunnycide X.
    • Baby Bros.: Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, coming from the past, usually help the Bros. by whacking the foe with their hammers.
  • E. Gadd: Professor Elvin Gadd helps the Bros. with his deranged, but helpful inventions.
  • Starlow and Stuffwell help the Bros. on their adventures by giving hints and stocking their items, clothing and sort of everything they own.

More to come.


Each season contains 19 episodes.

Season One

  1. Yoob's Tummy - Mario and the Koopalings get devoured by Yoob.
  2. Sunny Side-Up - Sunnycide, now morphed into Dark Sunnycide X, causes rampage in the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, Fawful has plans with brainwashing Lemmy.


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