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Mario & Luigi: The Bowser's Shadow
Developer(s) Project Eternity
Publisher(s) Project Eternity
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Mario and Luigi: The Bowser's Shadow is the new upcoming game for Nintendo 3DS. It's the sequel of Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside with ideas from other Mario Games. The main enemy will be Bowser who wants to have the 7 Legend Stars. The game was created by Alange95 and published by the same creator. The sequel will make use of the Nintendo 3DS touch and 3D effects.


Battle System

Confirmed Characters

Playable Characters



  1. King Chomp
  2. Larry Koopa
  3. King Bob-omb
  4. Lemmy Koopa
  5. King Boo
  6. Roy Koopa
  7. Boom Boom
  8. Petey Piranha
  9. Wendy O. Koopa
  10. Koopaninjas
  11. Iggy Koopa
  12. Pom-Pom
  13. Morton Koopa Sr.
  14. Ludwig Von Koopa
  15. Kamek
  16. Bowser Jr.
  17. Bowser
  18. Dry Bowser
  19. Tera Bowser



Special Items

Mario Super Leaf

Luigi Ghost Vacuum

Wario Bob-omb

Waluigi Weapon Suit

Toad Pound Suit

Toadette Spiky Gloves

Maria Golden Mallet

Luise Spiny Shell

Waria Banzai Bill

Walice Goomba Totem

Princess Peach Star

Princess Daisy Boomerang Suit

Yoshi Dash Pepper

General Items


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