Mario & Luigi: The Animated Series is a TV series about Mario and Luigi defending the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser. It contains many other known characters, such as Wario, Waluigi, Peach and Toad. The main story is of Bowser sending members of his army to invade, succeding here-and-there, but being defeated by Mario and Luigi after a while. Bowser only appears in a direct battle agains the brothers in a few episodes.


It would sound something like this: , up to 0:59.

The Tales of the Mushroom Kingdom's intro starts with the camera sitting in an empty field with a lone green pipe, while the theme (based on World 1-1) plays. The camera zooms in on the pipe, hovers above it, and enters the pipe, playing the classic sound effect.

The screen fades into a picture of Peach's Castle, and zooms in through the stain-glass image of Princess Peach, and it shows her sitting on her throne, with Toadsworth at her side.

Changing scenes, it shows Mario stomping on a Goomba, and turning around. He sees Luigi cowering in the corner, with a Boo nearby. Professor E. Gadd jumps down, and sucks up the Boo with the Poltergust 5000.

The scene changes again, showing a fast-pace running scene, with Wario holding a massive stack of coins, and Waluigi following closely behind, dropping Bob-ombs here-and-there.

Again, the scene fades, and shows a picture of Bowser's castle. The camera passes marching troops of Goombas, Shy Guys, Koopas, etc. and enters the castle, there, Bowser is sitting on his throne, looking as angry as ever, with Bowser Jr. and Kamek at his side. He points his finger, and the camera turns, revealing an image of the 7 Koopa Kids, Boom Boom, and Pom Pom for a moment before fading again.

Yoshi is seen eating fruit with is long tongue, Birdo uses one of her popular poses, and the camera starts going upward, eventually into space, where Rosalina and a lone Luma are shown briefly. The camera then looks down, showing an overhead view of the Mushroom Kingdom. The logo appears, and the theme song comes to an end.


Each episode consists of:

  • Title Slide: It shows the episode's name, along with the writer(s).
  • Cast: A list of characters appearing in the episode.
  • Plot: Without a plot, there would be no story.
  • Songs: There are songs that play during certain scenes to attract and keep attention.
  • Credits Scene: A silent scene that plays while the credits roll

Episodes show every Tuesday, from 24 January 2012 onward.

Season 1


TV Description

Air Date

The Koopa King/Mystery Blocks

Mario and Luigi must once again save Princess Peach from the claws of Bowser. Later, the duo find a secret underground tunnel where many mysterious items are found.


Magic Paintings Part I/Magic Paintins Part II

Mario must hunt down Power Stars when the castle's power is cut off. Later, Luigi gets trapped inside Boo's Mansion, and must be rescued. (Will be the first in an on-going episode series based on Super Mario 64)


The Anti-Heroes/Yoshi's island

Mario and Luigi face off agains their their rivals, Wario and Waluigi. Later, the brothers find a small, green-spotted egg...


Mario the Weed Whacker/Haunted Housesitter

An urgent call from Toadette comes in, and Mario and Luigi have to do something to save her garden from Petey Piranha, and fast! Later, Mario goes on vactation with Peach, leaving Luigi in charge, but he has to deal with an infestation of Boos!


Missing Mushrooms/Magic Paintings Part III

Mowz and Bandit are the only two criminals left... Who has stolen the mushrooms!? Mario continues his adventure with magical paintings.


Rise of the Koopalings I/Magic Paintings IV

The Koopalings invade the Mushroom Kingdom and begin a fighting tournament. Mario's quest into the paintings of Peach's Castle advances further.


Season 2


TV Description

Air Date

Mario & Luigi: Boolloween

As Halloween approaches, the entire Mushroom Kingdom prpares for Peach's Party, even Bowser! Everything is ruined with King Boo decides he needs to take charge.



The following is a list of Members working on the Television series and what job they do.

  • Matthew Wentzien (PokeminMaster)- The Director/Producer (Approves Episodes)
  • Ed (EdGeorgenCody)- Writer (Designs Cast, Plot, and Credits Scene for Episodes)
  • Zain (Mayor Zain)- Writer (Designs Cast, Plot, and Credits Scene for Episodes)
  • Megamaster (Megamaster7941)- Musician (Composes and Remasters Music for the Episodes)


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