The way this kingdom works is not the way it should be. I will mold it into my own creation!
Wizard Winser, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga??

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga??
Developer(s) Alpha Dream
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo OS&S
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Rpg
Series Mario & Luigi
Predecessor Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Media Included 3DS GAMECARD
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga?? is the sixth installment in the Mario & Luigi Series, and is for the Nintendo OS&S. It is the sequel to both Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. In this game a restricting wizard feels that Mushroom Kingdom is to wild and chaotic so he was going to use his magic to remake the Mushroom Kingdom. He makes the citizens believe that he is doing a good deed, but the princess knows better. She tries to throw him out of the kingdom, but the citizens don't like this and lock her in a cage at the bottom of a well. This is where Mario, Luigi, and Birdo get involved. The wizard's interfering eventually causes to free hidden shroobs...



  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Birdo
  • Princess Peach (Shortly for beginning)
  • Mario of the Past (Shortly for endgame)




Mushroom Kingdom

Beanbean Kingdom (Near Past)




Mushroom Heals 20HP
Ultra Mushroom Heals 50HP
Mushroom Drop Heals 25HP To Everybody
Ultra Mushroom Drop Heals 50HP To Everybody
1-up Mushroom Revives Fallen Bro.
Refreshing Herb Clears All Status Effects
Golden Mushroom Heals Max. HP
Micro Cake Makes Half of Enemies Micro Status
Suprise Pie Gives someone a random Status Effect
Retry Clock

Allows you to restart a battle at any time


In Field

Mario and Luigi

  • Jump
  • Hammer/Mallet
  • Spin Jump
  • Mini Luigi or Luigi Drill


  • Egg
  • Tail
  • Ball Roll
  • Blow

In Battle

Mario and Luigi Defend

  • Jump
  • Hammer/Mallet
  • Duck

Mario and Luigi Options

  • Jump
  • Hammer/Mallet
  • Bros. Items
  • Items
  • Position Switch
  • Escape

Birdo Defend

  • Egg Spit
  • Tail Whip
  • Inhale

Birdo Options

  • Egg
  • Tail
  • Inhale
  • Items
  • Position Switch
  • Escape


Name Property
Burn Unable to move, 4HP damage each turn
Char Same as burn, Can use hammer
Stun Unable to move
Trip Same as stun, Can use hammer
Freeze Unable to move, 2HP Healing each turn
Ice Same as freeze, can use hammer
Micro Become tiny, hammer doesn't work, deal less damage
Gloom Harder to perform attack, no Bros. Items
Poison Can move, 4HP damage each turn


Mushroom Kingdom News Flash! A amazing and wonderful wizard has come to the kingdom to help solve all of our problems! The princess and him are holding a rejoice at the castle. More to come soon!

Princess Peach and Wizard Winser were standing on a stage platform in front of Princess Peach's Castle. Then the wizard spoke up, "People of Mushroom Kingdom, hear my words! I will use my wonderful magic to help you with all your troublesome problems!" Then Peach said, "And how do you plan to do that?" "Hey, no bad attitude now!" "Yeah princess!" said one of the members of the crowd. "Loosen up!" "What!?" said the princess. "I will not stand for this! Maybe this was a bad idea..." "Traitor!" the wizard suddenly called out. "Tie her at once!" Two toads came to the princess and tied her up in ropes. "No, wait!" yelled the princess. She got away from the crowd and ran to Toadsworth. "Help me!" "Run!" he said.

The Mario Bros. came and Mario, without no choice, took on the crowd. When he won, the wizard said, "Even your heroes have betrayed you! Help me to solve this problem!" The crowd took the tied up princess and threw her down a well. The wizard cast a spell on the Mario Bros., sending them away...

It was a nice, sunny day and Birdo was just leaving her house on the mountain. She took a warp pipe to Goomba's Forest to get a snack.

To Be Continued...