Mario & Luigi: Spaced Out is the latest game in the Mario & Luigi Series. It has a sci-fi theme and spoofs many well-known sci-fi movies, books, and games.


The story begins in Toad Town, when large flying saucers descend upon the city. They begin to abduct Toads and destroy buildings. One saucer descends over Peach's Castle and destroys it in a giant blast (Spoofing Independance Day). Peach, Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth, and some Toads escape in Peach's Plane (Once again spoofing Independance Day).

The plane carries them to a secret military base known only to Peach. It is known as Area 52. Here Mario and Luigi are shown around the base. They are shown to an inner chamber where they see a crashed Shroob saucer. They meet General Tiberius T. (A spoof of basically every general in every sci-fi movie ever made). Here they are presented with black suits and sunglasses (A spoof of Men in Black) and Lighthammers (A spoof of Star Wars) and are made members of the MKADF, or Mushroom Kingdom Alien Defense Force. Their first mission is to go to the nearby District 7, (A spoof of District 9), a slummy area where aliens were sent, to stop an alien uprising.

After they do this, they travel back to Toad Town, where the city is being attacked by giant walkers (A spoof of War of the Worlds), which capture Toads and harvest their vim for energy. Th two succeed in ridding th town of the walkers, but the massive alien mothership still continues to menace the people.


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