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This is an MidGame Inc. fan game made by iMansoorferoz.
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M&LSA Logo
Developer(s) MidGame Inc.
EEA Inc. Logo on Cases
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS Logo
Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
Janurary 2 2013 US Flag
December 19, 2012 Japan Flag
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Media Included DS Card

Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure is a fictional Super Mario game in the RPG. It is created by MidGame Inc. and is rated everyone and is released only on the Nintendo DS like all the other Mario & Luigi games except Superstar Saga. The game shows much more use of the Touch Screen DS microphone than Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In addition, this is the second Mario RPG to feature Wario and Waluigi as playable characters. The game also features new environments and new bro items and new characters. Like Mario and Luigi, Wario and Waluigi have their own command buttons. X is for Wario, and Y is for Waluigi. The main focus of the game is the four heroes trying to stop the evil Princess Shroongi and her sidekick, Cackful. Also, three users helped improve the game, Waddel Dii, Arend, and Stelios.


Part 1 - Mushroom Kingdom


Mario battles Bowser

In the opening, Mario & Princess Peach take a walk. Then Lakithunder comes and strikes the castle. Luigi comes and watches the Princess while Mario rushes to the castle. Bowser seems to be responsible for everything. Mario fights Bowser and defeats him, he knocks him out of the castle. Meanwhile, Mario returns to Luigi. But is shocked to see the princess gone and Luigi unconscious. Mario wakes up Luigi and asks him what happened. At the castle Luigi says that some odd looking crew beat him and took the princess. After hearing this, Mario and Luigi set off and began their journey.

First, you can walk around Toad Town and visit places like Toadette's Music Room, Item Shops. Before you leave Toad Town, you meet Wiggler who wants two Piranha Plants out of his garden. He also gives the bros. hammers and teaches them how to use them in battle. Toadsworth comes in and says to hurry up. Later, they reach the exit of Toad Town. They get a case and Professor E. Gadd sent a star sprite, Chip, to guide them with their adventure. Before they leave, the Wario Bros. interrupt, they say they want to take Peach for themselves. This time, the Mario Bros. fight their counterparts in an epic clash. After they defeat their enemies. Toadbert explains that fighting is not the solution to find Peach, together however, they can accomplish their goals. The Wario Bros. have no choice but to accept. So the Mario Bros. set out and the Wario Bros. go to a different way.


Mario and Luigi's Battle System

On their way Chip comes out and teaches the Mario bros. how to battle. And not only that, She teaches them how to use their suitcase. Later, the bros. are about to reach the border, they eventually stop at a little place called Fungitown. A place where Toads have migrated. Mario and Luigi have decided to relax a little while Wario and Waluigi begin their part of the adventure.


The hero's suitcase

While they make their journey, they run into a yellow block guy named Brubble, a famous rich genius and scientist. He teaches the Wario Bros. how to fight in battle and how to use their action icons. Wario thanks him and leaves. Later, the Wario Bros. once again meet Brubble near the border to Gritzy Desert. This time, Brubble asks for help, and then a minigame is displayed in which a stylus bar is required. After the minigame is completed, Brubble thanks them and teaches them how to use Bro Items, another reward was giving them a PUNCH icon and block. He brings them to his shop and allowed them to buy items and gears. Meanwhile, the Mario Bros. finish resting and resume their part of their adventure.


The talk with Bowser and Bowser Jr.

Once the Mario Bros. get out of Fungitown, they visit the northeast Mushroom Kingdom where there are high lands and hills. They meet a few new enemies and finally reach the border of Gritzy Valley. Another surprise is that Wario and Waluigi are there. Bowser and Bowser Jr. suddenly appear and interrupt the conversation. Bowser understands that the heroes want to get Peach, which is why Bowser explains that he intends to capture Peach himself. Bowser Jr. sends Larry Koopa to stop them, the Wario Bros. step in and fight the koopaling.

Part 2 - Gritzy Valley

Larry is eventually defeated and the 4 heroes move to Gritzy Valley, a dry and hot desert with dangerous and new enemies. The 4 heroes decide to split up again like they did in

Wario and Waluigi in Gritzy Valley

the Mushroom Kingdom. Maybe then they'll meet again. The Mario Bros. walk around and meet a few travelers, they explain that they were trying to move the heavy boulder that's blocking their way. Mario realizes that their hammers won't break through. Chip suggests that they should find a cold hard stone to break through the boulder. While searching, they go to a strange place, it seemed like a worshiping ground. Then the floor shakes, and Mummipokey rises from the center of the place. The Mario Bros. have no choice but to battle the beast. After it's defeated, Luigi finds a stone within the monster. Back at the place, a minigame is displayed in which a stylus bar is required. The Mario Bros. finally break through and continue their adventure. They eventually run into a bunch of clouds named Fwoosh, who blow them away. Chip realizes that they can't possibly make it through, they will have to depend on the Wario Bros. for the rest. Later, the Wario Bros. go around exploring Gritzy Valley. And they have to solve a few puzzles, which makes the stage a little more difficult. And then, they run into this great door in which they have to break through. Then they learn the Ball Bros. move by a traveler and they break through the door. The Mario Bros. were behind that door! With all the heroes together, they convince Fwoosh to let them pass. Fwoosh allows them to pass, as long as they don't cause any trouble

Part 3 - Pyramid

After the four heroes take a nice ride from the clouds, they visit the ancient and mysterious pyramid. The Wario Bros. decide to split, but Chip advised against it. Knowing the

The Mario Bros. in the Pyramid stage.

environment they're in is just a trap. So the Wario Bros. followed the Mario Bros. and Chip teaches them how to switch from the Mario Bros. to the Wario Bros. etc. They solve a few puzzles involving the Bros Switch move. and later, Chip sees a door and says it's impossible to go through at their normal sizes. Luigi then came up with an idea that he squishes Mario and transforms him into mini Mario. Chip thinks it's a great idea but asks how does he return to normal, Luigi whacks Mario again in order to return to his normal size. After mini Mario goes through the door he hits a switch with his hammer and the door opens suddenly. Mario returns him to normal and the four heroes' adventure resumes. Later, they meet Bowser and Bowser Jr. again, annoyed once again. Bowser Jr. sends Roy Koopa to stop them, after that, the koopa king and his son make their escape. The Wario Bros. once again step in and battle.

Roy is then defeated and the heroes move on to the higher levels. And after a few more puzzles and a stylus minigame, the Mario and Wario Bros. meet the fiend and her sidekick who kidnapped Peach; Princess Shroongi and Cackful. The villains finally introduce themselves and Princess Shroongi orders Cackful. to keep the Mario Bros. busy while she takes Peach. Chip teaches the four heroes how to battle at the same during a boss battle. And Chip teaches them how to take turns and their command blocks. After the four heroes defeat Cackful, they head for Princess Shroongi, known that she took Peach. Princess Shroongi slowly tries to make her escape quick but Mario stomps on her and she dropped Peach. Luigi takes the mushroom kingdom princess in a safe place. Cackful gets up again and blasts the entire place while he and Princess Shroongi make their escape. The entire place blows up and everyone gets separated.

Part 4 - Chilly Waters

Chilly Waters playthrough

Mario, Luigi,

Later, Mario wakes up and finds Luigi laying flat on the icy cold floors of Chilly Waters. Mario wakes up Luigi by banging his hammer on the floor. And then the two search for Chip. After searching around the frozen wasteland, the brothers finally find Chip being hit by iceballs coming from two Mr. Blizzards. Mario and Luigi fight the two brutes and defeat them. Chip thanks them and asks where is Wario and Waluigi. The Mario bros. say they couldn't find them during their search, so Chip decides to go around and look for them, thinking that they'll find them later. The brothers soon reach the frozen lake, then Mario finds something sleeping and everyone takes a closer look. They see Petey Piranha! He was blocking the gate to the frozen icelands. Luigi was about to scream, scared by the gargantuan piranha plant. But before he does, Mario covers his mouth. Chip tells Luigi to be quiet. But the scared Mario brother couldn't take it, he screams out loud and causes Petey to awaken from his sleep. Now the Mario brothers have no choice but to beat the deadly gargantuan. After Petey Piranha is defeated, it explodes and a small shard comes out of it. Luigi asks Mario what is it, Mario has no clue what it is either. Chip remembers, it was a piece of the millennium star that exploded into pieces when the Pyramid was destroyed. Chip also tells the brothers that 4 more pieces are to be found in the greater regions, so the heroes move on.

After a desperate search, Mario & Luigi find a gate. There was also a star who was blocking the way, his name was StarPass, he revealed himself as a star sprite and explained that no one is allowed to enter Frosty Castle. But Chip comes out and says that he is a star sprite as well, and he's aiding the Mario brothers. Chip asks if a shiny shard fell in a castle, StarPass says yes which is why King Frosty forbade anyone from entering his castle until he discovers what it is. Chip grows angry and says the shard was a piece of the millennium star and it's in Frosty Castle. StarPass is silent for a moment but then understands so he allows the heroes to pass. The three finally enter the garden, then the castle.

Part 5 - Frosty Castle

Right before Mario and Luigi enter the castle, Chip comes out and says that the place seems very familiar. He asks them if they ever visited the place before. Mario and Luigi say no, knowing that not even in one of their adventures have they visited somewhere so cold and freezing.
Frosty Castle

Chip, Mario, and Luigi at the entrance of Frosty Castle

{C}(The story is being rewritten, so please excuse it's current information.)


There are several locations. All focus and resemble the courses and worlds of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


You can encounter up to 49 enemies and battle them in Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure. Remember that some enemies can only be fought by Wario and Waluigi or Mario and Luigi

Image Name HP Coins Dropped EXP Location
GoombaM&LRiA Goomba* 10/25 8 8 All except Ocean
RunBlock Koopa Troopa* 12/35 11 20 All except Ocean
Koopaelite Elite Koopa Troopa** 15/40 19 25 All except Ocean
ParagoombaM&LR Paragoomba 21 22 32 Gritzy Valley
GoomboM&LRiA Goombo** 29 56 9 Mushroom Kingdom
Bob-Omb Bob-Omb* 25/62 22 40 The Canyon & The Badlands
AmpM&LRiA Amp* 139 67 123 Sky Dream
Mr.BlizzardM&LVQ Mr. Blizzard 70 53 90 Chilly Waters
MontyMoleM&LVQ Monty Mole* 55 29 90 Woody Woods
Piranha PlantM&LRiA Piranha Plant 10 33 30 Mushroom Kingdom
ParaTroop Koopa Paratroopa* 11/29 44 39 All except Ocean
EliteParaTroop Elite Paratroopa** 11/40 55 40 All except Ocean
SpinyM&LRiA Spiny 19 66 14 Gritzy Valley
BooM&LRiA Boo 15 77 40 Ho-Oh Oasis & Bowser's Castle
HammerBro.M&LVQ Hammer Bro. 25/150 23 100 All except Ocean
Scuttlebug Scuttlebug 70 29 151 Badlands 1
Cheep-CheepM&LVQ Cheep-Cheep* 23 34 98 Ho-Oh Ocean
DryBones Dry Bones 30/130 58 68 Ho-Oh Oasis & Bowser's Castle
SplunkinM&LVQ Splunkin 120 67 170 Badlands 1
Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetle** 29 24 98 Chilly Waters
MagikoopaM&LVQ Magikoopa 131 79 230 Bowser's Castle
LakituM&LVQ Lakitu 80 43 20 Gritzy Valley
ChuckyaM&LVQ Chukya** 110 136 126 The Canyon
WigglerM&LVQ Wiggler** 96 57 76 Woody Woods
PokeyM&LRiA Pokey 55 45 36 Gritzy Valley
Bill Bullet Bill 28 43 30 The Canyon & Badlands 1
ThwompM&LVQ Thwomp** 100 119 58 Chilly Waters
Blockhopper Blockhopper** 60 23 24 Gritzy Valley
ShyGuyM&LVQ Shy Guy 40 43 57 Uncharted Forest
BroozerM&LRiA Broozer** 140 32 105 Ho-Oh Oasis & Chilly Waters
TanoombaM&LRiA Tanoomba 80 36 3 Mushroom Kingdom
SwooperM&LRiA Swooper* 59 54 90 Chily Waters
Cave Goomba Cave Goomba 13 10 5 Mushroom Kingdom
Blooper Blooper* 30 15 67 Ho-Oh Ocean
FireBro.M&LVQ Fire Bro 140 70 195 Badlands 2
BoomerangBro.M$LVQ Boomerang Bro. 25 12 50 Gritzy Valley
Kab-omb Kab-Omb 95 42 190 Badlands 2
Baloon Boo Balloon Boo 20 10 112 Sky Dream
Spike Top Spike Top** 43 22 87 Chilly Waters
Deep-CheepM&LVQ Deep-Cheep* 36 13 49 Ho-Oh Ocean
Squiggler Squiggler* 90 20 125 Sky Dream
PenguieM&LRiA Penguie* 160 80 150 Yoshi Island
ChainChompM&LVQ Chain Chomp** 159 76 134 The Canyon
IceBro.M&LVQ Ice Bro. 56 26 80 Chilly Waters
SnifitM&LVQ Snifit 30 15 30 Woody Woods
GoombaM26LR Goomball 110 65 112 Bowser's Castle

*means Mario and Luigi can only attack them
**means Wario and Waluigi can only attack them


The bosses in the game are listed in the order of which you as the player fight.

Image Name HP Coins Dropped EXP Location
BowserMK Bowser* 20 7 9 Peach's Castle
Wariosprite Waluigi-Idle Wario & Waluigi* Wario - 110
Waluigi - 90
20 29 Toad Town
Larry Larry Koopa** 300 50 34 Mushroom Kingdom
Mummipokey Mummipokey* 450 100 37 Gritzy Valley
6ML Roy Koopa** 475 100 20 Pyramid
CackfulM&LRiA Cackful* 550 100 45 Pyramid
Peteyml Petey Piranha* 650 100 63 Chilly Waters
Lemmy Lemmy Koopa* 480 100 78 King Frosty's Castle
King Frosty King Frosty*

King Frosty - 1100

{C}Ice Scepter - 550

100 89 King Frosty's Castle
Cheepskipper Cheepskipper* 800 100 98 Ho-Oh Ocean
Wendy Wendy O. Koopa** 500 100 111 Yoshi Island
Baby Bowser Bowser Jr.* 1000 100 522 Bowser Jr.'s Airship
Popple & Snook Popple/Snook**

Popple - 1150

{C}Snook - 1050

200 133 Woody Woods
Mcboo-idle-ML McBoo* 1200 300 120 Woody Woods
Mad Wiggler Wiggler* 1300 356 266 Woody Woods
GoombossM&LRiA Goomboss** 1256 400 144 Woody Woods
1iggy Iggy Koopa* 550 500 255 Woody Woods
LakithunderM&LRiA Lakithunder** 1380 600 366 Sky Dream
Ludwig1 Ludwig von Koopa** 700 700 477 Sky Dream
Monty Cannon Monty Cannon*

Monty Mole - 423

{C}Battle Cannon - 1600

800 588 Gladiator Colliseum
3mortonjr Morton Koopa Jr.** 800 900 699 Gladiator Colliseum
Popple & Snook Popple/Snook** (second time)

Popple - 1650

{C}Snook - 1350

800 1100 Badlands 2
KamekML Kamek* 1890 900 1200 Bowser's Castle
Baby Bowser Bowser Jr.*** (second time) 2000 1400 1000 Bowser's Castle
BowserMK Bowser*** (second time) 2250 1500 1100 Bowser's Castle
CackfulM&LRiA Cackful*** (second time) 2300 2000 1200 Bowser's Castle
Princess Shroob Pit Princess Shroongi*** 2500 3000 9999 Bowser's Castle



Part 1 - 2500

Part 2 -3000

389 2500 Bowser's Castle
Bowshroom Core Bowshroom's Core Left Arm - 150
Main - 3500
Right Arm - 150
Left Leg - 200
Middle Leg - 200
Right Leg - 200
450 0 Inside Bowshroom
* means Mario and Luigi have to battle
** means Wario and Waluigi have to battle
*** means all four Bros, must battle



  • Mario - The favorite stached hero
  • Luigi - Everyone's favorite sidekick
  • Wario - The evil alter-ego of Mario
  • Waluigi - Wario's diobolical partner in purple


  • Princess Peach - The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and damsel of the game.
  • Toadsworth - The highest order of senior toads
  • Chip - A star sprite that guides you in the game.
  • Monseuir Broggy - A famous and rich scientist of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Professor E. Gadd - A scientist that invents machines for the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Toadbert - A friend who gives advice to the four heroes.
  • King Frosty - An ancient powerful sage that possesses amazing Ice powers and can predict the future.


  • Popple - A thief who tricks people into giving money to him.
  • Snook - Popple's new rookie
  • Bowser - The Koopa King who's trying to do anything to get his castle back from Bowshroom.
  • Bowser Jr. - Bowser's little brat who's aiding his dad in getting his castle back
  • Princess Shroongi - The game's main antagonist.
  • Bowshroom - The game's 2nd main antagonist
  • Cackful - Bowshroom's Sidekick and pupil

Non-Playable Characters

  • StarPass - A star sprite that guards the passage to Frosty Castle.

Battle System

Mario and Luigi's battle system

The general battle system is the same as Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. You can jump on your foe twice, but some changes were applied. If the player has both Mario and Luigi or Wario and Waluigi grouped together, solo jump and hammer commands can be enhanced in perfect timing to inflict more damage. Bros. Items- have returned from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The player can purchase in shops or obtain from Blocks. Bros. Items are used to inflict more damage on the enemy and may be used by two or one of the playable characters.

If the characters are in battle, they will receive damage if they get hit (or loss of HP) until they pass out. If one of the brothers pass out, they are no longer in battle. If you revive one of the brothers with a 1-Up Mushroom, the battle will resume. If all brothers pass out, the game will conduct a Game Over.

However, the battle system changes if the player goes into battle without the other. First off, Bros. Items that require all two characters to operate (Cannonballers, Trampolines, etc.) are disabled. If only Mario or Luigi go into battle the Bro Items that require all bros are disabled because only one of the brothers is battling. Furthermore, in separation one's demise will result in Game Over, regardless of the other one's status outside of battle.

Additionally, both DS screens are used to display all action occurring in battles.

Wario and Waluigi's battle system

Wario and Waluigi's battle system are slightly different than that of the Mario Bros. They have a punch icon instead of a hammer icon. And they use different bro items instead of sharing with the Mario Bros. When Wario jumps on his opponent, he ground pounds on his second jump like in Mario & Luigi: Sibling Warfare, Waluigi however, double-jumps normally. If any of the Wario Bros. pass out, the other will be the understudy. If both pass out, the game will conduct a Game Over.

Wario or Waluigi can go to battles separately like the Mario Bros. But if any of them pass out, it will be a game over, ignoring the other brother.

Bros Items

Another return was the Bro Items from Partners in time with some new attacks. There is no SP or BP cost for them. And there are shops where you can buy these items. {C}

Mario using the Pocket Chomp move

Mario & Luigi's Bro Items

Wario & Waluigi's Bro Items


Each brother has his own HP, POW, DEF, SPEED, and STACHE points. When they finish a battle, they each gain EXP points. With enough EXP Points, he can level-up and increase each respective statistic

  • HP (abbreviation of Heart Points) is the amount of life the heroes have. When an enemy hits one of the Mario Bros., he will lose HP. When his HP reaches zero, he passes out, but can be revived with a 1-Up Mushroom or 1-Up Super.
  • POW (abbreviation of Power) is how strong either Mario or Luigi or Wario and Waluigi is. The higher his POW stats are, the more damage he will give.
  • DEF (abbreviation of Defense) is how much damage either Mario or Luigi or Wario and Waluigi can block from an enemy hit. The higher his DEF stats are, the less damage he will receive.
  • SPEED is how fast Mario or Luigi are. The more SPEED he have, the more he can attack an enemy in a given turn.
  • STACHE is the most unique of Mario and Luigi or Wario and Waluigi's stats. The higher their STACHE stats are, the greater there is a chance of a Lucky Hit, which doubles POW. Plus, it gives Mario and Luigi discounts when buying at shops.


Image Item Effect
MushroomM&LRiA Mushroom Restores 20 HP
MushroomM&LRiA Super Mushroom Restores 30 HP
MushroomM&LRiA Ultra Mushroom Restores 40 HP
MushroomM&LRiA Max Mushroom Restores 60 HP
GoldenMushroom Golden Mushroom Restores all HP
1-Up Mushroom 1-Up Mushroom Revives fallen brother with 20 HP
1-Up Mushroom 1-Up Super Revives fallen brother with all HP
Nut Nut Restores 10 HP to both brothers
Nut Super Nuts Restores 15 HP to both brothers
Nut Ultra Nuts Restores 20 HP to both brothers
Nut Max Nuts Restores all HP to both brothers
Refreshing Herb Refreshing Herb Cures all status alignments
Red Pepper Red Pepper Boosts Pow
Green Pepper Green Pepper Boosts Defense
Blue Pepper Blue Pepper Boosts Speed
POW Bean Bean Boosts stats by 2


  • Chip's name was tooken by the infamous Star Sprite, Starlow, who was called "Chippy" by Bowser.
  • The game strangely doesn't really give Bowser a role. He only makes appearances in scenes.
  • Cackful's appearance strangely resembles Dark Fawful's.
  • Bowshroom was originally going to be called "Shroomser" but the name mostly resembled "Shrowser". Creator iMansoorferoz didn't want to copy other names.
  • Cackful's name was actually the two names, "Cackletta", and "Fawful".
  • Cackful was originally going to be called Fawletta, but it seemed like a girl name
  • Princess Shroongi appears as a boss and according to the storyline, she is Bowshroom's daughter.
  • Bowshroom inhales Mario & Luigi which is a reference to Bowser's Inside Story.
  • King Frosty is the symbol and signature character for Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure
  • Popple didn't really get much attention and appearances throughout the Mario RPG's, so he was confirmed as a boss in this game.
  • Snook, which is Popple's new Rookie, has a strange appearance simaler to that of Roy Koopa except with blue glassess and bandana.
  • Bowshroom's Core is known to be the final boss of the game but also resembles the "Dark Star Core"


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