Mario and Luigi's Bros. Items

Image Name Targets Status Alignments
Shell1 Green Shell Single None
Red Red Shell Single None
GoldShell1 Gold Shell Single None
Fire Fire Flower All Burn
Ice Ice Flower All Random Down
MegaShroomy Mega Mushroom All None
SmashEgg Smash Egg Serial Dizzy
Pocket Pocket Chomp Serial None
Cannonballer Cannonballer Single None
Trampoline Trampoline Serial Dizzy
Jump Jump Helmet Single None
Copy Copy Flower Serial Dizzy
Mix Mix Flower All Burn
SpinPipe. Spin Pipe Serial None
Falling Falling Star Serial Dizzy

Wario and Waluigi's Bros. Items

Image Name Targets Status Alignments
Blued Blue Shell Single None
BlackShell Black Shell Single None
BombShell Bomb Shell Single Burn
PocketBomb Pocket Bomb Serial Burn
BombBlaster Bob-Omb Blaster All Random Down
WarioCannon Wario Cannon Single None
PoisonFlower Poison Flower All Poison
PoisonShroomy Poison Mushroom Single Poison
PiranhaStampede Piranha Plant Stampede All Dizzy
GoldBomb Golden Bob-Omb Serial Burn
FallingZtar Falling Ztar Serial Sick

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