Mario & Luigi: Return of the Shroobs is a game for Wii, N3000, Nintendo 3DS.

In it,Shroobs are much stronger since their last defeat,and are conquering not just the Mushroom Kingdom,but the entire planet.And it's up to only Mario and Luigi to rescue the kingdom,and defeat the Shroobs again,


  • Peach Castle
  • Dark UFO
  • Vine Garden
  • Shroobot Factory
  • Spike Cave
  • Shroob Desert
  • Star Castle
  • Shroob Kingdoom
  • Ice Planet
  • Dark Hole
  • Holo Hole
  • Lord Toad's Kingdoom
  • Shroob Jungle
  • Fog Garden
  • Hyper Forest
  • Water Arena
  • Dry Volcano
  • Lava World
  • Koopa Tower
  • Lord Toads Castle
  • Bone Sea
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Koopa Cruiser
  • Princess Shroob's Giant Castle
  • Bowser's Jungle City
  • Bomb Factory
  • Shroob Mountain
  • Fawful's Castle
  • Clamber of Sages
  • Princess Shroob Tower in Final Battle
  • Shroob City


Image Name HP EXP Location
Shroob3D Shroob 25 15 Shroob City
RC Shroober RC Shroober 60 27 Shroob City
Guardian Shroob Guardian Shroob 90 80 Dark UFO
Dr. Shrooba Dr. Shroob 30 20 Vine Garden
Silver Dr. Shroob.. Silver Dr. Shroob 50 32 Vine Garden
Shroid. Shroid 115 152 Shroobot Factory
Spike Shroob Spike Shroob 71 61 Spike Cave
Shrooba Diver. Shrooba Diver 74 58 Shroob Desert
Shroobsworth Shroobsworth 180 165 Dark UFO
Power Shroob 3D Power Shroob 150 125 Star Castle
Blazing Shroob Blazing Shroob 110 130 Spike Cave
Vine Shroob Vine Shroob 132 160 Vine Garden
Poison shroob Poison Shroob 15 10 Ice Planet
Jungle Vine Shroob Jungle Vine Shroob 155 178 Shroob Jungle
Dark Spike Shroob Dark Spike Shroob 220 199 Dark Hole
Image Name HP EXP Location
Boom Guy 3D Boom Guy 58 46 Koopa Tower
Tanoomba Tanoomba 35 38 Fog Garden
Skellokey Skellokey 110 97 Bone Sea
Image Name HP EXP Location
Elite Power Shroob 3D Elite Power Shroob 250 280 Holo Hole
Elite Boom Guy 3D Elite Boom Guy 92 78 Shroob Jungle


Coming Soon



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