Mario & Luigi: Return of the Shroobs
Developer(s) Yoshi3000
Publisher(s) 60px-Nin.png
Platform(s) Wii
3D Version N3000
Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan 2013
25px-Flag of USA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe 2013
25px-Flag of Australia 2013
1-4 Players
1-8 Players (Wi-Fi)
Genre(s) Action
Media Included Wii Disc
N3000 Disc
3DS Game Card


Mario & Luigi: Return of the Shroobs is a game for the Wii, N3000,and Nintendo 3DS.

The Shroobs (which are much stronger) are coming back for revenge, and it's up to Mario and Luigi to get rid of the Shroobs again.


  • Shroob City
  • Dark UFO
  • Army Field
  • Shroob Planet​ (Only 3D Version or Buyable)

  • Vine Garden
  • Shroobot Factory
  • Lava Arena
  • Spike Cave
  • Shroob Desert
  • Star Castle
  • Shroob Kingdoom
  • Ice Planet
  • Dark Hole
  • Holo Hole
  • Lord Toads Kingdoom
  • Bomber Volcano
  • Shroob Jungle
  • Fog Garden
  • Hyper Forest
  • Water Arena
  • Yoshi Tower
  • Black Hole
  • Gritzy Desert
  • Unknown Ship
  • L33T Factory
  • Dry Volcano (Only 3D Version)

  • Lava World (Only 3D Version)

  • Koopa Tower (Only 3D Version)

  • Lord Toads Castle (Only 3D Version)

  • Bone Sea (Only 3D Version)

  • Bowsers Jungle City (Only 3D Version)

  • Bomb Factory (Only 3D Version)

  • Shroob Beach (Only in The Normal Version)

  • Dry Mountains (Only in The Normal Version)

  • Dr. Shroobs Ice Tower (Buyable)

  • Shroob 3D Castle(Downloadable Only for 3DS)

  • BeanBean Castle (Only 3D Version)

  • ChuckleHuck Woods (Only 3D Version)

  • Joke's End (Only 3D Version)

  • Peach's Castle Ruins (Available in both 3D and Normal Versions)
  • Dark Star MotherShip (Downloadable Only for 3DS)

  • Vim Factory (Downloadable Only for 3DS)

  • Luigi's Mansion (Downloadable Only for 3DS)


Image Name HP EXP Location
Goomba. Goomba 11 5 Fog Garden
Skull Goomba Skull Goomba 23 17 Army Field
Soombla. Soombla 47 13.456 ?
Giga Shroob Rex Giga Shroob Rex 550 750 Hyper Forest
Kab omb Kab omb 48 75 Bomber Volcano
Amp. Amp 31 35 Spike Cave
Sledge Bro. Sledge Bro. 321 260 Hyper Forest
Dead bones Dead Bones 64 60 Dry Mountains
Ledge Bro.. Ledge Bro. 487 513 Bomber Volcano
Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro. 71 58 Army Field
Evil Toad.. Evil Toad 116 - 234 120 Lord Toads Kingdoom
Spiny Spiny 13 16 Shroob Jungle
Shroob chomp Shroob Chomp 130 160 Shroobot Factory
Guardian Shrooboid Guardian Shrooboid 245 220 Dark UFO
Cyber Yoshi Cyber Yoshi 230-400 310 Dark UFO
Image Name HP EXP Location
Shroob Shroob 25 15 Shroob City
RC Shroober. RC Shroober 60 27 Shroob City
Guardian Shroob. Guardian Shroob 90 80 Dark UFO
Dr. Shroob. Dr. Shroob 30 20 Vine Garden
Silver Dr. Shroob. Silver Dr. Shroob 50 32 Vine Garden
Shroid Shroid 115 152 Shroobot Factory
Spike Shroob. Spike Shroob 71 61 Spike Cave
Shrooba Diver Shrooba Diver 74 58 Shroob Desert
Shroobsworth. Shroobsworth 180 165 Dark UFO
Roos. Ross 45 39 Vine Garden
Power Shroob Power Shroob 150 125 Star Castle
Blazing Shroob. Blazing Shroob 110 130 Spike Cave
Vine Shroob. Vine Shroob 132 160 Vine Garden
Poison Shroob Poison Shroob 15 10 Ice Planet
Jungle Vine Shroob. Jungle Vine Shroob 155 178 Shroob Jungle
Dark Spike Shroob. Dark Spike Shroob 220 199 Dark Hole
PiT CommanderShroob Commander Shroob 600 670 Shroobot Factory
Drill Shroob. Drill Shroob 800 770 Bomber Volcano
Mega Blaster Shroob Mega Blaster Shroob 136 (370 Blaster) 211 Ice Planet
Image Name HP EXP Location
Elite Power Shroob Elite Power Shroob 250 280 Holo Hole
Elite Boom guy Elite Boom Guy 92 78 Shroob Jungle
Elite Shroob Rex Elite Shroob Rex 425 500 Shroob Kingdoom
Elite Giga Shroob Rex Elite Giga Shroob Rex 1200 999 Shroob Kingdoom


  1. Name
HP EXP Location Info
Prince Shroob.

Prince Shroob


12.500(Rare Occasions)

400 Shroob Kingdoom Whenever an Elite Shroob is defeated. gets Prince Shroob 250 HPs.He also reveals that every known Shroob in existence can heaten up his body to shoot body and finger lasers.But rarely ever happens.
Lord Toad

Lord Toad

199 500 Loard Toads Kingdoom Who is beatable only one in level 1000.Can also suck up some of YOUR Health Points.
Dark Bowser..

Dark Bowser

2100 1300 Dark Bowser's Castle

The Dark Bowser Boss

With Fawful reborn from dark power particles,and an extra-rare artificial Dark Star.

Black Hole Shroob.

Black Hole Shroob

5000/7500 10.000 Dark Hole He Dark Hole.Can create smaller dark holes.Can also create black holes.Has black hole and dark hole type of powers.Can teleport and has successfully mastered the laser attack as mentioned by Prince Shroob.Also noted to have copied Capcom's Galaxy Man certain ways.
Fat Shroob.

Fat Shroob

3500 4000 Hyper Forest He eats everything and become more HP.Can also eat UFO's to have more ammo to shoot lasers the Shroob Saucerers had.His mouth acts similary like an organic hyper-fast vaccoum.
Clone Shroob.

Clone Shroob

30 120 Shroob Desert he can always clone more must defeat enemys.Note:If you don't defeat him fast enough he will clone 1.000.000 clones of himself making it hard.
Amazing Time Shroob.

Amazing Time Shroob

1.000.000 1.200.000 Clock Factory

He is Super Extremely VERY HARD TO BEAT,HE IS HARDNESS ITSELF!!!TOTAL PURE HAAARDNESSS!He is just hardness itself.That's all.You cannot beat him!And he also can control time.He can reverse,slow down,speed up,and stop time at will.He can suck in time and create Time Balls which are One-Hit kill projectiles if they hit.He also can bring back dead enemies and villains.And can erase time and create wormholes which implode on on themselves.And can also eat time as lunch.



4000 5000 Yoshi Tower Beating Yoob.Who can lay eggs so that fake yoobs are hatched to attack the player.
Giga Shroob

Giga Shroob

6000 7000 Hyper Forest He can summon UFO's and he can use a high-tech-laser-, and a highly technologycal high tech laser hammer to attack you.He also has an IQ of 4.570,making him an perfect mix of muscle,mind and brains. How To Beat Giga Shroob.
Piranha Bowser.

Piranha Bowser

Spikey Piranha Bowser



Piranha Bowser's Castle

How To Beating Final Boss. Piranha Bowser is an genetically mutanted horrific mixed abomination of Bowser and a piranha plant.Shroobs influence!

How To Beat piranha bowser

Wii and 3DS Atworks

N3000 Atworks

3D Version

Mario & Luigi:Return of the Shroobs 3D Version




  • Mushrroms 
  • Super Mushroom 
  • 1-Up Mushroom
  • 1-Up Super
  • Refresh Herbs
  • Peppers

Bros Items

  • Green Shell
  • Fire Flower
  • Ice Flower
  • Trampoline
  • Canonball
  • Pocket Chomp
  • Red Shell
  • Blue Shell
  • Smash Egg
  • Mix Flower
  • Copy Flower 
  • Power Stars