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Mario & Luigi: Quest For The Seven Sages is a 2.5D Side- Scrolling game for the Nintendo 3DS and will be released the 30th of March 2014.

Playable Characters:

Seven Sages:




Prolouge: The Journey Begins

In the Mushroom Kingdom, the Seven Sages had the ability to grant one wish if they were summoned. Our story begins on fine morning in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario is sleeping while Luigi is playing his DS. Toad then rushes in to warn Mario and Luigi that Mortisha Koopa is causing trouble at the Mushroom Sanctuary. Luigi then wakes Mario up, and the two set off.

The two arrive at the Mushroom Kingdom to find the door locked. Mario and Luigi then have to travel underground to reach the secret exit.

Once they arrive, the two then see that Mortisha Koopa is talking to Starlow telling her that she is a magnificent Sage. Mortisha then gets her Crystal Brush and then turns Starlow into a painting.

When she turns around, she sees Mario and Luigi blocking the exit. She then battles Mario and Luigi.

She then is defeated, and then kicks Mario and Luigi which makes them slam on the door which knocks them out. Mortisha then heads off with Starlow in search for the other Sages.

The two then wake up in there house to see Brickle watching them. He then tells them that he found then knocked out in Mushroom Sanctuary. Then he asks If he could live with them for the next couple of days.

Mario and Luigi agree and Brickle jumps with joy. He then decides to open a shop in their house. He then tells them to talk to Princess Peach about what happened. Mario & Luigi then set off to Mushroom Castle.

Arriving at Mushroom Castle, the two then go to see Princess Peach. They tell her about what happened and she is shocked. She then tells the two to go to Evergreen Village to speak with Eldream. As the two are about to set off Mortisha then arrives. She then threatens everyone at the castle and then tells Grodus to kill everyone there. Mortisha then runs off. Mario and Luigi then go to defeat Grodus.

After defeating Grodus, he blows up never to be seen again. Peach then tells them to quickly find Eldream before Mortisha can cause any more trouble.

The two arrive at Evergreen Village to find paintings of villagers everywhere. They then see a girl running out of town. Mario & Luigi find Eldream's house. As they walk in Eldream is pleased to see his old friends.

As Mario tells Eldream what happened the Pi'llo is shocked. He tells the Mario bros that Mortisha must be trying to summon the Sages' power. He tells the two that they must travel to Pi'llo Island and find Broque Monsieur as well as Kylie Koopa and Prince Dreambert. Mario & Luigi then leave Eldream's house and start their journey to Pi'llo Island.

Chapter One: Voyage to Pi'llo Island

The Mario bros exit Evergreen Village to find out how to Pi'llo Island. They find Toad and he tells them that they need to get to Mushroom Airport to travel to Pi'llo Island. He says if they get his toy back from a thief. He tells them that the thief has headed to the Goomba Hills. The bros then head off to Goomba Hills.

Arriving at Goomba Hills, the plumbers find the thief that stole Toad's Toy. They tell her to give back the stolen property but she refuses. She then battles Mario & Luigi with the help of two Para Goombas.

After defeating her, she will return Toad's Toy and runs away. They return the toy to Toad. As promised, Toad tells the plumbers that Mushroom Airport is located East of Toad Town. The plumbers head back to Toad Town and head to Mushroom Airport.

Once they arrive the Plumbers then book a flight to Pi'llo Island and very soon, they take off to Pi'llo Island. The plumbers finally arrive at Pi'llo Island and then they continue their search for Broque Monsieur, Kylie Koopa and Prince Dreambert.

The brothers find out that Kylie Koopa is located in Wakeport. But the path their is blocked due to the two giant rocks blocking the path. One of the Broque people suggest that the two should go look for hammers to smash the rocks. One of them hen suggests that they should go look for Broque Madame. The plumbers then head off to find Broque Madame to receive hammers. Mario and Luigi then shortly find out that Broque Madame is somewhere in Driftwood Shore

Mario & Luigi arrive at Driftwood Shore but two Broque People are blocking the entrance because it is invaded by monsters. Mario tells them that Broque Madame is in there and the two Broque People head in to save her.

Mario & Luigi head in and see the two Broque people being harassed by two Goombas. Mario then jumps on them. After defeating them, the two Broque people thank Mario & Luigi and then they hear Broque Madame screaming. They then rush on ahead to find Broque Madame

As the plumbers walk on ahead, they see Broque Madame being tied up by Goomboss, the ruthless king of Goombas. As the Broque people watch in horror they run off. Mario & Luigi jump and Goomboss is shocked. He then battles Mario & Luigi. Mario and Luigi defeat Goomboss and he runs off. Luigi runs up and unties Broque Madame and she thanks them. She gives the two hammers and teaches them how to use them. The bros then head back to smash the rocks and head to Wakeport. The plumbers arrive at Wakeport to find paintings of citizens and Pi'llos everywhere.

The two explore Wakeport and find Kylie Koopa's office. As they walk in, they see Mortisha Koopa holding Kylie in the air with her paintbrush. She then turns Kylie into a painting and sees Mario & Luigi. She then scoffs and tells them to get out of her way she then makes Koopa Troopas come out of paintings and Mortisha flees of with Kylie's painting. The Mario brothers defeat the Koopa Troopas and head out in search of Prince Dreambert and Broque Monsieur.

Mario & Luigi find out Prince Dreambert is in Mt. Pajamaja, Mario & Luigi then go on a tour to Mt. Pajamaja. As the tour begins, Mario & Luigi find paintings of Broque people everywhere knowing that Mortisha has been her. Mario and Luigi reach to top of the mountain and find Prince Dreambert. Mario tells him that he is going to be transformed into a painting but he doesn't believe them. Then Mortisha comes and turns him into a painting. Mortisha then has to find only one more Sage in Pi'llo Island before then she will leave in search of the other sages. Mario & Luigi climb down the mountain and continue their search for Broque Monsieur.

Mario & Luigi leave Wakeport and run into Broque Monsieur. Mario & Luigi tell him he is in danger but he laughs instead. He then heads into Pi'llo Castle and Mario & Luigi follow after him. Mario & Luigi enter the castle and find Broggy asleep. They accidently wake him up and he battles Mario & Luigi.

They defeat him and he hits a switch that makes a door open. Mario & Luigi press on forward. They finally find Broque Monsieur and him being corned by Mortisha Koopa. Mario & Luigi rush off to stop her and battle her for the second time. Mortisha is defeated and she goes to turn Mario & Luigi into a painting by Broggy stands in her way turning him into a painting instead. Mortisha gives up and turns Broque Monsieur into a painting and flees off. Mario & Luigi exit the castle and fly back to the Mushroom Kingdom in search for the other sages.

Chapter Two: Bowser's Return

The Mario Bros arrive at the Mushroom Kingdom and they meet up with Eldream. He tells Mario & Luigi that three of the remaining Sages are located in the Mushroom Kingdom. Eldream tells them that Britta is a sage and is located in Hot Lava Desert. Mario & Luigi then catch a train to Hot Lava Desert. Once they arrive the find out that Britta is having a construction somewhere in the Desert. Mario & Luigi explore the desert and Hot Lava Town. A village located in the desert. The Mario Brothers talk to a Dryite who tells them that strange Coin Block people are having a construction past a Warp Pipe at the end of the town. Mario & Luigi then enter the Warp Pipe and continue their search for Britta. Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle, Kamek arrives and tells Bowser that his niece is doing an evil scheme by turning the Seven Sages into paintings by using a crystal brush. Bowser then is furious that he isn't part of the evil scheme. Kamek then tells Bowser that one of the Sages is in Hot Lava Desert. Bowser then grabs hold of Kamek's broomstick and they fly off to Hot Lava Desert.

The Mario bros arrive at the construction site and meet up with Britta, who is scooping up sand with her giant digger. Mario and Luigi try to tell Britta that she is in danger but she doesn't listen. Britta then continues to dig into the sand when all of a sudden, a giant temple rises out of the sand. Britta then is amazed of her discovery and heads inside the temple. The Mario bros follow. As they enter, Britta is amazed of all the architecture when a hole platform opens up and Britta falls inside. The platform closes and the room fills up with sand. The Mario brothers then explore through the temple to find a way to reach the platform.

Eventually, The two find a switch and they hit it with their hammers. The sand is then removed and the platform opens. Mario & Luigi then head down the platform and find Mortisha holding a painting of Britta. She then turns around and is startled by Mario & Luigi. As she is about to flee when Bowser and Kamek come crashing. Bowser asks Mortisha what is going on. Mortisha then tells Bowser that if he defeats Mario and Luigi, she will let him help her. Bowser then obeys and attacks the Mario Bros.

They defeat Bowser and Mortisha Is furious. Bowser then grabs on Kamek's Broomstick and then Mortisha then grabs on to Bowser's foot. Mortisha then tells Kamek that they must head back to Toad Town. Mario and Luigi then head out of the temple and make their long journey to Toad Town.

As they return, Peach's Castle has been protected by a force field made by Kamek. The Mario Brothers tell Eldream and he uses his powers to destroy the force field. Mario and Luigi head inside.

The two defeat many of their past enemies and find Mortisha, Bowser, Kamek and Peach. Mortisha tells Peach that she has all of the sages and she needs one more painting. Princess Peach asks Mortisha why she is doing this and Mortisha tells Peach that she is planning to use the sages power to wish that she had the Dark Star Rod. Mortisha then turns Princess Peach into a painting. Mortisha then spots the Mario Bros and tells Kamek to defeat them.

Kamek is defeated and Mario & Luigi make their way up to the roof of the castle. Mortisha then makes all of the paintings she has made rise into the air. Very soon Mortisha then makes the Dark Star Rod appear. Very soon, Mortisha has the ultimate weapon in the whole world. Mortisha's Crystal Brush then breaks into six pieces and is scattered across the Mushroom Kingdom. Mortisha then uses the dark star rod to make the castle float into the air. Mario & Luigi then fall down off the castle and fall back down to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Chapter Three: Trouble at Yoshi Island

Mario & Luigi wake up back at their house and Brickle asks them if they are ok. Mario & Luigi get out of bed and explain what happened. Brickle tells Mario & Luigi that the Crystal Brush pieces have scattered across the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario & Luigi head Eldream's House and he tells them that the first piece is located in Yoshi's Island. Eldream then tells Mario & Luigi that Yoshi's Island is North East of Toad Town. Mario & Luigi then set off to Yoshi's Island in search for the first Crystal Brush piece.

As the Mario Brothers make their way to Yoshi's Island, they find out that the way is blocked by a giant boulder. The Mario Brothers then smash it with their hammers and move on. They then finally arrive at Yoshi's Island, but the Yoshis are acting strangely. The Mario Brothers then find out that Mortisha has brainwashed them. Mario & Luigi then continue their search for the first Crystal Brush piece.

The Mario brothers free a group of Yoshis and ask them If they know anything about Mortisha's whereabouts. They tell Mario & Luigi that Mortisha is hiding in the village temple, but they need special codes given by the village leader, but he is being held captive in Yoshi Mountain. The Mario brothers then journey up to Yoshi Mountain in search of the chief.

Arriving at the summit of Yoshi Mountain, Mario & Luigi rescue the village leader. He tells them the code which is 3116. The Mario Brothers then enter the temple and find Mortisha. She then becomes angry and uses the Dark Star Rod to make a King K. Rool to battle the Mario brothers. She then flees.

The fake King K. Rool is defeated and they get the first Crystal Brush piece. They then destroy the machines that is brainwashing the Yoshis and they are free. The Mario Brothers then head back and find out that the second Crystal Brush piece is in Ice shard Mountain from Eldream. Mario and Luigi then head off in search for the remaining five Crystal Brush pieces.

Chapter Four: Icey Dangers at Ice Shard Mountain

As the Mario Brothers head back to Toad Town, they find out about a tournament at Ice Shard Mountain. If someone can defeat all three of the fighting masters, someone can win a sparkly diamond (which is actually a crystal brush piece). The Mario Brothers catch the train to Ice Shard Mountain and enter in for the tournament.

The then enter the first fight and Birdo announces the first fighter. Gooper Blooper. The Mario Brothers defeat him as well as Wiggler. As Birdo is about to announce the final fighter, Bowser Jr comes in aboard his Koopa Clown Car. He tells the Mario Brothers his dad sent him to defeat them.

The Mario brothers defeat Bowser Jr and he flees. Birdo then awards Mario & Luigi the second crystal brush piece. Mario and Luigi then find out that the third crystal brush piece is located in Boo Mansion. The Mario Brothers then continue their search for the remaining four crystal brush pieces.

Chapter Five: Horror at Boo Mansion

Heading to Boo Woods, The Mario Brothers are stopped by Kent C. Koopa. Mario & Luigi defeat him and continue on. They arrive at Boo Woods and Boofred, the butler of Boo Mansion leads them through the forest.

They arrive there and Boofred explains that the Boos are being led by King Boo. He tells Mario & Luigi that he escaped with Kayla because they refused to join him. He tells them that he will meet them in the basement of the mansion. He tells them to use a hidden underground passage into the Mansion.

Mario and Luigi find the hidden passageway and enter it. They proceed through the underground tunnel and enter the mansion basement, were they meet up with Boofred and Kayla.

Kayla explains to the Mario Brothers that King Boo suddenly came to the mansion one day and took over. But she and Boofred refused and fled to the basement. Kayla then tells Mario & Luigi that she knew they were coming to the mansion.

She tells Mario and Luigi that if they make it to the roof of the mansion and defeat King Boo, she will give them the third Crystal Brush piece. Mario & Luigi leave the basement and set off into the mansion.

Mario & Luigi proceed through the horrifying Boo Mansion. On the middle floor, the run into King Boo. He threatens Mario & Luigi to leave the mansion. If the player saids yes, the player will get a game over. By if they say yes, King Boo will transform a group of Boos into Big Boo to fight Mario & Luigi.

Mario & Luigi defeat Big Boo and King Boo flees to the roof of the mansion. Mario & Luigi then continue on through the mansion.

Mario & Luigi make their way to the roof of the mansion where King Boo is waiting for them. Mario & Luigi fight him and defeat him.

King Boo surrenders and then runs away. Mario & Luigi head back to the mansion's basement were Kayla and Boofred give Mario & Luigi the third Crystal Brush piece.

After a long journey back from Boo Woods, Mario & Luigi meet up with Eldream. Eldream explains to them that the fourth Crystal Brush piece is in Koopa Park. He then tells Mario and Luigi that they can take a boat there from Toad Harbour.

Mario & Luigi head off to Toad Harbor to make their departure to Koopa Park, where the next Crystal Brush piece is located.

Chapter Six: Fun and Games At Koopa Park

Mario & Luigi arrive at Toad Harbor and find a Toad who is the captain of the ship. He explains to the Mario brothers that his ship is missin three gears that are in the storehouse. The toad gives Mario & Luigi the key to the storehouse.

Mario & Luigi find the storehouse and head inside. They retrieve the three gears and return them to the Toad Captain. He then uses them to repair the ship and Mario & Luigi get on the ship and they set sail to Koopa Park.

Halfway on the sea, the boat becomes hit by something which knocks out Mario & Luigi. The Toad Captain wakes up Mario & Luigi and tells them a giant fish attacked the ship which knocked them out. Mario & Luigi go on the deck and fight the giant Cheep Cheep.

Defeating the giant Cheep Cheep, it falls in the water and the boat continues on to Koopa Park.

Mario & Luigi arrive at Koopa Park and find out that the Crystal Brush piece is in the Circus Tent. Mario & Luigi head in there and encounter General Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk and Sergeant Guy also known as the Elite Trio. Mario & Luigi defeat them and obtains the fourth Crystal Brush piece. Mario & Luigi head back to Toad Town and find out that the next Crystal Brush piece is in Bean Forest. Mario & Luigi head off to Bean Forest in search of the fifth Crystal Brush piece.

Chapter Seven: Old Foes at Bean Forest

After Eldream told Mario & Luigi that the next Crystal Brush piece is in Bean Forest, Mario & Luigi head through the Leaf Path. As they are walking, the are attacked by Kamek. Mario & Luigi defeat Kamek and continue on.

Mario & Luigi finally make their way through Leaf Path and make it to Bean Forest. They then meet a Mouse named Mitchell who explains he saw suspicious characters going deeper into the Forest. Mario & Luigi head deeper to investigate.

Mario & Luigi continue on to find Kammy Koopa and Bowser Jr. Mario & Luigi then come in and Bowser Jr reveals he has the Crystal Brush piece. He then orders Kammy to attack. The Mario Bros defeat her and she falls to the ground. Bowser Jr then tells Kammy that she is useless when Popple comes and steals the Crystal Brush piece. Bowser Jr then runs away leaving Kammy behind.

Mario & Luigi then find Popple's lair. The Thieves' Hideout. Mario & Luigi use the hammers to hit switches to open the door. Mario and Luigi head inside in search of the Crystal Brush piece and Popple.

Exploring through the Thieves' Hideout, Mario and Luigi find Popple and the Crystal Brush piece. Popple then notices Mario & Luigi and recognizes them from Wakeport a couple of years ago. He then attacks Mario & Luigi. The Mario Bros defeat Popple and he runs away. Mario & Luigi then obtain the fifth Crystal Star piece.

Mario & Luigi head back to Evergreen Village to see Eldream. Eldream tells them the final Crystal Star piece is located in the Seashell Palace and they can reach that through Shell Beach. Mario & Luigi head to Shell Beach to find the final Crystal Brush piece.

Chapter Eight: The Seashell Palace

Mario & Luigi arrive at Shell Beach to find a Palace in the middle of the Ocean. Behind a statue of a Blooper, Mario & Luigi find two switches. They hit them with their hammers and make a bridge to the Seashell Palace. Mario and Luigi head inside to find the final Crystal Brush piece.

As they are heading through the Palace, they walk into a chamber and the door closes behind them. All of a sudden, a Electrified Blooper comes and attacks them. Mario & Luigi defeated the Electro Blooper thus opening the door allowing them to continue on.

Mario & Luigi then find a room that is pitch black with a little light shining on them. They find a switch and Mario hits it making all of the light comes. A Monster comes by the name of The Nightmare comes and attacks Mario & Luigi. The Nightmare is defeated and it falls into the water. Mario & Luigi then find the final Crystal Brush piece.

Meanwhile in Peach's Castle, Mortisha Koopa is looking at Princess Peach as a painting. She then tells the painting she will kill the Mario Brothers and the world will be hers.

Chapter Nine: Mortisha's Final Fight

Mario & Luigi head back to Eldream's House with the Six Crystal Brush pieces. Mario & Luigi gives them to Eldream and he uses his magic to put the pieces back together to form the Crystal Brush. Mario & Luigi then use the power of the Crystal Brush to fly to Peach's Castle. Their they have two final fights against Kamek and Kammy and continue on through the Castle.

They then find Peach's Painting as well as the Paintings of the Seven Sages attached to the wall. Mortisha then comes and fights Mario and Luigi for a final time. Mario & Luigi defeat Mortisha and she fades into Dark Magic. Bowser then comes and walks up to it. The Magic goes into him and creates, Dark Bowser. Mario & Luigi then defeat Dark Bowser and Mortisha's spirit comes out of him, freeing him from being possessed. Mortisha's soul then fades into oblivion never to be seen again.

Mario & Luigi head back to were the paintings were and free Princess Peach and the Sages. Mario then frees everyone else that was turned into a painting by Mortisha. Peach then thanks Mario & Luigi for saving the kingdom from being torn apart and Mario uses the Crystal Brush to turn everything back to normal.

A few days after the problem, Peach holds a party at the Castle. Mario & Luigi head over there to find all of their friends that aided them in their adventure. The Seven Sages, Eldream, Kayla, Boofred and the Boos as well as other friends. Peach then gives a speech to thank Mario & Luigi and everyone cheers. Bowser then comes in and attempts to kidnap Peach again but she stops him. Peach then explains she needs to change her career and everyone laughs.

For beta Elements see (Mario & Luigi: Quest For The Seven Sages/ Beta Elements) to see the Beta Elements of the game.

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