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Mario & Luigi: Princess Peach Headline , known as Mario & Luigi RPG : Super Princess Peach in Japan and Mario & Luigi : Princess Peach  Bros in Europe, is the sixth instalment in the Mario & Luigi series and is the first for the Nintendo Switch, which is planned to release in spring 2019. As all Mario & Luigi games have specific themes, this game focuses on emotions and vibes. 

Princess Peach and Toadette end up getting trapped inside the Base Box, a mysterious world where emotions from the real world become living creatures in this world, throughout the entire game, they chase Antasma who has been revived from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team who is trying to destroy the Base Box and the Mushroom Kingdom for revenge. While Peach and Toadette have their own adventure, Mario and Luigi have to rescue the eight Nolinight Cells from Lord Sundrollio and stop his minions from attacking the Mushroom Kingdom.


In the opening, dark creatures are fired at the earth, these creatures are in the shape for sun rays, they are called sundroids, they have been sent out by the dark villain Lord Sundroilio , he is their master and he has sent them to dominate the Mushroom Kingdom and take it over.

Mario and Luigi are heading to Peach's Castle however are greeted by a small little moon rock, he introduces himself as Moonite, who explains that the Princess has decided to hold a meeting about the Starmote energy cells that have gone missing and the strange appearances of colors poising the Mushroom Kingdom residents and other creatures. During the meeting, all of a sudden, Nabbit runs in through the door,however, he appears to have strange powers and is glowing in many different colours.

He suddenly grabs a small bag and runs out the door with the remaining Toads chasing after him. Princess Peach says that the bag is filled with Bros. Attacks, very powerful items that Mario and Luigi can use in battle. Mario and Luigi go back into the meeting room, to see that many Toads are trapped in dark bubbles. Lord Sundrollio is holding them captive, Mario and Luigi then try to stop him, but he paralyzes them in a great dark bubble. While the Bros. can't do anything, Lord Sundrollio continues attacking the castle, until he notices the blue pearl Peach has on her chest, he grabs the pearl, but then it opens up and sucks Peach and the Toads inside. Mario and Luigi escape, but Sundrollio releases a blast of fire on the castle, the flames explode, knocking Mario, Luigi and Sundrollio away from the castle.

Princess Peach wakes up inside the Base Box and finds Toadette hanging from a tree, Peach Slaps the tree and Toadette lands on the ground. Unaware where they are, they travel through the Base Box while noticing all the habitants being attacked by Bowser's Minions. This starts a tutorial battle for Peach and Toadette, a nerby habitant tells the duo how to battle.  After being defeated, the minions realise what happened and give Peach and Toadette two parasols to use in battle and the overworld. They explain how to use the parasols and they flee.

Mario and Luigi wake up in Shroom Goom Plains soon finding Moonquise, who agrees to help the bros on their quest and eventually come across a mysterious cloaked merchant, who gives the bros a Dimension Flower, but knowing what it is Moonite knocks the flower out of Mario's hands and throws it into the mouth of the merchant's cloak which makes it disappear and reveal the figure to be Sundrollio's minion, Scooplousio, a dangerous ruthless soulus sundroid ghost that battles the bros, with Moonite giving the instructions on how to battle with Bros. Attacks, the bros who win the fight retrieve two hammers, Moonite teaches the bros how to use the hammers and are about to move on but see a crystal diamond on the ground shaking and making a radio transmission noise, the Crystal speaks in Peach's voice, Moonite tries to speak to it in an attempt to figure out what happened. Moonite picks it up and puts in inside his stone head and tells Mario that it might be useful for something. Moonite remembers something about it and its name, he says that its called the Emerald Crytstar

Mario and Luigi set out to Bowser's Castle, in order to find Sundrollio. Travelling along Sander Hander Beach, they encounter Bowser who refuses to fight the bros because of the fact that he is weakened by Sundrollio's attacks to the castle, Bowser heads back to his castle in order to stop Sundrollio and reclaim his castle, Mario and Luigi travel through the beach and encounter the Cheepolousio Statue which is zapped by a Sundroid ship and starts acting crazy, forcing the bros to battle the statue. After defeating the statue, the Bros are stopped by a huge glacier that pops out of the sand, the Emerald Crytstar is placed near the statue, causing changes in the Base Box, changing Narch March Village into Koloride Docks, allowing Peach and Toadette to travel through the dockside buildings and the Base Box salty waters and defeat the big blooper. After defeating big blooper, Peach and Toadette run into Antasma, learning that he is going to demolish the Mushroom Kingdom and escapes.

Mario and Luigi enter Colloni Woods where they find Nabbit still shinning with colors planning to steal the treasure in Bowser's Castle, Mario and Luigi battle Nabbit to rescue the remaining Bros. Attacks he has stolen, only collecting the Trampoblock, the bros win the fight and Nabbit runs away heading to Bowser's Castle.

Meanwhile Bowser and his minions begin planning their attack against Lord Sundrollio and his minions. When Bowser Jr gets board, Bowser asks him to watch after the Bob-ombs and make sure they don't blow up the castle. After Bowser Jr leaves the room and the minions talk about what to use against the Sundroids. Kamek tells the minions that the Mario Bros are looking for the Nolight Cells and that using them would be an advantage against Lord Sundrollio. Agreeing with the plan, Bowser sends his Elite Trio to Cuie Lake to find them.


The overall gameplay is very similar to the previous installments, but has two sepreate playable characters that don't travel with Mario and Luigi. Players control the four characters as they travel through different areas in the Mushroom Kingdom and the Base Box. The game introduces new techniques that require Mario and Luigi to give Peach and Toadette an advantage to find different objects inside the Base Box, for example, there is a part in the story where Mario and Luigi defeat the Cheepolousio Statue in Sander Hander Beach, after the statue is defeated, the Emerald Cyrtstar is placed near the statue, where the world Narch March Village changes automatically. It can be unlocked in the Base Box world map where Peach and Toadette can travel to the different parts that Mario and Luigi have unlocked.

Special attacks

Bros. Attacks

Image Name Description Location
Red Shell Rush Use A for Mario, use B for Luigi, kick that Shell and keep the speed! Peach's Castle
Pipespecialattack Pipe Blaster Memerise the colour of the pipe that Mario and Luigi are in, as the pipe blasts them into the sky press the button of the bro, who is blasted of the cannon. If you get a perfect result, they'll descend in the opposite. Keep Focused!   Crawlin Canyon
Fluddspecialattack< Koopa Jucie Sparyer Hold the A button and B button to make the bros charge the pump. Once its charged, Let it Spray!  Sander Hander Beach
Boomariospecialattack Boo Ball A large number of Boo Buddies will turn into their spirit ball form and pile together to create a huge ball. Press A and B to hammer the ball into the enemy! Colloni Woods
Beanshot< Energy Cell Basket Once Mario throws a basket of the Energy Cells, use the circle pad to move Luigi where the Energy Cells fall. The cells increase Luigi's POW. Press B to hammer the ground and release a huge shockwave. Peach's Castle Star Rector

Image Name Description Location
Green Shell Grenade Use the B button for Luigi, and the A button for Mario, and kick that shell to let it blow! Peach's Castle
Fire Flower Use the A and B Buttons for the bros. press the button of the bro holding the biggest fire ball and mash the button ten times. If you throw all big fireballs, it's bonfire time! Mash the A and B Buttons! Sander Hander Beach
Trampoline Trampoblock Mario and Luigi will spawn a trampoline and jump on it which launches them off screen. One brother comes down in a random order, everytime one of the bros comes down, the block will respawn above the ground, the bros have to ground pound the block everytime they come down. Colloni Woods
Ballbounce Ball Bumper Press A and B to hammer the bumper ball.. The better your timing, the faster the ball will bounce up in the air. The timing gets harder with each hit. Hammer the ball and bump it into the enemies. Bowser's Castle
Mega Mushroom Mega Thwonk MLPJ
Mega Mushroom Mayhem Press A to hammer the incoming Mega Mushrooms towards Luigi's hammer. If all the Mega Mushrooms are hit, then press B to swing the hammer and knock the enemies. Crawlin Canyon

New attacks that allow Peach and Toadette to perform special attacks by using their servants and items. Most Royal Attacks have Peach and Toadette call Toads to help them preform techniques while others use different items that they find in the Base Box.

Royal Attacks

Name Description Location



Peach and Toadette will call a group of Toads to run towards the enemy. Before they hit the enemy, tap the toads with the stylus to strike them with lighting. Once all the toads are hit, they will electric cut the enemy. Narch March Village



Peach and Toadette will call a group of Yoshis and throw fruits at them, the Yoshis will eat the fruits and spawn eggs, hold the X button to let Peach build up energy to kick the egg at the enemy. Stararchive Peaks



Peach and Toadette will call the Lakitu centre staff to use their clouds and launch the two characters onto the enemies, before Peach and Toadette land on the enemies, press X and Y to spin around Sakura Village



Peach and Toadette will eat two garlics and turn into glowing ghosts and dance to a snake dance song played by a band of Boo Buddies, press X and Y to the beat. The dancing will release a blast of energy at the targeted enemy dealing damage, the faster the dance the stronger the energy blasts. Sky Starch City



Peach and Toadette will pull out the star, along with mini stars next to each of them. The large star switches between Yellow and Pink, and the player must hit the star by press X or Y to launch the stars into the big star. . The player must also use the stylus to keep the aiming crusor focused on the large star, as it bounces around the screen for the duration of the attack. When the action command is finished, the large star will crash into a single enemy, followed by each of the smaller stars. Groups of seven small stars fall first, followed by individual stars, which do less damage. Chronoise Airport


Mushroom Kingdom

  • Peach Castle
  • Shroom Goom Plains
  • Crawlin Canyon
  • Colloni Woods
  • Cuie Lake
  • Sander Hander Beach
  • Blooper Canal
  • Chedder Caves
  • Koopa Colsseum
  • Toki Towers
  • Toad Train
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Peach's Castle Star Rector

​Base Box

  • Narch March Village
  • Stararchive Peaks
  • Frugally Farms
  • Sakura Village
  • Bombardier Boards
  • Nastrail High School
  • Vortexlous Manor
  • Prom Square
  • Dlea Port
  • Goldwood Zone
  • Sky Strach City
  • Chronosie Airport

Mario and Luigi's Battle System

Mario and Luigi's battle system is similar to the battles from previous titles. During a battle, the two heroes have six choices when attacking, these are Jump, Hammer, Bros. Attack, Items, Card Changer and Flee. The Bros. can defend with their jumps and hammers. The Jump makes Mario and/or Luigi jump to dodge an attack or to counter-attack.

When Mario or Luigi pull off an action command, the rating they get fills up the Star Point Meter. Star Points are the cost of Battle Cards, and whenever Mario or Luigi get OK, Good, Great, Excellent! or Amazing!! they add up the amount of Star Points inside the meter.

Peach and Toadette's battle system

Peach and Toadette's battle system is mostly similar to Bowser's battles from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story but with a few differences. They have different options Peach has Slap, Parasol and Royal Attacks. Toadette has one different option from Peach, she has Head bonk, Parasol and Royal Attacks. They can also transfer enemies with their a ability called Enemy Swap. This ability allows Peach and Toadette to use their magic powers to transfer enemies to the Mushroom Kingdom and allow Mario and Luigi to fight the enemies outside the Base Box, however it costs Star Points and works similarly to the Battle Cards. An additional seventh option appears named Hint if the player loses a battle and tries again in either easy mode or normal mode.

Items and Objects

  • Beans
  • Coins
  • Mushrooms
  • Candy
  • Nuts
  • Syrup Jars
  • Super Mushrooms
  • Supersyrup Jars
  •  ? Blocks
  • M Blocks
  • L Blocks
  • Super Candy
  • Ultra Candy
  • Ultra Mushroom
  • Max Candy
  • Max Mushroom
  • Ultrasyurp Jar
  • Max Syrup Jar
  • Super Nuts
  • Ultra Nuts
  • Max Nuts
  • 1-UP Mushrooms
  • 1-UP DXs
  • Green Peppers
  • Red Peppers
  • Blue Peppers
  • Boo Biscuit
  • Mystry Box
  • Shock Bomb
  •  ! Blocks
  • Number Blocks
  • Slap Trees
  • Fruit


Each character has his/her own, HP,BP,POW,DEF,SPEED and STACHE Points, HAIR points are similar to STACHE Points but are only for Peach and Toadette. When either of the two groups finish a battle they gain EXP Points and Coins. With enough EXP points (Experience Points), they can level-up and increase their Stats.

  • HP: The amount of Health Points that the heroes have. When an enemy hits either of them, they lose HP. When their HP reaches zero, they pass out, but can be revived with a 1-Up Mushroom or a 1-Up DX, HP can be restored with a Mushroom, a Nut or a Happy Apple** (Peach and Toadette only).
  • BP/RP: The amount of how many times the heroes, can use Bros. Attacks or Royal Attacks in battle, they can be restored with a Syrup or a Star Candy.
  • POW: How strong the heroes are. The higher their POW stats are, the more damage they will perform.
  • DEF: How much damage the player can block from an enemy hit. The higher their DEF stats are, the less damage they will take.
  • SPEED: How fast the heroes are. The more SPEED they have, the more they can attack an enemy in a single turn.
  • STACHE/HAIR: The higher their STACHE/HAIR stats are, the greater there is a chance of a Lucky Hit, which doubles POW. Plus, it gives the heroes discounts when buying at shops and increases the worth of items sold.


Mario and Luigi

  • Mushroom Rank - Levels 1 to 5
  • Shell Rank - Levels 6 to 11
  • Boomerang Rank - Levels 12 to 18
  • Flower Rank - Levels 19 to 26
  • Leaf Rank - Levels 27 to 35
  • Star Rank - Levels 36 to 45
  • Rainbow Rank - Levels 46 to 100

Peach and Toadette

  • Happy Apple Rank - Levels 1 to 5
  • Toad Rank - Levels 6 to 11
  • Crown Rank - Levels 13 to 19
  • Emotion Vibe Rank - Levels 20 to 27
  • Special Rank - Levels 27 to 40
  • Heart Dice Rank - Levels 40 to 100



​Character Description
380px-Mario - MarioLuigi-PaperJam


The Mushroom Kingdom's Plucky Underdog is back, and this time he is definitely ready to embark on a new adventure, and even more if it means saving the world! This time he and his little bro Luigi have to stop Lord Sundrollio from draining the Nolinight Cells' energy for his own galaxies.
Luigi - Mario &amp; Luigi Dream Team


The funny and comical coward of the two brothers! He and his big bro will not let any evil come to disturb the peace of the Mushroom Kingdom and they will defeat Lord Sundrollio and his minions once and for all!

Princess Peach

Looks like the Princess hasn't been captured this time, instead she's trapped with Toadette inside the Base Box. She's unaware that Mario and Luigi are keeping her inside the Base Box to help out in battle.
Toadette PLEA


Toadette has finished building Papercrafts and has moved on to exploring, and working as an archaeologist, helping Princess Peach in the Base Box will be a fun adventure for her. She will be a helpful hand for the three other heroes.


​Character Description
Flurrie by neon peridot-d6bdtze


This Moon rock creature is the mini sargent of the Moon people from the Mushroom Galaxy. He has been asked to join Princess Peach's meeting. He joins Mario and Luigi to stop Lord Sundrollio from destroying the Nolninight Cells. He may look cute at first but he has a strong muscle in his rock head.


The small happy Butterfly in Colloni Woods is aware of the suitiation of the story and works with the Lakitu Info Staff to collect different Doonites, from the Mushroom Galaxy.


A Snowboarding goomba from Pilo Island who is on vaction in the Mushroom Kingdom but has been sucked into the Base Box. He gives Peach and Toadette information at Nastrial High School and dreams of owning a golden bobsliegh.


A Chemical Plant Koopa employee who is working on a huge machine that will stop the Sundriods from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Great work!!
Monty Mole Beta


A member of the Monty Miners in Crawlin Canyon, Mario and Luigi encounter him while trying to look for the second Noninight Cell.
Paper mario oc by sulfura-d40gwhe

Piper and Flurrie

The Two Bros, that teach Peach and Toadette how to use the Parasol for the first time. They live in Narch March Village and have a funny relationship.
Toad M&amp;LRQ


The Toads are back and they are locking their house doors and hiding from the Sundroids. Some Toads give Mario and Luigi items and gear. Some Toads can be rescued in side quest minigames.
200px-Dr. Snoozemore Artwork - Mario &amp; Luigi Dream Team

Doctor Snoozemore

The sleepy doctor is also visiting from Pilo Island, but is studing the secrets of the Star Rector and he gives Mario and Luigi information about the Noninight Cells


Character Decscription
Mario luigi bowsers inside story conceptart CxajQ


The evil Koopa King is back and this time he's trying to foil Sundrollio's plans so he can get revenge for stealing his thunder. Mario and Luigi will encounter him but he will not start a fight with them. He's just ploting his revenge.
357px-Bowser Jr. - Paper Jam


Bowser's son is back and this time, he's going to help his father plot his revenge against the Sundriods and their master. Lets just pray that he doesn't fight our heroes.
Kamek MLPJ


The Koopa King's long time servent is back and is ready to cast spells and cause mayhem towards the heroes and hopes to spawn Twhomps to crush the Sundroids.
Antasma by demonomi-d6k4smu


The Nightmare is back and is out for revenge, and after being killed in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, he gets sucked  into the Base Box, he encounters Princess Peach again and causes trouble for her and Toadette. Lets pray that he doesn't go after the Mario Brothers for revenge.


Sundrollio's biggest rookie who is wanting to help out in the invasion and be second in comand for Sundrollio's army.

Elite Trio

After their obvious Absense in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, they're back and they are badder than before. They help Bowser out in the situation of the Sundroids and hope to Stomp on their plans and shread them.
Cronicus ml tsc artwork by neoz7-d8omu5r

Lord Sundrollio

The Leader of the Sundroids is wanting to steal the Nolinight Cells from the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi have to stop him before he takes over the Mushroom Kingdom. If they don't then its their Game Overs.


Mushroom Kingdom

  • Goomba
  • Koopa
  • Bob- omb
  • Koopeleon
  • Chomp Bro
  • Boomerang Bro
  • Fire Bro
  • Hammer Bro
  • Biddy Bud
  • Buzzy Bettle
  • Spine Top
  • Mecha -Chomp
  • Walker Guy
  • Cheep Cheep
  • Chomp Clomp
  • Croco Climp
  • Sundrelt
  • Bully
  • Ghoul Guy
  • Elasto-Piranha
  • Gold Goomba
  • Gold Koopa
  • RC Sundriod
  • Wing Tail Goomba
  • Thowmp
  • Whomp
  • Thwack
  • Snifit
  • Ice Snifit
  • Pokey
  • Skellokey
  • Spiny Sunoopa
  • Paper Goomba (optional boss)

Base Box

  • Joyful Koopa
  • Sad Goomba
  • Sad Spiny
  • Mad Hammer Bro
  • Squaglie
  • Raged Boo
  • Fisher Peepa
  • Bluebones
  • Mad Starfish
  • Mad Chompie
  • Happy Fang
  • Sniffle Thwomp
  • Raged Pokey
  • Raged Toothy
  • Pendrill​




Mario & Luigi: Peach Diversion has a total of 26 normal Bosses, but each have higher levels, unlike the previous titles, each of them also have enemies that can be sucked into the different worlds, where Mario and Luigi or Peach and Toadette can fight the enemies to gain EXP, similar to Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

Name HP Coins Level EXP Boss World
ScoopLousio 1st time 30 20 3


Mushroom Kingdom
Cheepolisous Statue 100 400 6


Mushroom Kingdom
Unhappy Big Blooper 258 190 7 500 Base Box
Nabbit 290 100 10 578 Mushroom Kingdom
Suggler 489 300 13 799 Mushroom Kingdom
Sundrollio 554 709 18 2222 Mushroom Kingdom
Tiki Niki Mike 679 1393 20 3333 Base Box
Ragie Tanrentulla 690 3342 22 4444 Base Box
Antasma 1st Time 700 5432 24 5555 Base Box
ScoopLousio 2nd time 765 6605 29 545 Mushroom Kingdom
Queen Creepie 899 7765 30 578 Mushroom Kingdom
Captain Bonescrape 900 8888 31 580 Base Box
Mammothsuggie 923 10000 32 699 Mushroom Kingdom
Scurvie Muvie Guys 100 each 10203 34 700 Mushroom Kingdom
Nuggly Hive 1002 12234 37 709 Base Box
Kazzo Nuggie 1234 12234 40 789 Base Box
Chica Chump 1420 13343 44 800 Mushroom Kingdom
BlouderGeist 1648 23456 47 830 Base Box
King Boombie 1879 23324 50 849 Base Box
Antasma 2nd time 2000 23324 60 10000 Base Box
ScoopLousio 3rd Time 2030 444456 65 12222 Mushroom Kingdom
Sundrollio's  Helmet Orb 3000 555555 70 23024 Mushroom Kingdom
Antasma 3rd time 4345 666424 75 23431 Base Box
Bowser.Jr  and Kamek

5432 (1)


1000000 80 23464 Mushroom Kingdom
Vibie Bowser 8523 none 83 none Mushroom Kingdom
Acient Dry Bowser 10000 none 100 none Mushroom Kingdom

Vibe Heart Battles

The Vibe Heart Battles work similarly to the Papercraft Battles from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, but only include Princess Peach's Crown battling the giant bosses. There are atleast seven of them in the game.

  • Grump Spidy
  • Droopy Crater
  • Flowfry
  • Layllifie
  • Koopa Express
  • Cactustill
  • Antasma

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