Mario & Luigi: Powered Up, known as Mario & Luigi RPG 6!! in Japan and Mario & Luigi Powers! in Europe, is a Nintendo 3DS game and is the upcoming fifth title in the Mario & Luigi series. In this game, Mario and Luigi are trapped in the alternate universe, Treasure Land, and must use the power-ups they unlock to save the multiverse from being destroyed.



Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Mario M&LRQ Mario The beloved hero, Mario, is ready for his next adventure! Mario uses Hammers as principal ability and his jumps and speed are pretty balanced.
Luigi M&LRQ Luigi Our favorite sidequick, Luigi, acccompanies Mario in their ultimate quest to save Peach! He uses Hammers as principal ability too, and his jumps are higher than his brother, but has bad traction.
Peach M&LRQ Princess Peach Princess Peach has been kidnaped by the evil Lord Ztar, to use her mysterious power and destroy all the kingdoms.
Toadsworth M&LRQ Toadsworth Toadsworth is Princess Peach's longtime steward. He is paranoid for the Princess Peach, because she get kidnapped and eventually faints due to his excess worrying for the princess. He also sometimes gives the player Beans.
Stuffwell Stuffwell Stuffwell reappears for the first time since Partners in Time. He tags along on Mario and Luigi's quest, helping them solve puzzles and allowing them to use his inside as a storing compartment. First joining them at the Sky Bridge, he disappears, he never leaves them.
Toadbertmlbis Toadbert Toadbert helps Mario and the others by telling them information about the locations they must travel, and also sometimes he creates mushrooms to give to the player.
Toad M&LRQ Toad Toad is Peach's longtime attendant. He actually does not have an important role in the game and can be seen in Peach's Castle alongside Toadsworth. He is not to be confused with the other Toads that appear in the game.
M&L Bowser Bowser Bowser once again appears as a wrestler at Takedown Town. He is the last wrestler in the qualifying matches so he must be defeated to beat the game. Later on he saves Mario from Popple because Popple brainwashed before.
M&L Baby bowser Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. appears more frequently then Bowser himself. He first appears at begining of the game and battle the Mario Bros. Later on he assists his daddy at Takedown Town twice, along with appearing as a wrestler himself later. Finally he appears with a laser and attacks the Mario Bros on the way to Mt. Legouls.
M&L Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi can first be seen touring at the Sky Bridge, and appears later on at Pine Woods. During both times it is required for Mario to bring him 5 Yoshi Fruit so that he will give the pair the Yoshi! Badge and the Yoshi! Deluxe Badge, respectively. Unlike the other Yoshi's in the game, he cannot be ridden on.

Battle System

To start a battle, Mario, Luigi, Wario or Waluigi must touch an enemy or perform a First Strike by jumping on the enemy in the overworld. A first strike will damage the enemy before the battle starts. Since the game is an RPG, players and enemies will take turns to attack each other. Using well timed attacks can deal more damage to enemies.


Each character has his own HP, SP, POW, DEF, SPEED and STACHE points. When they finish a battle, they each gain EXP points and Coins. With enough Experience Points, they can level-up and increase their respective statistic.

  • HPIcon HP (abbreviation of Heart Points) is the amount of health the heroes have. When an enemy hits either of them, they lose HP. When their HP reaches zero, they pass out, but can be revived with a 1-Up Mushroom or 1-Up Super. HP can be replenished with a Mushroom, a Nut or a Garlic (Wario and Waluigi only).
  • SPIcon PUP (abbreviation of Power-up Points) is how many times the heroes can use a Power-Up or Bros Move. Each attack uses up a certain amount of PUP, draining the total. SP can only be restored by using either Syrup, Walnuts or Candy.
  • SP (abbreviation of Star Points) is a skill used to add extra power to moves. Depending on rank, players get between 1-6 SP per turnm which they can then add to a move to make it do more damage, have different effects, ect.. Some moves require a larger minimum SP, while some have maximum. Points not used at end of turn return at the next turn, but are not retained between battles. Max SP is increased my 1 per Level-Up but cannot be added to via roulette. SP can only be regained by the start of a turn. 
  • POWIcon POW (abbreviation of Power) is how strong the player is. The higher their POW stats are, the more damage they will perform.
  • DEFIcon DEF (abbreviation of Defense) is how much damage the player can block from an enemy hit. The higher their DEF stats are, the less damage they will take.
  • SPEEDIcon SPEED is how fast the heroes are. The more SPEED they have, the more they can attack an enemy in a single turn.
  • STACHEIcon STACHE is the most unique of Mario and Luigi's stats. The higher their STACHE stats are, the greater there is a chance of a Lucky Hit, which doubles POW. Plus, it gives the heroes discounts when buying at shops and increases the worth of items sold. It does not increase on level-up.

Mario and Luigi's Battle System

Mario and Luigi's battle system is similiar to pass games. Over the course of the adventure, Mario and Luigi collect Battle Blocks that they can use in battle. They consist of the following: 

Appearence Use Obtained at/during

When Mario or Luigi pull off an action command, that brother's end of the bar fills slightly. When they meet in the middle, it's possible to use a Bros. Badge move. The effect varies with the equipped badge. The normal effect is to restore 20% of both brother's HP. Like in Dream Team, badge effects can be saved.

Ranks When leveling up the heroes, they occasionally reach a rank. When this happen, new features are added to the game such as being able to equip more clothes or being able to shop in certain places. Here is a list of the ranks:

  • Mushroom: default.
  • Shell: level 6
  • Flower: level 12
  • Coin: level 18
  • Star: level 25
  • Rainbow: level 40

Bros. Items

The Bros. Items returns in this game from Partners in Time and does the same as in previous titles. There are various shops where the player can buy them and they just cost Coins.

Mario and Luigi's Bros. Items:



  • They can find a Blue Koopa shell that Mario can put on. Luigi can whack him with his hammer to shoot Mario over previously inaccessible areas to hit switches.

Status Ailments

Out-of-Battle Techniques

The four heroes can also use some techniques out of battle. All of the following techniques must be learned by progressing in the game, except jumping.

Mario and Luigi Techniques

  • Primary Moveset
    • Mario jumps with A.
    • Luigi jumps with B.
    • Mario hits things with his hammer with X.
    • Luigi hits Mario with his hammer with Y.
      • If Mole Mario is not learnt, or Ball Mario is not learnt and the move is used on hard ground, Mario will spring backup to the height of a normal jump.
      • If on dirt/sand/ect, Mario will be Mole Mario and go into the ground, with the ability to move around and under fences. Coming up over and X weilds a random bean.
      • If used on a hard surface, Mario will turn into Ball Mario and leave Luigi. Ball Mario is faster, can go into small holes in a wall, and is not hurt by most surfaces that would knock him back normally. He can also go up walls if he rolls into a ramp.
  • Secondary Moveset (accessed my pressing R or L, returned by doing the same)
    • Mario will jump on Luigi's shoulders and, upon pressing A again, will spin around to go across gaps with A.


Image Item Effect
MushroomM&LRiA Mushroom Restores 30 HP to one of the bros.
MushroomM&LRiA Super Mushroom Restores 60 HP to one of the bros.
MushroomM&LRiA Ultra Mushroom Restores 120 HP to one of the bros.
MushroomM&LRiA Maximal Mushroom Restores all HP to one of the bros.
1-Up Mushroom 1-Up Mushroom Revives fallen bro with 20 HP.
1-Up Mushroom 1-Up Deluxe! Revives fallen bro with all HP.
Syrup BiS Syrup Restores 30 SP to one of the heroes.
Syrup BiS Super Syrup Restores 60 SP to one of the heroes.
Syrup BiS Ultra Syrup Restores 120 SP to one of the heroes.
Syrup BiS Maximal Syrup Restores all SP to one of the heroes.
Nut Nut Restores 10 HP to both bros.
Nut Super Nuts Restores 15 HP to both bros.
Nut Ultra Nuts Restores 20 HP to both bros.
Nut Maximal Nuts Restores all HP to both bros.
Candy Restores 80 HP and 80 SP.
Super Candy Restores 150 HP and 150 SP.
Ultra Candy Restores 230 HP and 230 SP.
Maximal Candy Restores all HP and SP.
Refreshing Herb Refresh Herb Cures all status alignments inflicted.
Pepper Red Red Pepper Boosts POW of one of the heroes.
Pepper Green Green Pepper Boosts DEF of one of the heroes.
Blue Pepper Blue Pepper Boosts SPEED of one of the heroes.
Brown Pepper Boosts STACHE of one of the heroes.
POW Bean POW Bean Boosts POW of both bros.
POW Bean DEF Bean Boosts DEF of both bros.
POW Bean SPEED Bean Boosts SPEED of both bros.
POW Bean HP Bean Boosts HP of both bros.
POW Bean PUP Bean Boosts PUP of both bros.
POW Bean STACHE Bean Boosts STACHE of both bros.



Below is a list of all the enemies in the game Mario & Luigi: Powered-up.

Image Name HP EXP Coins Location
GoombaM&LR Goomba 10 5 5 All
Geomeba 30 15 30 Tech Land+


Below is a list of the bosses in Mario & Luigi: Powered Up listed in chronological order.

Image Name HP EXP Coins Dropped Location
Bowser Jr 15 0 0 Sky Bridge


Overworld icons are the same as in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, displaying the characters health. Mario and Luigi still uses the A and B buttons to jump, respectively and at some point, they gain Hammers. Like in the previous title, Mario can destroy crates and rocks, while Luigi can hit Mario to shrink him to reach previously innaccesible areas. Their movement icons are identified with colors, with Mario's being red and Luigi's green. However, unlike past games, hammers are used with X and Y, requiring you not to switch to hammers in order to use them. However, you still must switch for the other four techniques.

The four heroes can travel in a 3D and 2D overworld. The 3D overworld can be activated when switching from 2D to 3D in the Nintendo 3DS. This 3D overworld is pretty useful in the adventure, as with it, the character can see hidden items, secret passages, etc., that can't be seen in the 2D overworld, helping the player to progress in the game. Also, The game makes a greater use of the 3DS touch controls like Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story does with the DS and unlike the other predecessor, that does not use it in any way.