Mario & Luigi: Paper Mario Mix (known as Mario & Luigi RPG 5: Paper Mario MIX in both Japan and Korea, known as Mario & Luigi: Paper Mario Bros. in both Europe and Australia) is an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS and is the fifth instalment in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. What makes this game special is that it crosses over the Paper Mario series made by Intelligent Systems with the Mario & Luigi series made by AlphaDream. AlphaDream and Intelligent Systems had started development in late 2014 and the E3 trailer was shown in 2015, and the game released in Spring 2016.


The logo of Mario & Luigi: Paper Mario Mix


Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi's Story.

The story begins with a mischievous wizard one day came up with an invention called Phantom Ink that held great power. Whatever was drawn with the use of this Phantom Ink instantly turned into a Ink Monster alongside his master called Master Ink. These trickster Ink Monsters and their master then began to jump into different pictures and books, pulling pranks and causing general havoc, invasion and mayhem across the Paper Mario world.

In the Mario & Luigi world, Luigi and Toadiko entering the attic of Princess Peach's Castle, looking for the source of a draught. They soon find a hole above a bookcase, and Luigi investigates. Suddenly, Toadiko gets chased by a Scaredy Rat, which entered the room through the hole, while this Pirate Bandit comes into the attic and tries to steal the book from the bookcase, and Toadiko leads the Scaredy Rat to Luigi, causing him to get scared, Pirate Bandit was about to steal the book, However, Luigi falls into Pirate Bandit, and then Pirate Bandit ran off from the attic. The dust on the floor makes Luigi sneeze, knocking him backwards into the bookcase. This cause a book (The same book that Pirate Bandit want it to steal) to get knocked over and open, releasing both the Paper Mario world characters and the Ink Monsters alongside their master within. This ultimately releases both the Paper characters, the Ink Monsters and their master into the Mario & Luigi world, spreading across the Mushroom Kingdom. Paper people flutter down and are sighted near both Toad Town, Yoshi's Island and other Villages, while Bowser's minions begin to meet, and while the other Ink Monsters alongside their master begin to wander around in the Mario & Luigi world. Luigi and Toadiko meet both Paper Peach and Paper Toadsworth, who introduces their self's to Mario, Peach, Toadsworth, Toadbert and Starlow. Mario and Luigi agree to help both Paper Peach and Paper Toadsworth seek out the Paper people spread across the Kingdom.

Mario and Luigi find the Paper people hiding in the castle. Afterwards, they explain that more of them were confronted by Ink Monsters, however, a few were able to escape. The brothers go to the castle's workshop and discover both Popple and Nabbit have stolen all of the Bros. Attacks that the Toads had prepared. Mario and Luigi tell them that they will use the four they recovered before Popple and Nabbit escaped. While trying to leave the castle, they find both Toadette and Daisy, who shows them a miniature papercraft resembling Mario. Meanwhile, both Paper Toadette, Toadiko and two Paper Toads arrive to give the protagonists a Copy Block they had constructed.

At Toad Town, Mario and Luigi are greeted by two Goombas from the paper world, which they battle and crumple. Meanwhile, Bowser meets Paper Bowser, who, after some disagreements, team up together and agree to find and search the Phantom Ink and kidnap Peach and Paper Peach. Bowser Jr. also meets his paper counterpart, Paper Bowser Jr., and, unlike Bowser and Paper Bowser, the two become friends. Additionally, Kamek, Paper Kamek and Kammy Koopa meet and shortly begin to insult each other, which continues throughout the game.

Before they proceed to Sunbeam Park, they meet and receive Paper Parakarry from the paper world, to assist them and help them on their quest. Upon their arrival in Sunbeam Park, where they come across several Goombas and Paper Goombas. They eventually get cornered by a large group of Ink Monsters, who defeat the Mario Bros. Shortly afterwards, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi arrives to defeat the Ink Monsters and save Mario and Luigi. After the battle, Mario and Luigi unite with Paper Mario and Paper Luigi, and the newly-formed quartet set off to stop the Ink Monsters alongside their master and find the Paper people.

Soon after meeting both Paper Mario and Paper Luigi, the quartet learn that Brickle, the Manager from Pi'illo Island, is stuck on top of a fountain, the Ink Monsters put Brickle on the top of a fountain and made him stuck and can't get out. The quartet, going underground, turn up the water pressure causing the fountain to explode, and freeing Brickle. Meanwhile at Sunbeam Park, the quartet learns of Bowser and Paper Bowser's kidnapping of Peach and Paper Peach, respectively. The Bowsers then arrive and return to their castle and also finding and searching the Phantom Ink, sending Major Burrows to attack the quartet and slow their pursuit. After the group defeat Major Burrows, they eventually reach the exit of Sunbeam Park to access Gritzy Dunes.

In the Dunes, the quartet spot Bowser Path in the distance, which they must cross the desert to reach. On the way to Bowser Path to access Bowser's Castle, their progress is put to a halt by Petey Piranha and Paper Petey Piranha after climbing some quicksand. The quartet regroup and learn the Quartet Hammer, and eventually reach the top of the quicksand stream again, this time crossing a bridge leading towards Bowser Path. However, Petey Piranha stop them once again; attacking the bridge causing Mario and Co. to fall into Gritzy Dunes Grotto. They soon find that in order to progress they must jump really high in order to defeat the Petey Piranhas. Reaching to the village; Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi rescue more Paper people for Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy's workshop to create a trampoline. After using the trampoline to reach and defeat the two Petey Piranhas, the group prepares to proceed, but are blocked by Paper Kamek with a Papercraft Goomba. Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy then arrives, and tells the group that they can help them pass the Papercraft Goomba, given that the quartet can find some more Paper people first. After enough Paper people are rescued, Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy creates Papercraft Mario to destroy the Papercraft Goomboss blockade, allowing the quartet to access Bowser Path.

As they approach Bowser Path they encounter a huge pirate ship and they meet Captain Dist, Kaptain Skurvy (from Donkey Kong Country TV series) and their gang of pirate minions, both Captain Dist and Kaptain Skurvy are searching for the Phantom Ink and also he wants the book that contained Paper Mario's world, both Captain Dist and Kaptain Skurvy decides to blast them with cannonballs. but breaks the bridge leading to Bowser Path, and the second knocks out the quartet. Captain Dist's pirate minions, Bandineros, Buccaneros and Pirate Kritters (also known as Pirate Kremlings) alongside Kaptain Skurvy's henchmen Green Kroc and Kutlass (from Donkey Kong Country TV series) arrive to take them away to The Two Captain's Ship. both Pirate Bandit, Pirate Guy and Pirate Snifit arrive to collect the book that contained Paper Mario's world and give it to their two Captains, which Luigi dropped after being hit with the second cannonball.

The quartet wake to find themselves in a prison cell inside of The Two Captain's Ship. After escaping their cell, they battle their Buccaneros and Pirate Kritters (Pirate Kremlings) wardens to retrieve their items and Command Blocks. They then find out the arrested Toads, Paper Sailor Toads, Paper Punies (from The Thousand-Year Door) Yoshis, Paper Yoshis, Piantas, Paper Piantas, Beanish people, Hooskis (from Dream Team), Brocks (from Dream Team) and Shelltops (from Dream Team) are being forced to row the ship by Captain Dist and Kaptain Skurvy. Also, in the ship, they learn the Quartet Grab and find both Goombella, Paper Green Sailor Toad and Paper Flavio, who gives them Battle Cards in exchange for freeing them. While in the ship, they notice a gate with a round-shaped indent in the centre, before proceeding to escape the ship. However, before the group can escape, they face off against Kaptain Skurvy's henchmen Green Kroc and Kutlass. Meanwhile, the Bowser Jrs. annoy the Kameks into giving them a vacation to Bowser's Mount Brrr Villa. They take the caged Princess Peachs with them. They also try to tell Bowser about the book containing the Paper Mario universe that the pirates took from the quartet and also both Captain Dist and Kaptain Skurvy are searching for the Phantom Ink, but he ignores them.

The group, alongside the freed Toads, Paper Sailor Toads, Paper Punies, Yoshis, Paper Yoshis, Piantas, Paper Piantas, Beanish people, Hookis, Brocks and Shelltops find themselves stranded at Yoshi's Island. After collecting a few Paper people at a nearby Lakitu and Paper Lakitu Info Center, they build a huge boat and, using both Paper Mario and Paper Luigi as the sails and the other Yoshis and Paper Yoshis saying goodbye to everyone, return to Sunbeam Park. After returning to both Toad Town and Peach's Castle, a group of Toads, Paper Sailor Toads, Paper Punies, Piantas, Paper Piantas, Beanish people, Hookis, Brocks and Shelltops alongside Paper Goombella, Paper Green Sailor Toad and Paper Flavio tells them they saw the Princesses at Mount Brrr, which can be accessed through Gloomy Woods. The quartet then head back through Sunbeam Park in order to progress to Gloomy Woods. Along the way, they encounter Piranha Ink (a Ink Monster), who blocks the way. Once the group defeat him, they progress onwards.

Arriving at Gloomy Woods, they reach another Village; where some Toads, Brocks and Paper Punies alongside Punio, Petuni, Puni Elder and Puniper tell Mario and Co. to stay on the east side of the forest, because the west side is haunted. They also meet both Broque Monsieur, Broggy, Squiggler and a starving Wiggler who claims to be the guardian of the forest. Paper Kamek soon appears to block the path with junk, which Wiggler considers littering. After feeding him a berry, he breaks some opening the way, but falls asleep short on food, blocking the way himself. After getting more berries from a Pirate Fly Guy, Wiggler request a Melon, which a nearby Koopa the Quick has. After challenging Koopa the Quick to a race, they feed the melon to Wiggler. After breaking a couple of gates, with bombs and even hitting both Popple and Nabbit for another Bros. Attack, the team encounters both Kamek, Larry and Ludwig. Kamek initially fights the group, but is overpowered with bombs. Larry and Ludwig, however, possesses Wiggler, and forces him to battle the team. After they were defeated and Wiggler is freed, Wiggler turns into a Flutter and flies them to Mount Brrr.

At Mount Brrr, the Bros. watch as Iggy, Lemmy, Morton, Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy and Army Hammer Bro shower the land with stronger enemies and new terrain. They learn the Quartet Drill, and, with the help of Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy, the Bros. make it to a Village, where they prepare to build a Papercraft to combat both Bowser Jrs. and save the princesses. However, even after Papercraft Bowser Jr. is defeated by the new Papercraft Peach, both Captain Dist and Kaptain Skurvy shows up and manage to kidnap both the Princesses and both the two captain's book unharmed, while the two Bowser Jrs. got mad about the two captains taking away and kidnaping the two princesses. The two Bowser Jrs. accidentally leave behind a Red Medallion, which opens the gate in Bowser Path. In order to go there, the cross Gritzy Dunes again.

While crossing Gritzy Dunes, they encounter both Popple and Nabbit twice, learming four more Bros. Attacks, and face off against the Ink Corps. They then meet up with Paper Goombella from the Paper Mario world that they saved and travel to the two captain's ship with her. They open the gate which leads to Bowser's Castle. Before they can proceed to the castle, they fight Wendy, Roy and Army Hammer Bro, who try to stop them.

Arriving at Bowser's Castle; the quartet meets Iggy, Lemmy and Morton, along with the Elite Trio, who possesses some new gadgets. After trumping them and several other foes with the ranks of Bowser and Paper Bowser's army. Meanwhile, both Kamek and Paper Kamek tells both Bowser, Paper Bowser and Paper Kammy Koopa about the bad news, they said both the princesses are been kidnapped by the two captains, the two Bowsers got mad about the two captains kidnap the two princesses and also make matters worst, the two captains are going after the Phantom Ink and use it for evil and also team up with the Ink Monster and their master. At the castle; Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi learn the Quartet Glider before encountering Paper Kammy Koopa and her new Papercraft Kammy Koopa. Luckily, Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy arrives on time with Papercraft Luigi. After the quartet's Papercraft is victorious, Paper Kammy Koopa kidnaps both Toadette and Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy to prevent the production of more Papercrafts. The group begin searching for both Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy and rescue them shortly afterward from a few Fly Guys, and also encounter the Bowser Jrs. on guard duty.

Meanwhile, the quartet. make their way to both the two Bowser Jrs. theirselfs. They initially mean to fight. Mario and Co. chase them down. but are promptly beaten by the quartet. In their last moments, Bowser Jr. reflects on the fun he had with Paper Bowser Jr. and realizing that it was his fault they lost because both Captain Dist and Kaptain Skurvy kidnap both the princesses. The two Bowsers come in and mourn their loss, and the Mario Bros. alongside Paper Mario Bros. decide to escape the castle.

The group then find themselves back at Sumbeam Park once again, and head back to Peach's Castle. Meanwhile, Captain Dist and Kaptain Skurvy finally found the long lost Phantom Ink and team up with Master Ink and the Ink Monsters and also destroying both Bowser's Castle, Toad Town and almost destroying Peach's Castle with cannonballs, and flying their own ship above Mount Brrr using their newly-built rockets made of Phantom Ink's power. Both Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy then realizes they can build a staircase with the Paper people from the summit of the mountain. They promises to meet the Mario Bros alongside the Paper Mario Bros. there.

The team begins to make their way through Gloomy Woods again to get to Mount Brrr, but end up on the haunted west side. Both Mario, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi are promptly kidnapped by both Paper Doopliss, King Boo and his minions, leaving Luigi alone to find them. After a pep talk from Starlow alongside Paper Perakarry, and then meet and asking both Paper Lady Bow and Paper Bootler for help to find Mario, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi, and also facing off against various puzzles, Luigi, Paper Lady Bow and Paper Bootler find Mario in a field of shadowy clones. Luigi meet and fights Ink Wizard (who is revealed to be the one who created the Phantom Ink and the creator of both Master Ink and the Ink Monsters) who creates Ink Mario clones to stop Luigi, but upon Ink Mario clones defeat, Ink Wizard flees from Luigi. After finding the real Mario, they proceed to rescue both Paper Mario and Paper Luigi. Once they find them, they reunite; but after hearing eerie laughter, they realize that both the Paper Mario and Paper Luigi they rescued was both King Boo and Paper Doopliss in disguise. They proceed to battle them, but halfway through they threatens to tear up both the real Paper Mario and the real Paper Luigi, having two Paper Boos carry them in to prove their point. However. the Mario Bros. defeat the two Paper Boos, and the four of them alongside Paper Lady Bow and Paper Bootler finish King Boo off and Paper Doopliss runs away from the Mario Bros. alongside the Paper Mario Bros, Paper Lady Bow and Paper Bootler, and continue through the woods. Soon, they encounter both Green Kroc and Kutlass in their flying pirate ships, who challenges them to a minigame. After defeating both Green Kroc and Kutlass; they then meet up with Flutter once again, who flies the quartet back to Mount Brrr.

At Mount Brrr, the group rescues all the remaining Paper people to build the staircase, and proceed to venture to the summit using new paper terrain that has been produced. They meet many Lakitus and Paper Lakitus investigating the falling Paper Terrain and Pirate Enemies alongside the Ink Monsters before reaching the flying ship. Two Buccaneros, Three Pirate Guys, Four Bandineros, Five Pirate Kritters (Pirate Kremlings) and Six Ink Monsters. corner them, but Ink Bomber soon appears and stops them from defeating the team, He states that even if they are defeated, word would still spread, and no one can know of his operation. He then proceeds to start a timer to the operation's self destruction, which would wipe out everyone nearby who could spread the word. Both the pirates and Ink Monsters all flee back to the ship, while Mario and Co. challenge and defeat him before the timer runs out; successfully preventing the explosion. Both Lakitu and Paper Lakitu then arrive at the summit; with a large delivery of Paper people who build a staircase to the newly dubbed Neo Captain's Ship. If all Paper people have been rescued; the extra Paper people then join the group as a new Bros. Attack for Mario; the Paper Trail. The group then ascends the Paper people staircase while dodging more cannonballs towards Neo Captain's Ship.

Upon infiltrating Neo Captain's Ship, Ink Wizard casts a spell on the rooms and passages, making it harder for the quartet to navigate the ship. Upon doing so, Kaptain Skurvy taunts them and signals to the rest of both pirates and Ink Monsters that Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi have show up. The group then encounters Popple and Nabbit for the final time, who were robbing both Captain Dist and Kaptain Skurvy. They engage in a chase, where the Mario Bros. can chase and fight both Popple and Nabbit for coins, but also work with them to fight the Pirate Guys, Buccaneros, Pirate Kritters (Pirate Kremlings) and Ink Pirates chasing them. Afterwards, both Popple and Nabbit leaves them with the remaining Bros. Attack as thanks. They then find and fight Ink Wizard, they do battle with him, however Ink Wizard exits the battle midway in order to flee to another part of the ship, releasing the spell on the areas in Neo Captain's Ship and leaving.

The quartet find Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy, who are defending Papercraft Mario, Papercraft Peach and Papercraft Luigi. However, Ink Wizard release their new Papercraft Dragon Ink, which burns them all to a crisp. Both Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy mourns the loss of their work, but then realizes that they could build a Papercraft out of the same material, Fire Orb, which they asks the quartet to collect around the castle.

The first Fire Orb is already in both Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy's possession. The second is guarded by Kaptain Skurvy, Green Kroc and Kutlass who are in their flying pirate ships. They are knocked out of the sky with Bombs by the group. In a last ditch effort, Captain Dist shows up and attempts to blast down the final orb with cannonballs, witch are deflect back at him. The orb is used to assemble Papercraft Fire Mario, which then defeats Papercraft Dragon Ink. In anger, Both Captain Dist, Kaptain Skurvy, Master Ink and Ink Wizard destroy the bridge to the rest of the ship, forcing the Mario Bros. to reassemble it. However, before they cross the reassembled the bridge. Kaptain Skurvy, Green Kroc and Kutlass activate a timer that allows the ship's biggest cannon to charge up for a powerful final blow to destroy any remain of both Peach's Castle, Toad Town, Yoshi's Island and Bowser's Castle, which both Toadsworth, Paper Toadsworth, Toadbbert and the others are reassembling. The Mario Bros. quickly break the cannon before proceeding.

Before they can face both Captain Dist, Kaptain Skurvy, Master Ink and Ink Wizard, however, both the two Bowsers, two Kameks and Paper Kammy Koopa shows up and blocking the path and they also want both the book that contained the Paper Mario's world and trying to kidnap both the Princesses and steal the Phantom Ink from both the pirates and the Ink Monsters, Both Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi fight the two Kameks and Paper Kammy Koopa first, and then finally they fight the two Bowsers. the Mario Bros. defeat them. Both the two Bowsers, the two Kameks and Paper Kammy Koopa flys off. Captain Dist, Kaptain Skurvy, Master Ink and Ink Wizard then command the pirates and the Ink Monsters to finish off the Mario Bros. Green Kroc and Kutlass attack first; followed by Kaptain Skurvy, and finally Master Ink and Ink Wizard; both Kaptain Skurvy, Green Kroc and Kutlass are defeated by the quartet, Master Ink is now been defeat for good, but they are not done with Ink Wizard and he run back to Captain Dist, Both Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi still have both Captain Dist and Ink Wizard to take care of.

Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi proceed to challenge Captain Dist and Ink Wizard themselves, where Captain Dist, Ink Wizard, Peach and Paper Peach await. Both Captain Dist and Ink Wizard boasts about the power they now have, with the Phantom Ink and both Princesses and the book in hand. Suddenly, Peach, Paper Peach and Starlow activate their wish power from the last time and, destroy the Phantom Ink. Both Captain Dist and Ink Wizard are initially shocked about this, but as Ink Wizard inhales the Phantom Ink's pieces and then he merges with the entire Ink Monster army to create a suit of armor Captain Dist creating Phantom Dist Wizard. Both Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi battle with him. After the battle, Captain Dist is sent flying off of Neo Captain's Ship, and plummets to the ground. Ink Wizard grabs to book declaring that the war is not over and is about to blast Mario and company away from the ship, but is stopped by Bowser and Paper Bowser, who want the phantom ink back. In which Bowser punches Ink Wizard so hard that he bleaches out the remaining substance inside the Phantom Ink. Declaring that the Mushroom Kingdom belongs to him alone and is only his, Bowser charges up his most powerful punch he can make and pummels Ink Wizard away from the ship. Bowser is about to start a battle with the quadrant, but Kamek stops him, saying that, he should let them off, this once. Bowser, takes two seconds and considers the request, but if they only give him thanks for saving their lives.

Back at Toad Town, both Toadworth and Paper Toadworth is so relieved to see the princesses while everyone gathered at the entrance, the group reunites with their friends. Both Bowser, Paper Bowser and their minions apologize to Mario, Paper Mario and the others for the mess they made, but saying that the whole adventure doesn't change a thing. Both Toadette, Paper Toadette, Toadiko and Daisy orchestrates a Papercraft parade, where they tour the lands bringing the terrain and enemies back to the Paper world, meanwhile Both Popple and Nabbit are being chase by Koopa the Quick while both the Bandits and Paper Bandits steals Melons from both the Yoshis and Paper Yoshis in the audience. Afterward, Peach, Toadworth, Toadette, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Kamek, Mario, Luigi and everyone say goodbye to Paper Mario, Paper Luigi, Paper Peach, Paper Toadworth, Paper Toadette, Paper Bowser, Paper Bowser Jr, Paper Kamek alongside Paper Kammy Koopa and the Paper people who return to their world. Meanwhile, Kaptain Skurvy, Green Kroc, Kutlass and the pirates are desperately trying to move back to DK Island in a pirate ship, and Kaptain Skurvy announces he will meet the Mario Bros. again in the future.


Bowser and Paper Bowser's Story.

Episode 1.

The Story begins with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toadworth, Toadbert, Toadiko and Starlow are both doing fine at Peach's Castle. However, Bowser crashes in uninvited, and when his temper fires up, he has to be defeated by Mario and sent flying out of the castle by Peach and Starlow.

Meanwhile, Bowser awakens in Gloomy Woods and eventually comes across a sleeping Paper Wiggler from the paper world who must be awakened. He says that he was lost in Gloomy Woods. Bowser decide to help Paper Wiggler just once and go to Sunbeam Park.

Arriving at Sunbeam Park, they find Paper Lord Crump attempting to interrogate Paper Kersti about the Royal Stickers. Bowser intervenes and Paper Lord Crump tries to defeat him. After defeating the Paper X-Naut general and escaping from the Paper X-Nauts. Paper Kersti introduces herself, and Bowser explains his quest to her. As Paper Kersti is also searching for six Royal Stickers, she decides to join Bowser. (WIP)


The gameplay is mostly similar to the previous games from both of the series especially Partners In Time and Super Paper Mario, taking the Paper People rescue missions and putting it in a Super Paper Mario styled 2D side quests. Mario & Luigi are accompanied by Paper Mario and Paper Luigi, who help out in the overworld with the techniques and the battles. In which the Paper bros can shift into school objects that can be used in the overworld to get past tricky obstacles that cannot be solved with the Mario Bros' main moves.

Battle System

In battle, players control all four members of the group. Both Paper Mario and Paper Luigi, in a first for the series, fights alongside but independently from Mario and Luigi, unlike the Baby Bros. in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the only other installment to feature characters fighting alongside the Mario Bros. This allows the quartet to take four actions in one turn. While Mario and Luigi control similarly to the way they did in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Both Paper Mario and Paper Luigi's abilities set them apart from the other two. both Paper Mario and Paper Luigi are able to hammer, the copies will split and target all enemies on the field. Both Paper Mario and Paper Luigi loses a copy for each hit they takes, but can replenish them on their turn before using another battle command. Their jump dodge allows them to flutter, letting them briefly stay in the air longer than Mario and Luigi can.

Special Attacks

Players are able to use Bros. Attacks with Mario and Luigi, woking like they did in previous games. In addition, a new variation of special attacks called Quartet Attacks can be perform with Paper Mario and Paper Luigi. These atacks will have all four members attacks enemies with a giant cardboard hammer to paperize them before executing attacks.

Papercraft Battles

At certain points, the quartet will take part in Papercraft battles. which are the equivalent to the giant battles from the previous two games. Each time, they'll control different Papercraft characters, each with their own unique abilities, and each of the battles with a Papercraft Boss. Also, the camera turning settings have drastically altered. there's three different camera settings. Auto-Front always stays behind the player's Papercraft, or behind where they're tumbling (to prevent disorientation). Loose stays looking in a given direction when toggled. and finally, Lock-On locks on the nearest enemy when originally toggled. After destroying that enemy, it looks onto the next nearest enemy. If no enemies are present, the camera reverts to Loose.

Battle Cards

Another new addition are Battle Cards, replacing the badge system, also from the previous two games. The player creates a deck of 15 Battle Cards, one of which will be played each turn. These range from boosting stats, dealing damage, or lowering enemies stats or level. Each one needs a different amount of Star Points to use. amiibo are compatible with the game, each giving the player a special set of support cards to use in battle. The cards will reset once they've all been played.

There are at least 30 Battle Cards to be found or bought in the entire game. Most of the battle cards are based off, the Badges from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, while the others are based off the Crystal Star attacks from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.


Mario & Luigi: Transfer Pack

The Mario & Luigi: Transfer Pack is a feature that allows both Items and Bros. Attacks from both Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team to be transferred to Mario & Luigi: Paper Mario Mix.

By using the Nintendo 3DS's download play, a player can send both Items and Bros. Attacks from both Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team to Mario & Luigi: Paper Mario Mix.


The player can battle people's quadrants, when ever they are in public and meet people. Similar to meeting and collecting new tennis players in Mario Tennis Open.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer Mode is a new addition to the series, in which two teams of two, Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario and Paper Luigi can battle each other in Mario Party styled minigames.

Miiverse Stamps

Players can obtain Miiverse Stamps if they complete, 10 of the Expert Challenges in the game, and the player can view them.

Special attacks

Bros. Attacks


Image Name             Description                                                    BP Cost Location     
3D Red Shell Use the A Button for Mario and the B Button for Luigi, and kick that shell! 4            Peach's Castle            
Bye-Bye Cannon Memorise the order that the shadows of Mario and Luigi launch into the sky. As they land, press the A Button for Mario and the B Button for Luigi. If you get it perfect, they'll descend in the opposite. Stay focused! 7 Sunbeam Park
Rocket Blast MLPJ
Rocket Blast The rocket will take Mario and Luigi high up in the air before they jump off. To stomp, press each character's button just as he lands on the enemy. If both bros stomp the enemy, the rocket will fire at the end. Aim the rocket by sliding left and right on the circle pad. Do one loop, and then aim right in the middle of where your enemies are standing! 8 Grizity Dunes
Smash Egg A brother kicks the egg to an enemy. As it flies in the air, the player must hold the corresponding button to build up enough energy to kick the egg back into the enemy. 10 Yoshi's Island
Bomb Derby Slide right on the circle pad to toss bombs then hit 'em with the A Button! Don't delay your swings! Toss a bunch, feel the tempo, and hit all the bombs! 11 Gloomy Woods
Jet-Board Bash Press and hold the B Button to paddle. As you draw near, press the A Button! 12 Lakitu Info Center(Mount Brr)


Image Name                Description                                           BP Cost Location          
3D Green Shell Use the B button for Luigi, use the A button for Mario and kick that shell! 4            Peach's Castle
Fire Flower Quickly press the button of the bro with the big fireball to chuck it at the enemies. Once you chuck all the fireballs. Repeatedly mash the A and B Buttons to chuck a larger ball of lava at the enemies. 5 Sunbeam Park
Dropchopper Tilt the 3DS left and right to pilot the craft once Mario and Luigi grab on. Jump up with the A and B buttons! If you grab on quickly, you'll fly higher. Press the prompted button when you're above a foe for a devastating slam!­ 9 Gloomy Woods
Drill Shell MLPJ
Drill Shell Press B to launch, and then press A to drill down when you're directly over an enemy. Once you connect, press B as many times as possible to deal the most damage. 10 Mount Brr Summit
Mega Mushroom Mega Thwonk MLPJ
Mega Thwonk Press B each time Luigi stomps on the ground. You'll speed up if you time it right. Press A at just the right time to whack your enemy with the hammer. Continue pressing A each time Mario lands on an enemy's head to keep dealing damage! 12­ Bowser's Castle
Mix Flower MLDT MLPJ
Mix Flower Press the button of the corresponding brother to build a giant fireball and keep it up in order to deal more damage. The bigger the fireball, the more damage it causes. After some period of time, when the player cannot keep up with the speeding up process, the fireball falls and deals damage to all opponents. 15 Neo Captain's Ship

Quartet Attacks

Paper Mario

​Name ​Description ​BP Cost Location
Quartet Racquet Press the characters' buttons to hit the ball back at the wall. Return each hit and then press the character buttons in order to do a special attack! Sunbeam Park
Quartet Ball Tilt the Nintendo 3DS to move the ball. Grab Paper Mario's copies to make the ball bigger! Line it up, and kick it with the A Button! A bigger ball means more damage! 8 Griztly Dunes
Quartet Whirligig Use the Circle Pad to steer your characters around the spiral. You can press Y to dive faster. Pass through as many rings as possible, and try to collect all the enemies. You collect enemies simply by ploughing through them on your way down. The same goes for the rings. Aim for them and dive through! At the bottom, press A just as you reach each platform to punch through. The number of rings you hit determines how many platforms there will be at the end. 11 Gloomy Woods
Quartet Hammer Press the Y button repeatedly to form the Paper Copies, into a giant hammer! It will tilt, so use left/right on the Circle Pad to help Mario keep it balanced. As Luigi carries the Hammer, aim with up/down on the Circle Pad and swing with the B button, once the hammer hits the enemies Mario and Paper Luigi will land on the enemies, press A and X 12 Mount Brr
Quartet Wall Use left/right on the Circle Pad to move, Mario and Luigi. Once they jump on each other, Press the corresponding button shown on the screen, to hit Paper Mario, into the enemies. Where the foes are gathering to deliver more damage! Depending on the bros' position when you swing the hammer, Paper Mario's angle will change. 15 Yoshi's Island
Quartet Meteor As each meteor drops, you can control it using the Circle Pad. The meteors generate wind that you can use to collect the enemies in one spot. For maximum impact, use the wind to gather all the enemies in the central crater. Once they're in the crater, the enemies won't blow around much, so it's easier to hit them. As the meteors get close, start aiming directly for the enemies. Press each character's button to jump off his meteor at the last second. Hitting all the enemies at once deals huge damage! If each meteor hits an enemy, you'll get a bonus attack! Press A, B, Y and X to jump. 17 Bowser's Castle

Paper Luigi

Name Description BP Cost Location
Quartet Kite Press each character's button as fast as possible when indicated. The faster you push the buttons, the higher the kite will fly. When Paper Luigi climbs up the string, that's your sign to attack. When all of the Paper Luigi copies stack up, use X to smash your enemies! 7 Toad Town Lakitu Centre
Quartet Stack Jump with the X button and stack up Paper Luigi's Copies as fast as possible, then press A,B and Y to add the speed to the stack. While jumping, adjust the landing zone with left/right on the circle pad! Press the X button to launch the stack and then press Y to hammer the stack into the enemies. 9 Grizity Dunes Grotto
Quartet Shuriken When the attack is initiated, Mario and Luigi appear in a Japanese style dojo with a line of Paper Mario copies to the left and right of them (the amount depends on how many active copies Paper Mario had before the attack started). Their enemies will now then start falling down the screen, with the Mario Bros using a crosshair to aim and fire shurikens at them (with for Mario and for Luigi). The player can also press as the shuriken approaches the enemy to make Paper Mario attack it with more power.

If the Mario Bros. hit six enemies with shurikens, the Paper Luigi copies will then merge with the Paper Mario copies to create a huge shuriken that Luigi grabs hold of. At this point, any remaining enemies will start falling down the screen en masse, and the final shuriken can be thrown at them to take them out. Hitting at least one enemy with this shuriken will give the player an excellent rating and blast down the back wall of the dojo, revealing a night scene with a large full moon and hills!

11 Mount Brr Lakitu Centre
Quartet Flame The fire will bounce at a steady pace. Press the X Button to make it bigger! Luigi, Mario and Paper Mario will cover the spots where the Paper Luigi Copies aren't. Use the A , B and Y buttons here. Press Y once to make Paper Mario hammer the flame at the foes! 13 Yoshi's Island Lakitu Centre
Quartet Freeze
Quartet Typhoon

Items and objects

  • Beans
  • Coins
  • 5 Gold Coins
  • 10 Gold Coins
  • 20 Gold Coins
  • 50 Gold Coins
  • Giant Coins
  • Mushrooms
  • Candy
  • Nuts
  • Syrup Jars
  • Super Mushrooms
  • Super Candy
  • Supersyrup Jars
  • ? Blocks
  • M Blocks
  • L Blocks
  • P-M Blocks (NEW)
  • P-L Blocks (NEW)
  • 4-Bros. Random Blocks (Returning from Partners in Time)
  • Attack Piece Blocks
  • Blue Switches (Returning from Partners in Time)
  • Yellow Switches (Returning from Partners in Time)
  • Copy Block (NEW)
  • Ultra Mushrooms
  • Ultra Candy
  • Ultrasyrup Jars
  • Max Mushrooms
  • Max Candy
  • Max Syrup Jars
  • Refreshing Herbs
  • Double Refreshing Herbs (NEW)
  • Triple Refreshing Herbs (NEW)
  • Green Peppers (Returning from both Superstar Saga and Partners in Time)
  • Red Peppers (Returning from both Superstar Saga and Partners in Time)
  • Blue Peppers (Returning from Partners in Time)
  • Mix Pepper (NEW)
  • 1-Up Mushrooms
  • Double 1-Up Mushrooms (NEW)
  • Triple 1-Up Mushrooms (NEW)
  • 1-Up DXs
  • Double 1-Up DXs (NEW)
  • Triple 1-Up DXs (NEW)
  • Dash Socks (NEW)
  • Taunt Balls
  • Shock Bombs
  • Boo Biscuits
  • Secret Boxes
  • Mystery Boxes (Paper Mario series)
  • Volt Shrooms (Paper Mario series)
  • Whacka Bumps (Paper Mario series)
  • Star Piece (Paper Mario series)
  • Life Shrooms (Paper Mario series)
  • Double Life Shrooms (NEW)
  • Triple Life Shrooms (NEW)
  • Quadruple Life Shrooms (NEW)
  • Life Shroom DXs (NEW)
  • Double Life Shroom DXs (NEW)
  • Triple Life Shroom DXs (NEW)
  • Quadruple Life Shroom DXs (NEW)



​Character Description
380px-Mario - MarioLuigi-PaperJam


The plucky Mushroom Kingdom Plumber is back and this time, his brother and their Paper counter parts will not let Captain Dist, Kaptain Skurvy and their minions destory the Mushroom Kingdom.
Luigi mario and luigi paper jam by banjo2015-d8y178h


The comical coward of the Mario Bros is back and is better than Dream Team. He is ready to save the Mushroom Kingdom and the Paper Universe! He and Paper Luigi might have a very nice time talking about their younger brother problems.
Mario Showing PMTMF

Paper Mario

Paper Mario embarks in a new adventure along with his 3D counter part to stop Captain Dist from taking over both the Mushroom Kingdom and the Paper Universe.
Mario and luigi paper jam paper luigi by fawfulthegreat64-d94c00j

Paper Luigi

The heroic Paper Luigi, back from retirement after Paper Mario: Sticker Star is ready to stop the evil Captian Dist, from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom and the Paper Universe all at once.


Character Description

Princess Peach

Princess Peach has been kidnapped by someone else for the third time in a row but, she knows what is going on and what secret Captain Dist and his crew are keeping.                                                                            

Paper Peach

The Paper counter part of Princess Peach is willing to help out in the situation of the Ink monsters and to raid them away from the Mushroom Kingdom.
290550-480px toadsworth old


Well, it looks like Toadsworth has fainted again. But this time he is teaching the quadrant, new moves to use in the overworld.
83px-Toadsworth PM2
Paper Toadsworth]
Toadsworth's paper counter part has also fainted again. But he and his 3D counter part will help Mario and Co, with the overworld moves


Toadette has stared building Papercrafts to help the Quadrent battle giant enemies. And she, Daisy and Paper Toadette are studying the reasons how the worlds have the same relationship.
Toadette PLEA

Paper Toadette

Paper Toadette is helping her 3D counterpart on the Papercraft battles. She has also opened her own palor at Peach's Castle. She can prepare useful and unique items for the quadernt.


The quirky hot headed but funny star sprite is back, and once again accompanies our heroes in the quest to stop Captain Dist from taking over the two worlds. She has controlled her issues with Luigi and she doesn't really mind having two Luigis around for the journey.

Koopa The Quick

The Quickest Marathon Running Koopa is back, after a blaring absence from Super Mario 64. He has a melon that wiggler wants, so he duels the quadernt in a race to get the melon back.


The Lakitus are on the scene and they will help the quaderent out in this situation. Their job is to locate any Paper People they can find in the Mushroom Kingdom and tell the quadrant to rescue them.
Commissions daisy dream team withloveme 2 by cutyaries-d979a4i

Princess Daisy

The Tomboy Princess is first appearing in this Mario & Luigi game to help out with the Papercraft building adventure. She and Toadette will be helping the quadrant, with the Papercrafts.
Paper daisy by decapitated kittens-d6e25io

Paper Daisy

Princess Daisy's counterpart is going to help out in the adventure, and as well as giving the papercraft materials, she will be helping Paper Toadette out with her minion restaurant.


The smart and helpful Toad is back from Bowser's Inside Story and this time he's helping the Lakitus with the extra work and paperwork they have.




Both series

Name Location


Sunbeam Park, Yoshi's Island

Paper Goomba

Sunbeam Park, Yoshi's Island


Sunbean Park, Grizity Dunes, Grizity Dunes Grotto

Paper Spiny

Sunbean Park, Grizity Dunes, Grizity Dunes Grotto

Mario & Luigi series

Name Location
Ink Goomba Sunbeam Park, Grizity Dunes Grotto, Neo Captain's Ship


Sunbeam Park, Yoshi's Island, ???
Ink Biddybud Sunbeam Park, Gloomy Woods, Neo Captain's Ship


Sunbeam Park, Yoshi's Island, ???
Ink Capnap Grizity Dunes, Gloomy Woods, Neo Captain's Ship


Grizity Dunes, Grizity Dunes Grotto
Ink Thorb Gloomy Woods, Neo Captain's Ship


Grizity Dunes Grotto, Gloomy Woods
Ink Bloatula Gloomy Woods, Neo Captain's Ship
Caccac Grizity Dunes, Grizity Dunes Grotto
Ink Caccac Grizity Dunes Grotto, Neo Captain's Ship

Paper Mario series



Differences from other Mario & Luigi games

  • The battle ring is different: there are no turn limits and bosses don't have a different color palette.
  • Mario and Luigi can use Bros. Attacks and Hammers in the very first battle.
  • Badges are replaced by Battle Cards.
  • Paper Mario and Paper Luigi are the first playable characters in the game.
  • The game keeps the same graphics as its predecessor.
  • Lakitu's role is changed in this game. Instead of adding bonus points to stats (upon leveling up), he now gives the quadrant quests where the Bros. can help rescue the Paper People when needed.
  • There are optional crosshairs under the Bros. when an enemy is attacking, as well as a peculiar animation of the character to be attacked preparing to defend himself. This is most likely due to four characters being on the battlefield at once.
  • This is the first game in the series to have Items under categories in the player's bag.
  • This is the first game in the series to have the four main playable characters all take a turn in battle.
  • Players can block attacks, similarly to the Paper Mario series.
  • This is the second game to take place entirely in one kingdom and the second to have no portals to another world/kingdom/time. The first being Superstar Saga.
  • Luigi is not referred to as Green Stache, due to Bowser finally learning his name at the end of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
  • This is the first game in the series to not be released after a Paper Mario game.
  • Command Blocks are slightly larger than the previous game, and the Bros. stand slightly more apart.


On the day of the game's release in North America, a demo of the game was also released on the Nintendo eShop, making this the second strictly Mario game to have a publicly released demo for download. It uses 1,010 blocks when downloaded, and offers twelve uses. The demo is similar to the E3 demo, in that it has the same options for gameplay:


References to other games

  • Donkey Kong: One of the Rank-Up bonuses/Bros. upgrades upon leveling up to the higher ranks is known as "Jump Man" which could be a nod to this game as Mario's original name was Jumpman before being renamed.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario USA): (TBA)
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: (TBA)
  • Super Mario Land: (TBA)
  • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins: (TBA)
  • Mario & Wario (Super Nintendo): (TBA)
  • Donkey Kong Country (series): (TBA)
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy gets a music remix in a section of Yoshi's Island.
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: The game ends with a parade of the characters going through the Mushroom Kingdom. Parts of the title and credits theme sound similar to the first eight notes of "Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure". A Battle Card has the effect of possibly turning enemies into mushrooms, similarly to how some enemies could do the same exact thing in this game, although turning them into mushrooms makes them eatable items rather than being a status effect.
  • Super Smash Bros. (series): (TBA)
  • Paper Mario: The levelling up system returns in this game but can only be used for Paper Mario and Paper Luigi.
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga: A cover of the battle theme from this game can be heard when Mario and Luigi are fighting. Popple also returns to steal the Bros. Attacks in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: (TBA)
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: Both the Paper Airplane and Paper abilities return from this game. The first time Paper Mario meets Mario, he performs a Spring Jump. Paper Mario's blocking and KO'd animations are the same as from this game. The way the trio gains Star Points by preforming the attacks as good as possible is similar to how Paper Mario and his partners had to "appeal" to the audience to refill the special meter, by also performing the moves as good as possible and by posing stylishly. The stage where the characters stand when they gain EXP after a battle is similar to the one from the battles in this game, down to the yellow stripes on the border of the curtains when they level up.
  • Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time: A cover of the tutorial theme from this game can be heard, which in turn is an arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. theme. The energy beams which unlocks pipes return. The cloud platforms return as well. In Twinsy Tropics Dungeon, Starlow breaks the fourth wall saying to the player, "Back to the adventure", referencing Stuffwell's catchphrase. The Smash Egg and Mix Flower Bros Items return as well.
  • Super Princess Peach: Princess Peach references her adventure through the Vibe Island from the game.
  • New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS): The Blue Shell power up returns in one of the Paper People rescue missions and functions like it did in Mario & Luigi; Bowser's Inside Story.
  • Yoshi's Island DS: In one of the Toad houses in Gloomy Woods, there is a picture of the babies with the Yoshis celebrating the defeat of Bowser and Kamek, in this game.
  • Super Paper Mario: Paper Luigi's super jump move returns as a battle command and one of the Expert Challenges is called Super Paper Mario, a nod to this game. Also, Paper Bowser's artwork seen at the end is from this game. A trio of Toads mention that "everyone's game will be over" right after they let Nabbit and Popple escape with the Bros. Attacks.
  • Super Mario Galaxy: Major Burrows returns as the first boss of the game.
  • Wario Land: Shake It!: (TBA)
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: A cover of Peach's Castle's theme from this game can be heard, which in turn is an arrangement of the same theme from Super Mario 64. Some of King Boo's attacks are revisions of the Dark Star. His multiplying move resembles that of the Dark Star and his fire breathing attack resembles the Dark Satellmite's beam attack. When Roy and Wendy are fought, one of the moves they perform resembles the Koopa Corps special attack from this game.
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii: (TBA)
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: (TBA)
  • Super Mario 3D Land: The Boomerang Flower returns as one of the Level Up Ranks.
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2: The Golden Fire Flower returns as a trophy seen in the workshop in Peach's Castle.
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star:Many of the elements from this game return. Thus, many graphics and enemies from this game and most of this game's background system is reused. When Paper Mario shows up for the first time, he jumps in the air and gets a yellow and white background, along with everything around him stopping for a second, similar to how characters are introduced in this game. One of the Toads in Toad Town talks about wanting to become a traveling Toad, similarly to the disaster-prone one encountered in this game. Whenever a paper enemy is defeated, it turns gray, similar to how the enemies did if Paper Mario kept attacking them after their HP had reached 0 in this game. Cardboard coins return from the Paper Mario universe as they are dropped from defeated paper enemies. Moving the system around whenever a shiny Battle Card is present on the lower screen will cause the sparkle effect to move, depending on the angle the 3DS is held, the same exact thing that can be done with shiny stickers in this game.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U: Nabbit makes an appearance and plays an important role, stealing Bros. Attacks and other items in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • New Super Luigi U: (TBA)
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team: The game runs on the same engine used in this game. As such, many of the game's graphics are reused, although some characters have received new animations. All of Mario and Luigi's battle animations are reused with the exception of new jumping in battle animations. One of the new Bros. Attacks, known as Mega Thwonk, features Luigi as a giant, using the same model from the Giant Battles in this game. There are also two returning Bros. Attacks originally from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Similar to giant battles, Papercraft battles allow players to win 4 items
  • Super Mario 3D World: Bullies retain their design from this game.
  • Yoshi's New Island: (TBA)
  • Mario Kart (series): (TBA)
  • Yoshi's Woolly World: (TBA)
  • (TBA)

References to latter games

  • Super Mario Maker: (TBA)
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash: (TBA)
  • (TBA)

References to other media

  • (TBA)


  • Just like Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Mario & Luigi: Paper Mario Mix is the only Mario game to receive an E10 rating by the ESRB, the first being Mario Strikers Charged and second being Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The ACB rated this as PG for the same reason.
  • Just like Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Mario & Luigi: Paper Mario Mix receive a patch, the first being Mario Kart 7 and second being Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The patch removes all the glitches alongside the out of bounds glitches from the game and was released during May 2016 two months after the game's release.
  • This is the first game in the Mario & Luigi series where the final boss is not have any form of Bowser.
  • Starlow references the Year of Luigi after Luigi is left alone in Gloomy Woods.
  • Paper Mario gets his voice back from both Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario.
  • This is the first game to have both a secondary antagonist and enemies from another series.
  • Both Paper Luigi and Paper Bowser talks again ever since the first three Paper Mario games.


In the past, the Mario & Luigi games primarily used two buttons, but the developers wanted to break new ground by making a third button active in combat. Characters were brainstormed until the developers thought of a second Mario, where the Paper Mario character would fit the third character role neatly. This implementation has then turn the idea of a crossover.

Though Paper Luigi was considered to be the fourth character, the developers thought that adding a fourth button for a fourth character will be too difficult and complicated to enjoy the game. According to Kobayashi, the trickiest thing to implement in a crossover was to make Paper Mario, a main character, stand out. However they tried out a prototype of the game, and found that controlling all four characters without the dash button, was a bad idea.

Though the first draft of the story involved the characters going back and forth between the Mushroom Kingdom and the paper world with many twists to the narrative, the developers thought it was too complex and that no one will enjoy it, so that it was rewritten many times to be simplified, where greater emphasis was placed on the character interactions between each other. Though emphasis has been placed on Paper Mario to make him stand out, the developers wanted equal attention to all characters, where they mention that it was a "big job" to balance everything. The developers also mentioned interest in adding original characters to the plot, but decided against it since they already have many characters to work with, and it would be too challenging to fit them at an appropriate appearance in the story.

The E3 trailer showed a lot of stuff that was scrapped in the game, the Trio Attacks and the unoriginal characters and bosses. The game was also meant to be called Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, but according to Shigeru Miyamoto, he said that the title would sound like a carbon copy of the 1996 film Space Jam.

AlphaDream and Intelligent Systems showed to second draft of the story to the fan service and received very negative feedback. However they asked some of the hard core fans of the series and told them which characters they should add from both of the series, but scrap the two dimensions thing, since it would get tedious and boring.

When asked about the gameplay, battle designer Jun Iwasaki emphasized on narrowing the focus. His first thought was making use of three buttons, which were promptly brainstormed with lots of ideas on paper, until the developers chose the one that looked the best and tested them with a prototype. Hiroshi Ohata, the battle programmer, explained that battles are first created without animations and other visual effects. He has stated that they always make sure the gameplay is very responsive at a basic level, so they perform many experiments to test the gameplay elements. What works and what doesn't is based on people who playtest the game during development. So the fan service told the team to us Half of the sound effects from the pervious titles in both series and create new ones, in which Myiamoto took their word for the game. Yoko Shimomura, the composer for the game's music, felt that since Paper Mario is joining the battle, she opted for a lighter, more upbeat tune to the game's soundtrack. When asked which music is her favorite, she stated that her songs are "like her children" and is unable to choose one, though she did say that Mountaintop Secrets, the background music for Mount Brrr, "has a certain fantastical atmosphere that isn't usually found in the Mario world, and having the opportunity to put a song with that kind of feel into a Mario game is something that's quite unique to the Mario & Luigi series, I think."

Natsuko Kemi, rhe game's graphics designer, emphasized on the details of the animations and graphics on the characters. For example, Luigi's walk cycles in based off his walk cycles in Luigi's Mansion.

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