Mario & Luigi: Paper Kings (known as Mario & Luigi RPG 5: Paper Pals in Japan) is a game in the Mario & Luigi series for the Nintendo 3DS that crosses over with the Paper Mario series. The game uses the same graphics and engine as its and revolves around Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario trying to stop Midbus from turning the Mushroom Kingdom into a frozen wasteland. This game gives an excellent use for the 3D system to find hidden objects and cracks. 


The story begins with Luigi and Toadbert entering the attic of Peach's Castle, looking for the source of a draught. They soon find a hole above a bookcase, and Luigi investigates. Suddenly, Toadbert gets chased by a Sniffit Guy, which entered the room through the hole, and Toadbert leads the Sniffit Guy to Luigi, this starts a tutorial battle with Toadbert giving the basic instructions. Just before the Ice Snifit grabs the book, it opens and shoots out it's expanded contents. Luigi and Toadbert eventually meet Paper Peach, who introduces herself to Mario and Peach,Mario and Luigi agree to help Paper Peach seek out the Paper People spread across the Mushroom Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Bowser meets Paper Bowser, who, after some disagreements, team up together to kidnap Peach and Paper Peach respectively. also meets his paper counterpart, and, unlike Bowser and Paper Bowser, the two become friends. Additionally, Kamek and Paper Kamek meet and shortly begin to insult each other, which continues throughout the entire game.

After leaving Peach's Castle, Mario and Luigi venture through Grassy Green Farm, where they come across several Goombas and Paper Goombas. They eventually get cornered by a large group of Paper Goombas, who get surrounded by an army of Snifit Guys which results in both the Paper Goombas and Mario and Luigi getting defeated.

Meanwhile Paper Mario and Paper Luigi are walking around trying to find Paper Peach when they stumble upon the Bros and the paper goombas. They take them to Peach's Castle where they are revive by two 1UP Mushrooms.

After leaving Peach's Castle, Mario and Luigi decide to tag along with Paper Mario and try to make their way through Grassy Green Farm again but the Bowsers then arrive and are about to start a battle but suddenly Midbus lands on the ground, Bowser is shocked by this and he jumps out of his Koopa clown car and punches Midbus in the stomach, which makes him spit a large amount of ice and a huge monstrous ice robot named IceBrot 7504. The Trio characters battle the robot and win the fight, Bowser is so outraged by this that he runs back to Peach's castle and Paper Bowser follows him. The four characters eventually reach the entrance to Wind worn Desert. Toadette then arrives with Merlon and Doctor Toadely, they tell the group that Toadette can help them by building a papercraft version of Mario.

After enough Paper People are rescued, Toadette takes the Paper Toads back to Peach's Castle and the four characters move into Wind worn Desert. In the Dunes, the group spot Bowser's Castle over the canyon, which they must cross the desert to reach. On the way to Bowser's Castle, their progress is put to a halt by Smorg.After climbing some quicksand.

The bros find some hammers,and eventually reach the top of the quicksand stream again, this time crossing a bridge leading towards Bowser's Castle. However, Smorg stops them again. Attacking the bridge causing Mario and Co. to fall into the canyon side.They soon find that in order to progress they must jump really high in order to defeat the Smorg.Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi rescue some Paper Squeeks to create a ladder.

After using the ladder to reach the bridge, the characters battle Smorg and win, but are again blocked by the Kamek duo and they both get interrupted by a giant Stone Chomp, and once again the group wins against the boss.

As they approach Bowser's Castle, the two Bowsers arrive and say to Mario and Luigi that they can show them the way through the road to the Castle.Entering the castle, Bowser discovers that Midbus has possessed the shy guys and turned them into snifit guys. And that Private Goomp,Corporal Paraplonk and Sergeant Guy have been held captive with the rest of Bowser's minions. Midbus himself tricks Mario and Luigi forcing them to fight 50 Snifit guys in one fight,along with 50 Skellobits. Bonechill is released and is extremely mad at Midbus for stealing his minions, so Mario and Luigi have to fight him without the Paper Bros and only Papercraft Mario. When the bros win, the Snifit Guys who think that Bowser and Paper Bowser were the team captains, trick the Bowsers into eating festival food. Bowser realising that Midbus had re used Fawful's food trick, asks the Bros and the Paper bros to find the treadmill in Bowser's thrown room and bring it back to him.

Exploring the thrown room and rescuing the treadmill from a wiggler put under a spell. Bowser gets his body back in shape. Suddenly all the Skellobits and Snifit Guys surround the group. Bowser blows fire on the skellobits but instead of melting, they explode. Launching the Bros all the way to Foggy Bog Woods, while the two Bowsers land in the Vroom Shroom which is driving to Sherbet Glacier Summit.

The Fourio wake up in Foggy Boggy Woods a beautiful but foggy forest which is on the south side of Bowser's Castle. Mario and Luigi find a Goomba, he introduces himself as Goombarry, and explains that he is looking for his best friend, Parakooplet. Mario and Luigi gladly propose to help him find his friend. While trying to find her they see a little Purple Parakoopa sitting on a little tree, she introduces herself as Parakoplet, and tells them that she's lost and is looking for her best friend, Goomberto. Suddenly, the floor begins to shake, and Major Burrows appears, starting a battle. After defeating him, the Fourio find a secret passage and enter it. Exploring the passage Mario and Luigi find a mysterious cave locked with a giant door, the door contains 6 star-like holes. Paper Luigi informs the bros more about that door, and that the pieces that must be in the door are called Star Eggs, little white star rocks with gold spots that were scattered in the cave to protect it from a "mummy beast". The 4 heroes then start searching for the Star Eggs to open the giant door. After finding 2 Star Eggs, the Mario Bros. are interrupted by two bad Koopas, Boomba Troopa and Heli-Koopa, starting a battle. After being defeated, the two Koopas escape and drop a Star Egg. Mario and Luigi keep looking when they notice a confused Birdo looking at a little cracked wall. She says that she found a little golden rock (Star Egg) but she accidentally dropped it and that it rolled towards the little hole on the wall. Paper Luigi explains about cracks in walls and that Paper Mario can slip through them to collect them. After collecting the Star Egg,Mario and Luigi run into the Elito Trio, who give the news that Bowser's minions have been held captive. The fourio continue on and find ledge. Paper Luigi starts explaining some overworld techniques that they can do then, they find a little statue with a hole on it. Mario and Luigi preform the Bros Drill and drill dash on the statue to the hole and find the remaining star eggs.

After finding all the Star Eggs, the 4 heroes open the great door and enter to an ancient cavern. After passing through a maze-like path in the cave, the heroes find a large chest. After opening it, A huge Dragon named GrookTail pops out of the ground and starts a papercraft battle. After defeating it, a small key pops out of the tail and falls on the ground. Luigi picks it up and suggests that they take it back to Peach's Castle.

After a brief stop in Peach's Castle and learning the Spin Jump, the protagonists move to Grizility Beach to find some answers from the Shell Tops that work there and they also find some Craws,Paper Koopas and Paper Cheep Cheeps that are rescued from a gang of Sniffit Guys. After that, they confront Blooperious, a massive Blooper. After defeating him,they move to Sherbet Glacier.In Sherbet Glacier, the Mario Bros. continue the adventure on their own. Mario and Luigi find a strange, giant cube of ice, with many Toads and Paper Bumpties trapped inside. Mario and Luigi attempt to use their Hammer to break the ice, with no avail.

All of a sudden, Bowser Jr. confronts them and starts a battle. After being defeated, Bowser Jr. escapes and drops a badge, called Hot Hammer. After equipping it, the Mario Bros. use the Hammers and melt the ice, releasing the Toads and the Bumpties, they gratefully give Mario and Luigi some items. Mario and Luigi continue their travels, when they find a great place called Feaver Vila. Bowser and Paper Bowser are found and they explain why they are at Sherbet Glacier. Midbus drops from the roof and battles the Fourio. He's defeated and runs back to Bowser's Castle un aware that he drops a strange looking jigsaw puzzle piece. After taking it, the vila starts shaking, and a countdown is set for the 4 heroes to escape before the palace collapses. Then, they finally escape and head to Fuzzie Volcano.

The 4 heroes find out that the volcano is infested with Fuzzies and Paper Fuzzies. To solve it, the group use the Trio hammer to blow away the Fuzzies so they could continue. After finishing with the infestation, some Toads and other habitants arrive talking about some disaster. The Wiggler King is destroying the entire volcano to take it over along with his possed Wigglers. With the power of the Ice Ornament he can easily destroy it and force all the habitants to leave the forest. The heroes try to stop him, but he runs away with the other Wigglers. The Mario Bros travel through some mazes , puzzles and very strange paths, to finally find the Wiggler territory. The Bros. must avoid it to reach the Wiggler King, then after talking with him, a battle starts. The Mario Bros. successfully defeats him, and he blatantly says he can't believe he lost the Ornament.Mario and Luigi collect the Ice Ornament and they reunite with the Paper Bros and return to Peach's Castle.

When they arrive,the Bros are shocked when they see Midbus, the Snifit guys and the Skellobits holding Peach and Paper Peach in a floating shield and are about to blast the four heroes away but the Bowser Duo stops them from defeating the team. Midbus states that even if he is defeated no one will know of his goal. Paper Luigi is mad by this and states that it will be in the news papers, and he battle Midbus on his own with Mario and Luigi, while Paper Mario cheers and gives Mushrooms and Syrups. Midbus's Ice power is drained and he falls to defeat and the timer explodes. The Ice power catches the Peach Duo and heads to Bowser's Castle. The Paper Citizens arrive and form a cannon for all the times Mario and Luigi have helped them.

When they arrive, Iggy taunts them and signals to the rest of the Koopalings that Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario have arrived. The group then encounters Nabbit for the final time, who is wanted for robbing Bowser. They engage in a chase, where the Mario Bros. can chase and fight Nabbit for coins, but also work with him to fight the Snifiit Guys and Skellotbits to free Bowser's Minions from the alternate universe Afterwards, Nabbit leaves them with the remaining Bros. Attack as thanks. They then find Toadette who is trying to battle the Ice Spirit. The Ice Spirit forms a fire version of Bonechill and Papercraft Mario battles him.

Despite their best efforts, the Mario Bros. defeat him. Bowser and Paper Bowser then command the Koopalings to clean up the mess. Bowser and Paper Bowser themselves, who reveal they plan to trap the Bros. in the now empty book, whose contents became the Paper terrain that was shot across the land, leaving them in an empty abyss, which they plan to burn. However, both of them hint that they wish to trap the other one in with them. Paper Bowser and Bowser merge their forces with the Bros to destroy The Ice power by using the three objects to form a door which releases a huge amount of paper and cardboard and murges the Bowser Duo which turns them into Shinny Bowser.

Realising what has happened, the Ice power turns into a simply takes control of the Door himself, it turns him into  Ice Zilla attacks the Mario bros and The Bowser Duo. Who are unable to destroy him, all hope is lost and the ice power summons Midbus, who's power is still drained from his body, The Ice power wraps around Midbus and absorbs his beef, the Ice power flashes blind the six protagonists. When they open their eyes, they see a green head and hands with crooked fingers. Pink eyes with glowing yellow pupils. A ghostly purple body, with equally ethereal purple hair blowing out the top of a gold crown. Plus signs form the left arm, while a purple vine with jagged spikes forms the right. A yellow and purple hood circles her neck, with a spikey white collar curves behind. Suddenly Shinny Bowser grabs the green head and shakes it up and down. Bowser tells the bros to spawn Papercraft Mario and kill the ice power once and for all, Papercraft Mario dashes straight into the body until it explodes. The explosion also kills Midbus and the Ice Power, they both expand and melt, but the hands don't. Then, Paper Bowser tries to make a move for the book. But the hands both grab the book, Bowser and Paper Luigi grab book and pull it back, then it turns into a tug of war. Mario and Luigi jump on the hands and they both explode, resulting in the Skellobits and the Snifit Guys melting.

Back at the castle,the four heroes and the Bowser Duo along with the rest of the cast have a celebratory dinner. Dr. Toadley and Merlon tell them that the world is saved and that if it wasn't for the Bowsers helping out in the finale, then the Mushroom Kingdom would have been frozen solid. 

Toadette offers the paper cast to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom for a vacation. Bowser mentions that he hasn't forgotten his goal.The Toads and the Princess flee from the scene, and the credits roll over a montage of still images showing that the Bowser Duo and the Mario Bros battling each other and at the end, all bruised and scratched, they both shake hands and call it a truce. The credits then slide onto the Paper Vacation.

Afterward, Bowser, Mario and Luigi say their goodbyes to Paper Bowser, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi. Bowser then gives Paper Bowser a goodbye hand shake for helping destroy Midbus and his minions. The Shy Guys arrive  and ask to rejoin as minions, Bowser then lets them rejoin in the troop in helping with the repairs,

The post credit scene shows Luigi putting the book back on the shelf in the attic while Mario is fixing the hole in the wall.


The gameplay is very simialr to Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time with four playable characters except the last party member Paper Luigi can be swapped to converse large platfroms and go throguh slim cracks in the walls.  The Mushroom Sticker from Paper Mario: Sticker Star returns as a healing item for Paper Mario and Paper Luigi. Paper Luigi is also the navagator who plays the same role of Stuffwell and Starlow from the four previous games and he has a new menu called the Page Menu, it holds Bros Items, normal items and a new adition to battles. They are known as battle cards. Paper Luigi also plays a huge role in the battles using his jukebox to tap to the rhythm of the music in the battles to release huge blasts of music beats. Very much like the previous games Mario and Luigi are controlled by the A and B buttons but Paper Mario and Paper Luigi are controlled by Y and X.

​Battle System

In battle, players control all three members of the group. Paper Mario, in a first for the series, fights alongside but independently from Mario and Luigi, unlike the Baby Bros in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the only other installment to feature characters fighting alongside the Mario Bros. This allows the party to take three actions in one turn. While Mario and Luigi control similarly to the way they did in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Paper Mario's abilities set him apart from the other two. Paper Mario is able to create copies of himself as a battle command, which increase the damage he can do in his attacks: He can land as many jumps as he has copies, and when he uses his hammer, the copies will split and target all enemies on the field. Paper Mario loses a copy for each hit he takes, but can replenish them on his turn before using another battle command. His jump dodge allows him to flutter, letting him briefly stay in the air longer than Mario and Luigi can. Paper Mario has at least six blocks, them being Jump, Hammer, Art. Item, Copy, Member Switch, Card Set Switch and Flee. While Mario and Luigi's are Jump, Hammer, Bros. Item, Item, Card Set Switch and Flee.

Jukebox Blast is a new feature to the battle system that allows Paper Luigi to sit on a lawn chair and tap their feet to the beat. The beat releases a small blast of energy.

Status effects

Status effects can be caused by enemy attacks, items, Bros. Attacks, or the attributes of equipped gear. Some increase/decrease Mario and Co's stats and some them from attacking. In this game, there is no Poison effect like the previous Mario & Luigi games. Those which raise and lower stats will stack with all other status effects with the exception of raising a currently lowered stat (or vice versa). All of these effects can be cured with a Refreshing Herb.

Trip Causes the bros to fall down.
Dizzy Gives the bros a dizzy effect when hit,
Burn Lights the bros on fire.
Mini Causes the bros to shrink.
POW UP Gives the Bros a POW plus effect
DEF UP Gives the bros a DEF effect
SPEED UP Lets the bros get their turns more than the enemies
POW DOWN Lowers the bros' power
DEF DOWN Lowers the bros'defense
SPEED DOWN Lowers the bros' speed
Allergic Negates all other status effects for two turns
Forzen Freezes the bros if they are touched by an Ice Snifit
Charged Raises the power of the Art. Items that Paper Mario and Paper Luigi have.
Clipped Stops the Paper bros from attacking or dodging any enemies

Attack Items

Bros. Items  make their special comback from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, but they cost Bros Item Power, which is restored by using a Syrup Jar or a Star Candy. Nabbit has stolen a secret bag of Bros Items which have been kept inside the dungun of Peach's Castle. Mario and Luigi have to rescue the Bros Items and can use them in battle.


Image       Special     Description Effect BIP cost Location
3D Red Shell Use the A button for Mario and the B button for Luigi. Kick that  Shell None 3 Peach's Castle Lobby
Trampoline Block Press A to hit the block, it will release a trampoline that allows the bros to jump on it. press A and B to land on the enemy and press the two buttons all together for a huge slam to the head. Dizzy 4 Grassy Green Farm
Cannonball Chuck Press A to begin swining, then A again to release the ball, tilt the 3DS to move the ball in the air, then press B to make Luigi jump off the ball and land on the enemy. DEF Down 6 Wind Worn Desert Canyon
Rocket Blaster When the Rocket Ship carries Mario and Luigi up to the sky, Press A and B to jump off and land on the enemey. The Rocket Ship will land on the enemy when it comes towards Mario and Luigi so remember to press A and B all at once. POW Down 8 Foggy Boggy Woods
Pocket Chain Chomp Press A to take out a Chompie Ball. A Chain Chomp is released and Mario jumps on it while Luigi runs in front of it. Press A to hammer the Chain Chomp and press B to jump on the enemy. None 10 Fuzzie Volcano
Boulder Barrel Press A to make Mario jump and Press B to make Luigi jump. The bros have to jump on the incoming boulder barrels to break the barrels to the enemies can be hit by extra power. Dizzy 12 Grassy Green Farm
Hi Hi Cannon Memorise the order that the shadows of Mario and Luigi show when they are blasted out of the cannon. Press A or B to hammer the enemy depending on who is falling towards it. Stay Focused or you'll fail. Dizzy 15 Peach's Castle Entrance
Bob omb catapult Slide and hold the circle pad back to charge the catapult, then press B to make Luigi throw the Bob omb into the catapult then release the circle pad to make the catapult launch the Bob omb into the enemies. Burn 19 Bowser's Castle
Cataquack Calamity Hold the A and B buttons to charge so Mario and Luigi can sprint and run into the two Cataquacks infront of them. Once the cataquacks launch them and they are over the enemies, press A and B to ground pound onto them. Dizzy 21
Star Flock Press A and B to hammer the incoming mini stars falling towards Mario and Luigi . The stars will tell which Bro its coming towards by its colour so remember, Red for Mario and Green for Luigi. DEF Down 22 Bowser's Castle


Image Special Description Effect BIP cost Location
3D Green Shell Use the B button for Luigi and the A button for Mario. Kick that Shell None 4 Peach's Castle Lobby
Fire Flower Repetitdly press the button of the brother holding the fire ball. Once all the fire balls are thrown. Its Bonfire Time! Burn 5 Wind Worn Desert
Drill Driver Press B to launch, and then press A to push the Drill Driver down into the head, once the driver is on the enemy's head then repetedly press B to drill into the enemy and deal the most damage. None 7 Bowser's Castle
Stop Botch Watch When one of the bros jump out of the clocks, press the button of brother to hammer the eneimes. Once you have enough enemies hit. Its Hammer Time! Dizzy 9 Sherbet Glaicier
MightyTonic SPM
Boo Bottle Press A to make Mario open the bottle then press B to make Luigi hammer the incoming Boos at the enemies. POW Down 11 Feaver Vila
Balloon Blast At the top of each jump press either A or B to ground pound the pumper so the balloon can get bigger. The timing gets harder with each jump. Pump that balloon tand let it fly! None 13 Grizility Beach
Pipe Launch Jump into the pipe and press the corresponding button of the brother that is launched out of the pipe. Dizzy 16 Fuzzie Volcano
Megahammer Press A to make Mario throw the mega mushrooms at Luigi's hammer. If enough Mega Mushrooms and thrown then its MegaHammer Time! DEF Down 20 Fuzzie Volcano
Cheep-Cheep Sprite PM3
Cheep Cheep Capers When Luigi releases a ton of Cheep Cheeps from a water bag. The Bros will jump on the cheep cheeps and will hold fishings rods that each hold a goomba at the end of the hook. Press A and B to shake the fishing rod and make the cheep cheeps go faster and run into the enemies. Dizzy 22 Bowser's Castle Chaimber
Paper Chain Hold the A and B buttons to slide down the paper poles. When You see another paper pole let go of the buttons and hold onto them again. At the end tilt the 3DS to steer Mario and Luigi towards the enemies. Once you draw over them spin drill into them. POW Down 23 Bowser's Castle Staircase

Art Items are a new form of Bros. Items that use three of the Bros, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi have different Art Items in one list, they can do a lot of damage if they are preformed correctly.

Special Description Effect AIP Cost
Art Raquet Press the character's buttons, A, B and Y to the ball back into the wall, then press the buttons for a huge swing None 6
Art Hanglider Repeatidly mash each characters as fast as possible when indicated. The faster you push the buttons the higer the hangglider will take the bros up. When Paper Mario jumps up, thats you sign to attack. Crumpled 8
Art Whiriligig Use the Circle Pad to steer your characters around the spiral. You can press Y to dive faster. Pass through as many rings as possible, and try to collect all the enemies. You collect enemies simply by ploughing through them on your way down. The same goes for the rings. Aim for them and dive through! At the bottom, press A just as you reach each platform to punch through. The number of rings you hit determines how many platforms there will be at the end. No Skills 11
Art Shuriken When the attack is initiated, Mario and Luigi appear in a Japanese style dojo with a line of Paper Mario copies to the left and right of them (the amount depends on how many active copies Paper Mario had before the attack started). Their enemies will now then start falling down the screen, with the Mario Bros using a crosshair to aim and fire shurikens at them (with A Button for Mario and B Button for Luigi). The player can also press Button as the shuriken approaches the enemy to make Paper Mario attack it with more power. 13
Art Astriod Once the attack is initiated, the scene changes to outer space, with the three characters standing on top of paper meteors hung from the ceiling. Pressing Y Button drops the first one, at which point the view changes to that of a tower with the paper forms of foes lying around in random places. At this point, a shadow is visible, which gets larger as the meteor falls. The player has to move it with the Circle Pad to push as many of the enemies together as possible, while making sure the meteor falls on at least one of them. Once this is done, they press Y Button to smash it downwards.

The cycle then repeats three times more, with Mario and Luigi riding red and green meteors respectively. The player has to press A Button or B Button respectively when these meteors are about to hit an enemy. The last meteor turns out to be a huge meteor with Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario riding on top of it,and once it's about to hit an enemy, the player has to press A Button, B Button and Y Button at the same time. If this is done successfully, the whole tower and background will be smashed to pieces.



Goomba Grassy Green Farm 2 3 2 4 10 Mushroom No No
Paper Goomba Grassy Green Farm 3 4 3 5 12 1-UP Mushroom Yes Fire

Differences from other Mario & Luigi games

  • The battle ring is different: there are no turn limits, bosses don't have a different color palette, and there is no fee to play.
  • Mario and Luigi can use Bros. Items and Hammers in the very first battle.
  • Badges are replaced by Battle Cards.
  • Luigi is the first playable character in this game.
  • This game keeps the same graphics as its predecessor.
  • Starlow doesn't make an appearance.
  • Lakitu's role is changed in this game. Instead of adding bonus points to stats (upon leveling up), he now gives the trio quests where the Bros. can help rescue the Paper Toads when needed.
  • The tutorials are optional.
  • Old characters and old enemies return.
  • Toadsworth is absent.
  • Bros. Items are obtained from Nabbit instead of Attack Pieces.
  • There are seven ranks, more than Bowser's Inside Story's six and Dream Team's five. New ranks include the Boomerang Rank and the Leaf Rank.
  • There are optional crosshairs under the Bros. when an enemy is attacking, as well as a peculiar animation of the character to be attacked preparing to defend himself. This is most likely due to three characters being on the battlefield at once.
  • This is the first game in the series to have Items under categories in the player's bag.
  • This is the first game in the series to have the three main playable characters all take a turn in battle.
  • Players can block attacks, similarly to the Paper Mario series.
  • In addition to jumping on enemies or pounding them with a hammer to deal early damage at the start of a battle like in past games, Mario and co. can also dash into battle due to the effects of the Dash Socks.
  •  This is the first game in the series to allow the player to swap a party member.

This is the first game to have items other than beans underground.

Unlike the previous two installments, in this game, the Bros. perform four ground pounds after jumping on an enemy.

This is the first game to take place entirely in one kingdom and the second to have no portals to another world/kingdom/time.

Luigi is not referred to as Green Stache, due to Bowser finally learning his name at the end of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

This is the first game in the series which doesn't feature the Beanish species at all.

Pre-release and unused content

At E3, Battle Cards could seemingly be used as early as the Petey Piranha boss fight, where in the final game they are first used against Wendy and Roy. Also, the number over the cards (which shows the number of Star Points needed to use it) is written in a different color than in the final game (orange as opposed to yellow) and is about twice as small. Also in the demo, Paper Mario is able to create copies and perform another action in a single turn: this is normally only possible with a Star Rank-Up Bonus.

Starlow was also shown in the demo quests but was scrapped because the developers thought that she wouldn't be useful in battle to block attacks similar to the large attacks from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and they wanted to give Paper Luigi an important role in order for him to be a part of the story, similar to Super Paper Mario.


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