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is by Jet, Inc for the DSj.


Image Name Abilities Attacks Bros. Moves (Field) Bros. Moves (Battle)
MarioPiT Mario Jump, Hammer, Fire Ball Jump, Hammer, Fire Ball Spin Jump, Making Luigi Small, Sending Luigi Flying (On Fire) Spin Bros., Pass Bros., Missile Bros..
Lugi Luigi Jump, Hammer, Green Missile Jump, Hammer, Charge High Jump, Sending Mario Flying Like A Ball, Pushing Mario Into Walls To Break Them High Bros., Tennis Bros., Zap Bros.
ML3Bowser Bowser Jump, Punch, Flame Breath Punch, Flame Breath, Shell Slide None Goomba Storm, Shy Guy Squad, Paratroopa Divebomb, Bob-omb Blow, Koopa Fireshell
ItadakiYoshi Yoshi Jump, Flutter, Tongue Grapple Jump, Ground Pound, Lick None None


The Mushroom, Koopa and Dinosaur Kingdoms are at peace. No wars, Bowser is a friend. But, something amazing happened.

One morning, Mario and Luigi were wandering around the kingdom when they heard Peach scream. They ran, but they saw Peach and all the toads were gone. "It was Bowser!" shouted Luigi. "He must've hired the Rexes of the Dino Kingdom again!" Mario and Luigi dashed to Bowser's Castle.

Meanwhile, Yoshi is relaxing. He decides he's hungry so he goes to the happy tree, but it's gone! "Oh no, Bowser and de Mawio Bwos. tooked it! I will go find it!" And he runs off.

Bowser is relaxing when suddenly, Mario and Luigi burst through the door carrying fruit (they got hungry). "Where's Peach?" "What do you mean?" "You took Peach!" Suddenly, Yoshi ran in. "Aha! You did do it!" "Do what?" "Steal de Happy Twee!" "No we didn't!" "Den where did you get dose fwuit?" "We picked them off a tree on the way!" "THIS MEANS WAR!"

You play as Mario and Luigi against Yoshi and Bowser. All you have is a jump. Yoshi only has Jump and Bowser only has punch. Attack Bowser first, as he's stronger. After Bowser is down, take on Yoshi. He goes down easier, and the battle will end. The three go to there own kingdoms. After arriving in the Mushroom Kingdom, the Mario Bros. see that everyone but Peach and Toadsworth returned. They say that they were hiding until the airships were gone. Enter the half-destroyed Peach's Castle to find Toadbert and the new guy, Wooster, cleaning up. Talk to Toadbert and he tells you that airships came and masked, Koopa-looking creatures came down and attacked the castle, taking Peach and Toadsworth. Mario and Luigi see one of these and battle him.

Then, you are Yoshi. Talk to the Yoshis around the spot where the Happy Tree was. A Pink Yoshi will tell you that some masked Koopas and masked mushroom-like things took it while he was eating. Battle a Masked Mushroom to continue.

After that you are Bowser. Walk over the door and try it. It's locked. Kamek will run over. "King Bowser, don't you remember? By pressing B you can breathe fire. Try burning down that door." Press B and Bowser will succesfully burn down the door. Walk out and you will see that everyone is missing. Talk to Kamek. "Oh, some masked dino-things and masked mushroom-things attacked. You should probably stop them." Leave through the pipe.

You are once again the Mario Bros.. Talk to Wooster. "This damage was bad, but I think you could do better with your hammers. ...What's that? You don't know how to use your hammers?! It's easy. Just press X. Try on that block." Walk over to a block which is blocking the back door and press X. Mario will use his hammer. "Whoever is in the back can use theirs with Y. Front uses X, but I suggest not using Y. It makes front person mad." Walk out the back door.

Yoshi is now in Doughnut Plains. Talk to the Rex. He tells you he didn't kidnap Princess Peach and the Mario Bros. are lying. Get on his boat and you will float towards Chocolate Island. The boat breaks down a few feet from the island, but too far to jump. "I guess you'll have to Flutter Jump...What? You can't flutter jump?! Just press and hold A. Move to float across gaps." Do so to arrive safely on Chocolate Island.

Bowser is in Bowser Path. Talk to the rock and a voice will come. "H-h-hello? I-is someone th-there?" "It's me, King Bowser, Mr. Talking Rock!" "Phew! It's us, your Goomba Squadron! We're in a cage behing the rock!" "Oh." Punch the rock to see the cage. Punch it three times and the Goomba Squadron will join. You can use Goomba Storm! You will fight Kamek as training.

Mario and Luigi will see that the Shop Toad is upset. Talk to him. "Some masked guy came up and took my money! HE LOOKED LIKE A BEAN!"

More to come!

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