Mario & Luigi: Maker Mode
Developer(s) The McGee Empire
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Mario & Luigi: Maker Mode is a crossover between the Mario & Luigi Series and Super Mario Maker. It will be released (not really; Fantendo) on October 15th, 2017, and would be the 6th installment in the Mario & Luigi Series. It stars Mario, Luigi, and Classic Mario, in the form of Builder Mario.


The game begins with Professor E. Gadd creating a square television-like object in the basement of Peach's Castle. He says that his "Pixel Portal" is finally complete, and pulls a lever. Classic Bowser (SMB Bowser) comes out. He is followed by Classic Mario who eats a Mystery Mushroom, becoming Costume Mario (in his Builder Mario form) then changes to a 3D form. He then creates a hammer and begins a battle.

After the battle, Mario and Starlow come in, having heard the noise, and Luigi soon follows. Builder Mario, after entering Peach's Throne room, introduces himself, and explains to them his abilities to create blocks and elements, and that there are 3 other dimensions (one called the Super Mario Bros or SMB world, another the Super Mario Bros 3 or SMB3 World, and another the Super Mario World or SMW World.)


Mario & Luigi: Maker Mode has several worlds, which act similarly to those of previous Mario & Luigi games. They are



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