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Mario & Luigi: Koopa Coalescene is the seventh game in the Mario & Luigi series, preceded by Superstar Saga, Partners in Time, Bowser's Inside Story, Dream Team, Paper Jam and Mario & Luigi VI. 


The story begins with Bowser complaining how he always loses to Mario. The Koopalings also complain about how they are bored. Bower then gets a brilliant idea: He will fuse some of Larry's DNA with Lemmy's to create a new Koopaling. Mario & Luigi discover this and set off to prevent the operation.

Upon arrival, it's too late; the new Koopaling, Ted J. Koopa, has been created. Bowser then destroys Peach's Castle with airships. Mario and Luigi now have to stop Bowser and prevent his evil masterplan from being executed.




Image Name HP Location Strategy
Koopaelite Koopa Troopa 10 Grass Land TBA


Image Name HP Location Strategy
MLPUPBowserJr Bowser Jr. (first time) 20 Grass Land Bowser Jr. has only one attack, which is throwing a Koopa Shell. By jumping on it, it'll go back and run over Bowser Jr.
MLPUPKingBoo King Boo 75 TBA

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