This is an exciting game that young children particularly would like playing, finding 'evidence' and 'searching' for hidden 'treasure', watching their friend's progress on their TV and allowing a special two-player co-op where they can play together to the very end!

It starts with Mario and Luigi running around looking for old stones around Toadstool Castle. And that's when they find a block of ice that had a cracked shell on the inside. Luigi thinks it is the fossil of an ancient being, and Mario thinks similar, so they decide to look for evidence on it... until Bowser Junior (very rudely) interrupts and nabs the fossil... and Daisy's brand-new crown she only just got.


Luigi-Player Two in Co-Op.

Peach-Gives health packs, items and 1UPS in emergencies.

Daisy-Mini game host, replacing Peach in Boss Endurance

Yoshi-Operates machines along the way


Pear Plains

Carrot Castle

Peanut Pond

Vanilla Valley

Hickory Haunt

Cabbage Cavern

Cookie Crater

Strawberry Sands

Olive Ocean

Peppermint Palace

Sushi Seas

Melon Mountain

Icecream Island

Coconut Clockworks

Ribena Rainbow



Big Bob-Om

Unagi Eel

Dark Tuxie

King Boo

Dorrie Dinosaur

Big Bully


Queen Cheep-Cheep

Chief Chilly

Dark Sea-Spider

Prince Piranha

??? (Dark Roselina disguised as Roselina)

King Whomp

Dark Roselina



Big Boo

Big Pokey

Big Goomba

Big Thwomp

Big Whomp

Big Monty Mole

Big Chill Bully

Big Wriggler

Big Piranha Flower

Big Piranha Plant

Big Scuttlebug

Big Shy Guy

Bowser Junior (Right after every boss apart from ???, Dark Roselina and Bowser)

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