Mario & Luigi: Dream Kings is a RPG game for the 3DS and is the 5th game in the Mario & Luigi series.


Mario and Luigi were dreaming peacefully when a dark spirit called De'Kasam appears and says that he is going to try to destroy the 7 Dream Kings. Mario and Luigi now must try to defend the Dream Kings from De'Kasam.

The two plumbers decide to go into dreams via Starlow and learn to swap party members. Mario decides to use Peach as the leftover character and they enter Peach's dream.


  • EX: Name - Starting HP - Starting Attack - Starting Defense - Info
  • Mario - 15 - 7 - 5 - The more offensive starter character and the learner of The Way Of The Tanooki Tail.
  • Luigi - 15 - 5 - 7 - The more defensive starter character and the learner of The Way Of The Spark.
  • Peach - 16 - 6 - 6 - The balanced starter character and the learner of The Way Of The Vibe.
  • Buzzy - 20 - 8 - 6 - A bee that flies around untill you can get him back to the ground. After that, he joins your party. He can use Honeyjitsu to fight foes and has a Dream King in his dream, like Peach.
  • TBA

The leftover people (you can switch the party characters and the leftover characters by using Starlow) Sleep and can interact with puzzles.


  • EX: Enemy - Numbers gathered when battle starts - Individual HP - Specialty
  • Goomba - 5 - 5 - None
  • Goombeanie - 4 - 5 - Cant attack by hammer or ground based Bro Attacks.
  • Mite - 3 - 7 - Mites origanate in Ni No Kun and their foot raised at the beginning of his attack depends on who he attacks.
  • Buggi - 7 - 3 - Buggi are bugs that split their pepole into two groups for each character.
  • Beezo - 6 - 8 - Beezo fly around and can be blown away by tapping on the leftover character's nose.
  • Sweeterpiller - 2 - 13 - Sweeterpillers are like small tanks when first entering Honeycomb Hive, but later on, even these guys can be defeted with one stomp.
  • TBA


Peach's Dream

  • Daydream Town - A town with no enemies and 2 shops.
  • Pixel Plains - The tutorial for enemies begins at the entrance.
  • Honeycomb Hive - The first dungeon in the game.
  • Wuhu Tree - A giant tree that has Apricadabra, the first Dream King.

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