This is a game for the Wii U. It is the fifth game in the Mario & Luigi Series. The game takes elements from the other four games. This game is set to come out in 2015.

Important Things:

Playable: Mario, Luigi, Toad Captain, Toad Squad, and Baby Bowser.

Supporting: Toadiko, Stuffwell, Marty Mole.

Villians: Bowletta, Bouzur the Scaliness, The Bean Queen!.

Kidnapped: Princess Peach, Baby Princess Peach, Kamek, Larry Koopa.

Places and Items:

Beanbean Kingdom: Stardust Fields, Chucklehuck Woods, Beanbean Castle & Town, Little Fungitown.

Mushroom Kingdom (Past): Peach's Castle Sewers, Toad Town, Yoshi's Island, Prince Bowser's Castle, Toadwood Forest, Gritzy Desert, Hollijolli Village.

Items: Mushroom, 1-up, Mushroom Drop, Pork Chop, 1-up Chop, Refresh Herb, Nut Shell, Toxic Drop, Retry Clock.

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