Mario & Luigi: Dimensional Duo is a Mario & Luigi RPG releasing for a currently unknown console developed by Suplex Studios It Is the sixth game in the Mario & Luigi series and will feature the unique concept of traveling to an alternate dimension. More Details on the Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2015



The story begins with Princess Peach getting a letter from a new kingdom.

"Dear Princess Peach, I am the King of the Star Kingdom and It have been brought to my attention that you have never been invited to my meeting of kingdoms, a royal event where every kingdom is invited to talk about blah blah blah blah you get the idea, feel free to invite as many people as you wish. sincerely, King Rast of the Star Kingdom"

After reading the letter Princess Peach decides to go to the Star Kingdom and invites the Mario bros to come with Her along with Toadsworth and a few Toads as well.

Mushroom Kingdom Airport

After telling the bros about the Star Kingdom, Mario and Luigi head to the airport to find everyone panicking. Toadsworth tells the bros what happened.

"Master Mario! Master Luigi! Bad news!! A masked thief has stolen our luggage which included our plane tickets, it appears we won't be able to go to the Star Kingdom after all....."

Moments later the same masked thief is seen stealing from a nearby Toad before running away, The bros go tell Toadsworth.

"I see..... Well don't just stand there! You must catch that purple trouble maker!"

After briefly being told the controls by Toadsworth the bros go off to catch the thief. After running and jumping throughout the airport the bros find the thief, they then jump on the Thief and the battle begins.

Boss Battle: Nabbit

After the battle begins Toadsworth will breifly teach the bros how to battle.

Nabbit will fight with two attacks, one where he charges at one of the bros (Which is counterattackable) and one where he kicks a spiny shell at one of the bros (Which is not counterattackable)



The gameplay is similar to other games in the series as you control the bros in a 3D overworld with enemies running around, if you hit or get hit by a enemy a battle will begin. You can also preform multiple techniques in the overworld which will help you progress through many areas in the game.


Bros Attacks


Image Name Description Location
Red shell (M&L-CD)
3D Red Shell TBA Flowery Fields
Wario Whistle TBA Moleville
 Blue Spiny Shell TBA Tumble Jungle
Double Cherry TBA Icicle Outskirts


Image Name Description Location
Fire flower (M&L-CD)
Fire Flower TBA Flowery Fields
Dash Pepper TBA Star Shore
Pocket Pokey TBA Bone Dry Cliffside
Polterpup Whistle TBA Bad Bad Bayou


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Starlow - the bros guide for their adventure.
  • Princess Peach
  • Toadsworth
  • Captain Toad
  • Bowser
  • Kamek
  • King Rast
  • Queen Bean
  • Prince Peasley
  • Lady Lima
  • Stuffwell
  • Polari


  • Toads
  • Bob-omb Buddies
  • Beanbeans
  • Brocks
  • Lumas
  • Yoshis
  • Piantas
  • Nokis
  • Moles


  • Mushroom Kingdom Airport
  • Star Castle
    • Star Village
    • Star Kingdom Airport
  • Flowery Fields
    • Windmill Hill
  • Mole Mines
    • Moleville
    • Chomp Caverns
  • Icicle Outskirts
    • Explo Co. Factory
  • Tumble Jungle
    • The Piranha Pit
  • Blabbajabba Mountain
    • Blahblah Theater
  • Star Shore
    • Little Delfino
  • Bone Dry Cliffside
    • Bone Dry Cavern
  • Cloudy Skies
  • Bad Bad Bayou
    • Black Manor
  • Secret Island
    • Duo Tower
  • Dark Castle


Image Name HP Location(s)
Goomba SSS
Goomba 8 Flowery Fields,Windmill Hill
Piranha PlantRPG
Piranha Plant 10 Windmill Hill 
Stingby 14 Flowery Fields, Windmill Hill
Sidestepper 15 Star Shore
Cataquack 20 Star Shore
Flopter 18 Star Shore
Brolder 21 Mole Mines, Chomp Caverns
Swooper 19 Mole Mines, Chomp Caverns
Spike Top 24 Chomp Caverns
Chain Chomp 27 Chomp Caverns
Tanoomba Sprite
Tanoomba 35 Bone Dry Cliffside
Dry Bones 38 Bone Dry Cliffside
Lakitu 40 Bone Dry Cliffside
Spiny 32 Bone Dry Cliffside
Snifit 37 Bone Dry Caverns
Cobrat 42 Bone Dry Caverns
Prickly Goomba 45 Tumble Jungle
Image Name HP Location(s)
Shy Guy 40 Tumble Jungle
Venus Fire Trap 47 The Piranha Pit
Nipper Plant 41 The Piranha Pit
Boomerang Bro 50 Tumble Jungle
Mister Blizzard 50 Icicle Outskirts
Flurry 53 Icicle Outskirts
Ice Bro 56 Icicle Outskirts
Bob-Omb 58 Explo Co. Factory
Bullet Bill Blaster 57 Explo Co. Factory
Mechakoopa 58 Explo Co. Factory
Peepa 60 Bad Bad Bayou
Mud Trooper 64 Bad Bad Bayou
Fishbone 62 Bad Bad Bayou
Boo 68 Black Manor
Image Name HP Location(s)
Greenie 67 Black Manor
Boney Beetle 70 Black Manor
Hammer Bro 75 Blabbajabba Mountain
Whomp 78 Blabbajabba Mountain
Fat Guy 83 Blabbajabba Mountain
Beehoss 86 Blabbajabba Mountain
Paragoomba 90 Cloudy Skies
Foo 88 Cloudy Skies
Prongo 94 Cloudy Skies
Huckit Crab 97 Secret Island
Beach Koopa 100 Secret Island
Matter Mouth 108 Dark Castle
Dark BooM&LRQ
Dark Boo 123 Dark Castle
Fizzlet 130 Dark Castle


Image Name HP Location(s)
Nabbit 25 Mushroom Kingdom Airport
Goomba Tower 50 Windmill Hill
Sandoom 100 Star Shore


Triclyde 200 Bone Dry Caverns
Wiggler 240 Tumble Jungle
Navel Piranha 400 The Piranha Pit
Banzai Bill Blaster & Snifit Army

Banzai Bill Blaster: 560

Snifit Army: 20 (Per Snifit)

Explo Co. Factory


Overworld Elements

  • ? Block
  • M Block
  • L Block
  • Long ? Block
  • Attack Block
  • Heart Block
  • Save Block

Useable Items

  • Mushroom
  • Super Mushroom
  • Ultra Mushroom
  • Max Mushroom
  • 1UP Mushroom
  • 1UP Deluxe
  • Nut
  • Super Nut
  • Ultra Nut
  • Max Nut
  • Syrup Jar
  • Supersyrup Jar
  • Refreshing Herb


Request6-Mario and Luigi Dimensional Duo

Logo made by EximiusMax

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