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Mario & Luigi: Dimensional Doors
Mario And Luigi - Dimensional DoorsFixed
The game's box art.
Developer(s) ChopChop Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
June 5th, 2015
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Series Mario & Luigi
Predecessor Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Mario & Luigi: Dimensional Doors is a video game developed and released by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was released on June 5, 2015 and is the 6th game in the Mario and Luigi series. The game is the first Mario & Luigi game to have characters from other franchises.

Playable Characters

Name Image Ingame Description Abilities
Mario - Mario &amp; Luigi Paper Jam
The fat red plumber we all know and love! Can throw fireballs
Luigi - Mario &amp; Luigi Paper Jam
Mario's slightly younger brother who is a bit of a scaredy cat! Can jump higher
Mario and Luigi's green dinosaur friend! Can do the flutter jump and use his tongue
Wario M&amp;L by Ziegs
The evil Mario imposter who loves money! Can use his magnet
Waluigi M&amp;SPD
The evil Luigi imposter who is also Wario's brother! Can fight enemies and break walls with his tennis ball
Link (WGC)
The green-capped, sword fighting, sheild weilding warrior from Hyrule! Can use his sword to fight enemies and to break walls
The Galactic bounty hunter who's out to destroy Ridley! Can shoot energy orbs
Fox McCloud Zero
A space cadet that flies the famous Arwing! Can call in his Arwing to break walls or can use his gun to fight enemies
Kirby (WGC)
The cute little pink puffball from Dream Land! Watch out, because he's got a huge appetite! Can inhale enemies and objects
The famous yellow Pokèmon who has electric powers! Can shoot electric bolts
This forgetful Toad is returning from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam! None, he is only playable during the Mushroom Delivery Minigame in Toad Town.
Red Lakitu MK7
This flying koopa is helping the group get a view. None, he is only playable when you press the Lakitu View button on the touchscreen.


The game starts of with Mario and Luigi drinking smoothies in Peach's Castle. E Gadd walks up and says that he's been working on something in his lab that he wants to show Mario and Luigi. When they get to E Gadd's lab, the light is off. Luigi flicks what he thinks is the light switch, but actually turns on the machine. Luigi is about to turn it off when Peach walks in and accidentally walks through the portal.E Gadd gets scared and points toward the portal. Mario and Luigi look at each other, nod, and run through the door, saying "Let's-a go!" Once Mario and Luigi fall out of the other side of the portal, they are falling from the sky and crash through the roof of Hyrule Castle. Once they land there, Princess Zelda sees them and asks if they're OK. Mario tells her he's fine, and Link walks in. He asks Mario & Luigi what they're here for, and Mario tells Link that he went after Peach, and Link says he'll join the brothers on their quest. Now, the player is able to use Link's abilities. Link then tells the brothers that Ganon is trying to take over the world, and Luigi gets scared and runs in circles saying "Mama miaaa!" Mario stops Luigi, turns to Link, and says, "Oh yah!" The bros follow Link outside and then you are able to move freely.


The bros battling a Moblin in Hyrule.


Peach's Castle

Peach Through The Portal

Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Fields

Hyrule Battle Theme

Ganondorf Battle

Swirlin' Around

Yoshi Village

Yoshi VIllage Battle Theme

Yoob Boss Battle

Wario City

Waluigi's Revenge

Wario City Battle Theme

Genie Boss Battle


Zebes Battle Theme

Ridley Boss Battle

Lylat System

Lylat System Battle Theme

Andross Boss Battle


Dreamland Battle

King Dedede Boss Battle


Kanto Battle

Team Rocket Boss Battle

The Road to the Final Dimension