Mario & Luigi: Demon's Curse is an upcoming video game from the creators of Mario and Luigi. Mushroom Kingdom has a terrible curse on them, and the princess disappeared, but where? Mario and Luigi needs to go on a journey to rescue the princess and lift the curse using the missing crystals that kept the demons' powers under control.

Nintendo eShop Description

"With one of the best games in Mario history, Mario and his little brother have to defeat a powerful demon to lift the curse and save the princess."

Wario Inc. World Description

"A curse is set on Mushroom Kingdom, and the princess is missing! There's only two people to call: The Mario Bros! Off on a journey to save Princess Peach, you'll love this game! Find crystals, defeat scary demons and rescue the princess!"


The normal controls for Mario and Luigi: Partners in time, but without the babies.


This gameplay is totally original. You can enter worlds like Snow Palace or Water Splash. You can find secret rooms by pushing buttons that will open up chunks of wall, thus revealing the secret rooms. Fight demons with the magic crystals.


I'm sorry, but this comes later.


Story Mode

Fight demons, solve puzzles, and get power-ups in this mode!

I'll write more later.

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