Mario & Luigi: Cackletta's Rebirth
Developer(s) Atm Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS lite.
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) RRP/Adventure
Media Included DS Cartridges.


This story takes place 3 years after Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Underneath Mushroom Kingdom there is a lab, inside this lab is a creature..Known as Fawful, Fawful conducts his research down here, since his boss Cackletta died. Fawful has been working on things, he has not token his boss's death in vain. Fawful has been working on something to destroy mushroom kingdom along with the Mario Bros. but that's not all..he's after something in particular. The crystal fragments. Not just any crystal fragments, but the rare crystal fragments placed around the world, these were placed to ward off evil, but fawful has cast a spell, making the crystals draw evil instead. There are eleven crystals in all, and only one person knows there were about, Fawful has captured them and has gotten a map of where all of them are,fawful is not a lazy person, but sends out one of his new minions. The minions name is Keno, the appearance of Keno is a dark version of Geno, who has a black cap and cape, and ferocious red eyes,along with a sword, that can use fire abilities. So fawful is sending Keno out to get the only crystals that are shown on the map. Only four are shown on the map, and fawful does not know there is more than four. Yet. Okay back to the story, Fawful sends out his little minions to reek havoc upon mushroom kingdom, until he gets all the crystals to re- I mean to use on "Something". Mario and Luigi run out of there house to help defend mushroom kingdom, soon the old sage tells them of Fawful's plan, and Mario and Luigi must go out to find the crystals. Once they find them they must bring them back to the Sage. The Sage tells them of the first crystal, the tide crystal.He says that it is located somewhere near the coast of mushroom kingdom, and that the residents of the village there know more. So Mario and Luigi set out for there epic adventure!

The Crystals

  • Tide Crystal
  • Flames Crystal
  • Shadow Crystal
  • Light Crystal
  • Storm Crystal
  • Forest Crystal
  • Fancy Crystal
  • Ash Crystal
  • Happiness Crystal
  • Skys Crystal
  • Omega Crystal

Playable Characters

You Start off with Mario and Luigi, and eventually get Geno and Toad, both at separate times. They are not the only Playable Characters. There is a Recruitment Center Were You Can recruit these Characters below. For a Price. You can end up with 4 people in a battle at once, but can only have 6 members in your whole party.

Once you beat the game, you unlock these characters and you can use them on the next file you create.

Non Playable Characters


Image Name Coins Dropped Experience Fought
GoombaM&LR Goomba 1
N/A Foomba 1
ChibiboM&LVQ Chibibo 1
KoopaM&LVQ Koopa Troopa 3
ParatroopaM&LVQ Paratroopa 5
ParagoombaM&LR Paragoomba 4
N/A Parafoomba 6
Bob-OmbM&LVQ Bomb-Omb 6
Fawfulmagikoopa Magifoofa 10
Fawful Mole Mawful Mole 12
ShyGuyM&LVQ Shy Guy 6
Crawful Crawful 11
BiSFawfulGuy Fawful Guy 11
BooM&LVQ Boo 8
DarkBooM&LVQ Dark Boo 13
Chain Chawful Chain Chawful 21
N/A Fokey 4
PokeyM&LVQ Pokey 6
Dark Fawful Guy Dark Fawful Guy 56
Fawful Drill Ant thing Fawflant 21
Fawflopper Fawflopper 21
Metal Mawful Mole Metal Mawful Mole 21
PoisonPokeyM&LVQ Poison Pokey 33
HammerBro.M&LVQ Hammer Bro. 6
Sumo Sumo Bro. 6
MagikoopaM&LVQ Magikoopa 8
ToadyM&LVQ Toady 9
BuzzyBeetleM&LVQ Buzzy Beetle 1
SpinyM&LVQ Spiny 21
ParabuzzyM&LVQ Parabuzzy 2
BusterBeetleM&LVQ Buster Beetle 7
NokoBombetteM&LVQ Boom Beetle 9
PinkBooM&LVQ Pink Boo 2
FlyGuyM&LVQ Fly Guy 4
SpearGuyM&LVQ Spear Guy 11
NipperM&LVQ Nipper 1
PiranhaPlantM&LVQ Piranha Plant 7
SnifitM&LVQ Snifit 6
SniflyM&LVQ Snifly 9
Cheep-CheepM&LVQ Cheep-Cheep 10
Deep-CheepM&LVQ Deep-Cheep 20
CooliganM&LVQ Cooligin 5
BlooperM&LVQ Blooper 4
MontyMoleM&LVQ Monty Mole 10
ChainChompM&LVQ Chain Chomp 3
Fang Fang 1
SwooperM&LVQ Swooper 3
ThwompM&LVQ Thwomp 70
WigglerM&LVQ Wiggler 11
FireBro.M&LVQ Fire Bro. 2
BoomerangBro.M$LVQ Boomerang Bro. 3
IceBro.M&LVQ Ice Bro. 4
ThunderBro.M&LVQ Thunder Bro. 5
KoopatrolM&LVQ Koopatrol 6
DryBonesM&LVQ Dry Bones. 7
FlurryM&LVQ Flurry 11
SplunkinM&LVQ Splunkin 2
GrandGoombaM&LVQ Grand Goomba 3
Dry Dog Dry Dog 4
Mechablooper Mecha Blooper 41
Ghoul Guy Ghoul Guy 11
Shrooblet sprite Shrooblet 23
Rex Rex 12
Spiky Snifit Spiky Snifit 11
Shroob Shroob 7
Blazing Shroob. Blazing Shroob 9
Dr. Shroob. Dr. Shroob 11
Guardian Shroob. Guardian Shroob 22
RC Shroober. RC Shroober 40


Image Name Coins Dropped Experience Fought
Bowser peach's castle
Elder shrooboid shroob hideout
Fawful sprite Fawful
Reborn Cackletta
Advanced Fawful
Captain Goomba
Thwomp Tosser
Mecha Midbus
Larry Larry
3mortonjr Morton
6ML Roy
Baby Bowser Bowser Jr.
Mega Blooper
Volcano Lakitu
Insane Fawful



Image Item Effect


  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Crabwalk Beach
  • Mushroom Kingdom Coast
  • Shriek Cave
  • Neverending Woods
  • Joy Meadow
  • Toadstool Village
  • Destroyed Village
  • Rainbow Road
  • Peachs Castle
  • Fawfuls Lab
  • Shroob Hideout
  • Captain Goomba's Ship
  • Shroob Base
  • Airship
  • Death Valley


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.

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