Mario & Luigi: Blast Bros. is an American video game in the Mario & Luigi series. It is the first game in the Mario & Luigi series developed by GameTech Studios. It is for the Wii and Nintendo DS.


Mario & Luigi: Blast Bros focus on finding Princess Daisy and saving her from Bowser. Instead of land levels, the game takes place inside Bowser's stomach, similar to Mario The Inside World.

Power Suits

Ice Suit

Flying Cap

Koopa Cape


Dry Bones

Luigi Robot

Koopa Troopa



Nintendo hired GameTech to develop a new installment to the Mario & Luigi series. Evan Cox, creator of GameTech, stated the game would be a mixture of 2D and 3D for good effects. The element of red coins were added due to the fact the game was inside Bowser.

The video game released on the Wii and Nintendo DS.


The game recieved positive reviews. It was voted #29 Greatest Video Games of All Time in 2012. IGN stated the game was incredible but overworked.

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