Mario & Luigi: Amari & Guila
Developer(s) UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS


Release Date(s)
August 3, 2012 (JP)

TBA (NA, EU, & AU)

Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Action & Adventure

Story RPG

Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Megamer MiniDisc

This is a game in development for the Nintendo 3DS and Megamer. It will be a direct continuation to Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, starting one single day after the game. It follows the story of Amari, Guila, Mario, and Luigi on their quest to save both universes (Amari and Guila come from the Toadstool Kingdom, the alternate-reality of the Mushroom Kingdom). They must defeat both Bowser and Bowsaur, but the two eventually join the team on their quest to stop Ram and Uil, Shadow Clones of Mario and Luigi.



Mario, Luigi, and Peach are enjoying an unheard conversation, and the camera pans around the castle, showing the Toads going about their business. The camera finally reaches the top of the castle's main tower, where Dark Bowser was fought in Bowser's Inside Story. A cluster of the dark bits caused by Fawful's explosion splits in two, and two figures rise out of the ground. Ram and Uil are then created. They look around, then at themselves, as if they are possessing a brand new body. Looking at each other, the two grunt in a robotic version of Mario and Luigi's "Lets'a Go!" and "Here we go..." A space-time ripple appears, and rips a hole in the fabric of space that the duo jumps into. Then land in what appears to be a purple version of Peach's castle, and they head through the main body. The shove many Mush to the side, and enter the central room. Standing up, Prince Plum, the alternate reality of Princess Peach, prepares to defend himself, but is easily defeated by their warping skills. They carry him away, towards the icy castle of Bowsaur, the alternate reality of Bowser. Amari and Guila watch helplessly, and they run up to the main tower, and hop through the vortex created by the evil duo. Then the title flashes onto the screen.

Chapter 1: Here we go again

Chapter 1 begins after the title disappears. Amari and Guila, now at Peach's Castle, run through, and find the room with Mairo, Luigi, and Peach. Mario and Luigi leave the room, disappointing the sisters. They chase them through the castle, but they always happen to leave the room as they get there. Running out of ideas, they run into Peach's room, and kidnap her, running through the Death Forest, a straight path to Bowser's Castle. Catching wind of this, the brothers run to her rescue, and the gameplay begins!



Name Picture Description

Mario is the main heo of the entire series named after him. He has pyro powers, and is a skilled jumper. He also excels in the use of hammers, metal, and even flying! Mario is great with Princesses, and is a hero to everyone. He will try anything when he is asked to, and always seems to stop Bowser's evil plans.
Luigi is usually stuck in Mario's shadow, but he does have a few major appearances, and lately has gotten a ton of attention. An even higher jumper than Mario, he can also conduct electricity, swing a hammer, and become invisible! He fears things that are even only slightly scary, earning him the spot as the fearful brother.
Amari N/A

Amari is the female alternate-reality version of Mario. She is skilled in the use of ice and axes, as well as kicked pretty hard. She is the sister of Guila, and fears almost nothing. Much like Mario, she is not afraid of very much.

Guila N/A Guila is the alternate-reality version of Luigi, but does not retain his fear of everything. She has a deep fascination with everything that usually leads to major distractions. She can control water, an axe, and has a skilled kick.
Yoshi art YBA
Yoshi is a dinosaur-like creature that Mario rescued and became friends with ages ago. Even today, Yoshi still aids Mario and friends with his ability to be ridden and attacking with his tongue. Strangley, Yoshis fill the role of Birdos in the Toadstool Kingdom.
Birdo is a pink, Yoshi-like dinosaur that is not directly related to Yoshi. The first one Mario met believed it was a boy, but more recent ones are truly girls. Oddly, Birdos fill the role of Yoshis as the common species in the Toadstool Kingdom.


Name Picture Description
Princess Peach
Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She has her own castle, and is easily kidnapped by Bowser, but also easily saved by Mario.
Princess Daisy
Princess Daisy is the ruler of Sarasland. She is often saved by Luigi, and she happened to be visiting when this chain of events started.
Prince Plum N/A Prince Plum is the male, alternate-reality version of Peach. Although male, he still cannot defend himself, and often gets kidnapped by Bowsaur. She is often saved by Amari.
Prince Dandelion N/A Prince Dandelion is the male, alternate-reality version of Daisy. He is also kidnapped, but often saved by Guila. He hails from Aamirland.
Roslina is the 'mother' of the Lumas. She helped a lost Luma searched for her parents, but go lost in space and built a Comet Observatory. She aided Mario in Super Mario Galaxy, and returns as an ally in this game.
Thornilo N/A Thornilo is the male, alternate-reality form of Rosalina. He plays the same role, but as a friend to Amari and Guila. He is the 'father' of the Lumas.
Toadsworth is the royal advisor to Princess Peach. He watches over her, and tries to protect her in cases of danger.
Mushworth N/A Mushworth is a female version of Toadsworth, with grayish-pink spots, and is the guardian of Plum.
Toads are a group of creatures that inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom, mainly in Toad Town and Peach's Castle. They are usually easily scared, but aid Mario and his friends nonetheless.
Mush N/A

Mush, much like the Toads, are a group of beings that are almost identical to the Toads. Their caps, however, have black spots with a colored cover. The mostly live in Mush Town of the Toadstool Kingdom.

MP7 Toadette
Toadette is a female Toad with a unique attitude; she has a pink cap, with white spots, and braids hanging down at the sides. She also wears a pink dress under the regular shirt.
Mushbro N/A Mushbro is male Mush with a unique attitude; he has a blue cap, with black spots. He mostly replaces the role of Toadbert from the previous Mario & Luigi game.
Pianta and Noki

Piantas and Nokis are peaceful species that live in island-based areas. They do not do much, other than server as background characters and villagers.

Nokita and Pian N/A Nokitas and Pians are the alternate-reality equivalents of the Piantas and Nokis, respectively. They inhabit the islands of the Toadstool Kingdom.
Regular Luma
Lumas are universal beings that remain the same through all of the possible dimensions.
Star Bunny
Star Bunnies, much like Lumas, are universal and never change. They are a form that a Luma can take.
E. Gadd
Professor E. Gadd
E. Gadd is the professor who built F.L.U.D.D. and the magic paintbrush. He assists Mario and friends yet again in this game.
U. Reeka N/A U. Reeka is the alternate-reality of E. Gadd. He is the inventor of F.L.A.R.E. and the magic toothbrush. He will aid Amari and friends in this game.
Gearmo are a race of mechanical beings that specialize in working machinery. They appear in the space-based levels of this game as NPCs.
Cranko N/A

Cranko are a the alternate-reality race similar to the Gearmo. They specialize in the working of cranks and levers.

Penguins are a peaceful race who appear around water and ice-based levels. They usually act as a guide with mini hints.
Dodo N/A Dodo are very similar to the Penguins in that they appear in similar areas, but in the Toadstool Kingdom, the levels are composed of lava!
File:Whittle NSM64W.png
Whittle are a race of little, wooden creatures who have assisted Mario in the past.
Carvle N/A Carvle are very similar to the Whittle, but they reside in the Toadstool Kingdom.

Villains who become Allies

Name Picture Description
Wario is the exact opposite of Mario; even his emblem is just a 'W,' and upside-down 'M.' Although an enemy, he does join the heroes after being defeated. He has no known alternate-reality counterpart.
WaLuigi is the younger brother of Wario. Much like his brother, he is a crook. They do join Mario and friends after being defeated. Like his brother, he has no known alternate-reality counterpart.
Bowser NSMBW
Bowser. Everyone knows that this name belongs to the Mushroom Kingdom's number one villain, the Koopa King! He, Amari, and Guila kidnap Peach in the beginning to lure Mario and Luigi, but Bowser didn't know the full plan, and fought all four of them, with his son, Bowser Jr. He joins them after being defeated.
Bowsaur N/A Bowsaur is a cold-blooded, ice-breathing, pink-spiked reptile who replaces Bowser in the Toadstool Kingdom. She is the enemy of Amari and Guila, but joins the heroes after some 'convincing.'
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. is the son of Bowser. He is next in line to the throne, yet he is one of the youngest Koopa Kids. He fights with his father agains the four heroes.
Bowsaur Jr. N/A Bowsaur Jr. is the alternate-reality of Bowser Jr. She is next in line to the throne of Bowsaur. She he also breathes ice, and fights with her mother before joining the heroes.


Name Picture Description
Ram is the evil version of Mario, created when Fawful exploded at the end of Bowser's Inside Story. He wears a black hat and shirt, with gray overalls. His iris is black and his pupil is white, and he is not one to mess with. He is the major villain of this game, and takes over the Toadstool Kingdom, with help from Uil.
Uil is the evil form of Luigi, created back when Fawful exploded. The darkness latched onto the nearest living things, Mario and Luigi, and imitated their styles. Uil, however, sports a gray hat and shirt, with black overalls. Like his brother, he has no real pupil.


Name Picture Attacks

Bonk- Jumps in the air and slams into the target, using its head.

Paragoomba Card
Tackle- Charges at you.
Boogam N/A Dash- Runs directly at you.
Zyphaboogam N/A Tumble- Spins rabidly as it charges at you.
Ghomba N/A Spook- Turns invisible, sneaks up to you, and reappears suddenly.
Koopa Troopa (Green)

Shell Toss- Hides in shell, and spins quickly, charging forward.

Koopa Troopa (Red)
Red Koopa!
Shell Toss- Hides in shell, and spins quickly, charging forward.
Koopa Paratroopa (Green)
Green Paratroopa!
Tackle- Charges at you.
Koopa Paratroopa (Red)
File:Koopa Paratroopa SMLWU.png
Tackle- Charges at you.
Loopa Shoopa (Blue)
Blue Koopa!
Shellshock- Creates a whirlwind as it spins and charges at you.
Loopa Shoopa (Orange) N/A Shellshock- Creates a whirlwind as it spins and charges at you.


Many locations from previous Mario games return in this game; it is a grand adventure of epic proportions taking Mario and friends all over the place.