These are the Beta Elements for Mario & Luigi: Alternate Quest.

Early Name

The orignal name was Mario & Luigi: Virtual Dimensions. However, Alternate Quest became the final name. However, in other countries then North America, it was still named Virtual Dimensions.

Early Characters

Roseleta from Mario & Luigi: The Cosmic Duo was orignally going to be playable, but was scrapped because of the ending. However, her Galaxy Destroyer is in the game as a cameo when Bowser gets sent there.

Wasparo, Walberto, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Walubba was also in the games files, but scrapped and can only be played by hacking.

Early Bosses:

Princess Shroongi was going to be a boss but was scrapped. Her sprite is still found in the game though. 
Princess shroongi

Early Artwork:

Alternate Quest was in development during 2012. Hacking the artwork page shows you theres a unused artwork of Princess Shamrock, that was also seen on early pages. 

Shamrock M&LSR

Shamrock's Early Artwork, Notice how her crown and dress are different then the final artwork. In addition, She has black eyes in this artwork then Blue eyes.

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