Developer(s) CS Games
Publisher(s) CS Games
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Normal Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Cartridge
Mario & Luigi: Alternate Dimensions is a Mario & Luigi Game with aspects such as dimension portals that lead you to alternate dimensions, hence the name.


Playable Characters

Image Name
Mario M&LRQ Mario
Luigi M&LRQ Luigi

Supporting Characters

Image Character(s) Description
Peach M&LRQ Princess Peach Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser Jr. for an unknown reason. Save her to beat the game!
Toadsworth M&LRQ Toadsworth Toadsworth is Princess Peach's caretaker. He hangs out in Peach's Castle and will give you tips on secret areas if you give him a Star Coin.
Starlowreal2d Starlow Starlow just hangs out in Peach's Castle. If you jump on him, he'll grumble and give you a Silver Star.
Princess Daisy Princess Daisy was kidnapped by Bowser Jr. and stuffed in Castspell Castle to be guarded by Shadow Mario and Shadow Luigi. She needs rescuing!
TumbleMarioAdvance Tumble Tumble sits around in Peach's Castle. He tells you a joke if you spin him.
Toad M&LRQ Toads Toads just hang out in the Normal Dimension.
M&L Bowser Bowser

Bowser is mad because Jr. kidnapped Peach instead of him! (Is he losing his touch?) He'll give you a few tips when facing certain bosses.

M&L Baby bowser Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr., kidnapped the princesses, and boy, is he hard to beat with his arsenal of bosses!
Frog M&LAD Frog Frogs are evil Toads from other dimensions. They'll send enemies at you, watch out!
Shadowmario2 Shadow Mario What? Isn't Bowser Jr. this guy? Nope, this is an alternate Mario who's evil! Beat him to save Daisy.
Pepper An evil Peach, Pepper wants nothing but to conquer the world.


Image Name
GoombaM&LR Goomba*
ParagoombaM&LR Paragoomba
GrandGoombaM&LVQ Grand Goomba
SpikedGoombaM&LR Spiky Goomba
HeadbonkGoombaM&LVQ Headbonk Goomba*
Heligoomba Heligoomba**
GoomboM&LRiA Goombe**
GloombaM&LAD Gloomba*^
RunBlock Koopa Troopa*
Koopaelite Koopa Troopa**
ParaTroop Koopa Paratroopa*
EliteParaTroop Koopa Paratroopa**
33beachkoopa Beach Koopa**
Bob-Omb Bob-Omb*
Elite Bob-OmbM&LRQ Mad Bob-Omb**
AmpM&L Amp*
Piranha PlantM&LRiA Piranha Plant*
Greenp Piranha Plant**
Pp2 Inky Piranha Plant
PutridPiranhaM&LRQ Putrid Piranha
SpikyPiranhaM&LRQ Spiky Piranha**
NipperM&LVQ Nipper Plant*
SpinyM&LRiA Spiny*
PipeSpinyM&LRQ Pipe-Spiny**
BooM&LRiA Boo*
StretchM&LRQ Stretch**
HammerBro.M&LVQ Hammer Bro.*
Sledge Bro. Sledge Bro.**
ScuttlebugM&LRQ Scuttlebug
GloombaM&LVQ Gloomba**
Cheep-CheepM&LVQ Cheep-Cheep*
DryBones Dry Bones*
DullBones M&LRQ Dull Bones**
RedBones M&LRQ Red Bones*
ColdBones M&LRQ Cry Bones**
Dark BonesM&LRQ Dark Bones**
KoopatrolM&LVQ Koopatrol*
SplunkinM&LVQ Splunkin*
Mr.IM&LVQ Mr. I**
PinkBooM&LRQ Pink Boo*
PinkStretch Pink Stretch**
BuzzyBeetleM&LVQ Buzzy Beetle*
ParabuzzyM&LVQ Parabuzzy*
NokoBombetteM&LVQ Boom Beetle**
MagikoopaM&LVQ Magikoopa*
ToadyM&LVQ Toady**
Sumo Sumo Bro.**
GreenPtooieM&LRQYellowPtooieM&LRQ Ptooie(Gree one * yellow one **)
BiddybudM&LRQ Biddybud*
ParaBiddybudM&LRQ Para-Biddybud*
SkeeterM&LRQ. Skeeter**
SkeeterM&LRQ Skeeter Beeter**
LakituM&LVQ Lakitu*
PipeLakituM&LVQ Pipe Lakitu**
ThunderLakituM&LVQ Thunder Lakitu*
Glam Lakitu Bis Glam Lakitu**
Fishin'BooM&LVQ Fishin' Boo**
GhostPiranhaM&LRQ Flyin' Blue Piranha*
ChuckyaM&LVQ Chukya**
AmazingFlyingHammerBroM&LRQ Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.*
WigglerM&LVQ Wiggler**
SpiniaM&LRQ Spinia*
SpaniaM&LRQ Spania*
SpuniaM&LRQ Spunia**
SponiaM&LRQ Sponia**
PokeyM&LRiA Pokey
PokeySproutM&LVQ Pokey Sprout
Dark BooM&LRQ Dark Boo**
EmberM&LRQ Podobloo**
PodobooM&LRQ Podoboo*
DragletM&LRQ Draglet
BulletBillM&LRQ Bullet Bill*
BombshellBulletBillM&LRQ Bombshell Bill**
Mecha-KoopaM&LVQ Mecha-Koopa*
Paramecha-KoopaM&LRQ Paramecha-Koopa**
Chargin'ChuckM&LVQ Chargin' Chuck
MontyTankM&LRQ Monty Tank
ThwompM&LVQ Thwomp
ThwimpM&LRQ Thwimp
Blockhopperr Blockhopper*
Blockhopper Thwack Totem**

*means only Mario and Luigi can defeat them
**means only Wario and Waluigi can defeat them

^ means it is an alternate dimension enemy


Image Name HP Coins Dropped EXP
Broque Monsieur 110 20 29
Larry Koopa 300 50 34
Petey Piranha (Baby) 350 50 30
Roy Koopa 475 100 20
Spinia Burger 550 100 45
Petey Piranha (Normal) 650 100 63
Lemmy Koopa 480 100 78


600 80
Shadow Mario 800 100 98
Wendy O. Koopa 500 100 111
Baby Bowser
Bowser Jr. (Normal) 1000 100 522
Eyerok M&L sprites Eyerok

Left Hand - 1150

Right Hand - 1150

200 133
Buddurmfly 1710 700 100
Iggy Koopa 550 500 255
Mrs Thwomp Idle
Mrs. Thwomp


600 366
Ludwig von Koopa 700 700 477
Morton Koopa Jr. 800 900 699
Petey Piranha (Elder)


800 1100
Kamek 1890 900 1200
Baby Bowser
Bowser Jr.(second time) 2000 1400 1000
Chakron 2300 2000 1200
Soul of Petey Piranha 2500 3000 9999

Bowser Jr. (Final batle)

Bullet Bill Machine-5000

Bowser Jr.-50

450 9999