Mario & Friends Sports 2 is a game in many series, and the sequel to Mario & Friends Sports.


After the sports tournament from the first game, it ended with a tie. The participants were told that a rematch would be held in a week, along with several new sports and players. A week later, the tournament begins again, and things get real.

Playable Characters


(Note: all the sports that appeared in the previous game play the same, so there is description for them)

Volley Ball



Ice Skating




Basket Ball




Foot Race

Dance off

This is a new optional sport, where characters dance off in a just dance sort of fashion.

Pole Balancing

The characters balance on a pole, and the last to fall off wins.

Beta Content

The only beta content in this game was a few characters were originally going to appear, but didn't. These are:


The game did even better then the original. Critics claimed that this new game literally fixed all the problems of the first game. Not only did it do that, but it made what was already good better. This game did extremely well.

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