Mario & Friends Sports is a crossover game between the Mario Series and various other series. It somewhat combines the aspect of the characters from multiple series from Super Smash Bros, and the sports games in the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series. Note that there is supposed the be an image here, but it won't allow it.


A huge sports tournament is held in the Mushroom Kingdom, so Mario and some of his friends (and enemies) enter. However, they are surprised when many other characters from separate series coming to participate as well.

Playable Characters


There are various options for the sports that can be played.

Volley Ball

Volley Ball is an optional sport in the game. It has a similar gameplay as the cancelled Super Mario Spikers game. It has the general game play of volley ball, but the characters are allowed to hit each other.


Dodgeball is one of the options for the sport. You both throw balls at one another. Each team has 5 members (of the players choosing). Once all 5 members of a team is out, the point goes to the team with surviving members. In order to win, you must win two out of 3 games.


Football is one of the options. It has similar gameplay to Super Mario Spikers.

Foot Race

The Foot Race is an optional sport. You tap the A button as fast as you can. The more it is tapped the faster you go.


Fencing is an optional sport. You sword duel. First to get 2 out of 3 points wins.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is an optional sport.


Boxing is an optional sport. It plays similar to punch out.


Tennis is an optional sport. It plays similar to all the Mario tennis games.


Baseball is an optional sport. It plays like Super Mario Sluggers.

Basket Ball

Basket Ball is an optional sport.


Hockey is an optional sport.


Golf is an optional sport.


Soccer is an optional sport.


Acrobatics is an optional sport.


Parkour is an optional sport.

Weight lifting

Weight lifting is an optional sport.


There are many other sports in the game as well.

Beta Content

There was originally going to be more characters. These include:

There also used to be a break dancing sport, but this was scrapped.


The game got extremely positive reviews. People praised the many sports option, and the smash bros crossover feel. People did criticize a lack of playable characters, although. Despite this, it got extremely positive reviews.