Mario & Friends Dance is a crossover game that spans throughout many series, with the Mario Series being the host series. It is related to Mario & Friends Sports and Mario & Friends Sports 2. However it is not based on sports, it is based on dancing. It has similar gameplay to the just dance series, but with video game characters slapped on it.


Mario hosts an epic dance party with many different characters. There, they get into a dance competition.

Playable Characters

Song Genres

The dance has many genres of music. They are bellow:

Hip Hop



Heavy Metal


Slow Music

Rave Music

Video Game Music Remixes

This is an interesting one. It features remixed versions of the main themes from multiple games, such as Sonic's, Mario's, and the Pokemon theme music.

Beta Content

The only beta content was that certain playable characters were scrapped. These were:


The game got mixed to positive reviews. On one hand, the concept, graphics, and characters were good. But on another people complained about the songs being cheesy and corny. People did find nostalgia in the remixes, however.