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Developer(s) DRF_Productions_Banner.png
Publisher(s) DRF_Productions_Banner.png
Platform(s) Playstation 4

Wii U

Genre(s) Adventure

Action RPG

Release Date(s)
Septemper 4 2014
 Mario & Fawful?! Oopsite Sides Is The 5th And Final Installment For The Mario & Luigi RPG Series.


Mario And Luigi Celebrate Another Successful Attempt Of Beating Bowser. Then Fawful Returns...Telling Mario That He Has A New Partner! Mario And Luigi Set Out On A New Quest. Meanwhile...Some Ol, Villians Plot To Slow Down Mario A Longway.


Image Name Info
Mario M&LRQ Mario The Hero Of The Mushroom Kingdom. The Mighty Plumber Mario!
Luigi M&LRQ Luigi The Brother Of Mario. The Runaway Coward And Will Sometimes Step Into The Battlefield Himself,Luigi!
Fawful Fawful The Clever And Mischefus Fawful From Bean-bean Kingdom And Assiant Of Cackletta The Great!
DarkMario Dark Mario A Evil Double Of Mario Created By The Sprit Of The Dark Star.


Chapter I: The Goombas Of The West!

Chapter II: The Power Of Koopa Teamwork

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